Society Hill

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Beauty Abounds in Society Hill

Society Hill is one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in Philadelphia, originally settled in the 1680s. The neighborhood is mainly residential, with gorgeous architecture and the beautiful Washington Square Park. The park was one of five designed by William Penn and Thomas Holme, to provide a respite from the city and a space where the merchants and landowners living in Society Hill could gather.

Society Hill was renewed in the 1950s, undergoing restoration of many of its historic buildings, and architecture. This renewal included the greenways that make the neighborhood walkable. From Society Hill you can stroll along the greenways to the historic areas to the north, enjoying flower gardens and shade trees along the way. The historic district is home to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the Museum of the American Revolution, and many other attractions.

Choose a Beautiful Bouquet

When sending a bouquet to Society Hill, the flowers should mirror the natural beauty and history of the neighborhood. A floral arrangement is like architecture, designed to maintain its form and delight the senses. The artisans in our NYC workshop create arrangements following the French historical method of rounded, hand-tied bouquets. Each bouquet is unique, delightful, and sure to please the recipient.

Society Hill, with its Franklin street lamps, brick sidewalks, and cobblestone streets, changes with the seasons, and so do our bouquets. We have trusted suppliers worldwide, who deliver high quality, fresh flowers for use in our arrangements. We design our seasonal bouquets with blooms, such as peonies, tulips, and ranunculus. Our range of bouquets, made with seasonal flowers or classic roses, are suitable for any occasion.

A seasonal bouquet delivered to your loved one in Society Hill reflects the world outside their door. The flowers bring a little of that outdoor beauty and history into their home.

A History of Merchants

Society Hill was named after the Free Society of Traders. A society of merchants and landowners who were responsible for the young colony’s economy. These hard-working individuals ensured their community prospered and grew, and Philadelphia became one of America’s first industrial centers. The merchants supported each other and in keeping with the merchant tradition the Society Hill area of today is home to both residential and commercial properties. The residents of Society Hill can enjoy a variety of restaurants, beer gardens, boutiques, and art galleries, as well as other businesses.

The production, commerce and trade in flowers are known as floristry and has been practiced for hundreds of years. As retail florists, we offer fresh flowers to our clients, while supporting eco-friendly farms around the world. Our bouquets are inspired by the local merchant history as well as the famous gardens of Paris, such as the Tuileries and Luxembourg Gardens. Each bouquet, whether roses or other seasonal flowers, is hand-crafted by our highly skilled artisans and sent overnight for delivery in the Society Hill neighborhood.

Society Hill merchants took pride in their city and a growing economy, just as we take pride in the history of floristry and providing classic French bouquets for our clients.