2 French guys who couldn’t find nice flowers in NYC

We’re Louis and Olivier, co-founders of Ode à la Rose. Many years ago, we moved to New York City from our native France to pursue careers in one of the most poetic, colorful, and uplifting industries: banking.

We were thrilled to explore a new city, going on exciting adventures, and making friends along the way, but soon came up against a thorny cultural difference. We weren’t falling in love with the flowers we met here, and we mean this literally.

We're excited for you to meet our Flowers à la Parisienne

Louis & Olivier

Flower power, the beginning of Ode à la rose

In France, flowers aren’t just something you send: they tell a story on your behalf. From the variety to the number of stems, from the color choice to the composition, bouquets carry meaning, heart, and passion. Picking the right one is a tall order!

We launched Ode à la Rose in 2012 to share this part of our culture, and to celebrate our deep appreciation for beauty, elegance, and everyday pleasures. Now we no longer have to wear suits, and we get to help people express their feelings the floral way.

Ode à la Rose
  • Same day delivery

    Available in NYC, LA , CHI, MIA, ATX, and DC. We offer next day delivery throughout the US.

  • Art of arrangement

    All of our flower arrangements are made with the highest quality blooms and hand-tied in our workshops.

  • Signature gift box

    Each arrangement is delivered in our signature pink box to maximize the impact of your thoughtful, luxe gift.

  • Upload a photo

    Upload a photo with your arrangement + gift note to give it that special touch. It’s optional (and free).

Have you had the pleasure of getting to know @emily.pinon, the creative genius behind our enchanting weddings and events? 🌸

As the founder of @bastilleflowersnyc and the Creative Director of Ode à la Rose, Emily brings her refined, abundant, and elegant style to life, crafting harmonious color palettes with the most exquisite flowers, each arrangement a masterpiece of artistry and intention.

Emily's journey in the floral world began at the tender age of 8, growing up in the heart of the flower industry. At just 9, she fashioned her very first floral arrangement in her parents' beloved florist shop in New Hampshire and discovered her passion for flowers!

Her passion took her to Paris, where she worked alongside some of the city’s most renowned designers. Returning to NYC, she established herself as a preeminent force in the design community by launching her first flower and event design firm when she was 24!

Positive, cheerful, and uplifting person by nature, always finding a solution to every problem, Emily is the radiant sunshine of our team ☀️

Thank you for being a source of inspiration and for breaking barriers in the corporate world. Your success stories empower and motivate us to reach for the stars. Happy American Business Women's Day! 🌟💼 #BusinessWomen #Leadership #Inspiration #americanbusinesswomensday Wedding season is back! 💍✨ 

#loveisintheair #weddingseason Thank you @maialyra for featuring us on your beautiful feed and for grasping so well the essence of the Ode brand The Grand Brigitte in the works

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