About us

About Us

Olivier and Louis, the founders of Ode à la Rose, spent their formative years in Paris. And, while they like to consider themselves smooth, they accepted early on that even they needed help with their game sometimes. They often turned to roses when words weren't quite enough.

But then, they moved to New York City, where they soon found out - the hard way - that roses didn't have the same clout they seemed to have in Paris. Why? Because no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't find quality, breathtaking arrangements. They tried the Internet. No luck. Local florists. Nothing. Markets. Nope. Plenty of tacky arrangements, cheap packaging and high price tags-- not the elegant beauty of rose bouquets they were accustomed to finding just about anywhere in Paris.

They realized that if they couldn't find what they were looking for, neither could anyone else. So they took action and created Ode à la Rose. True to its name, the company started with a simple collection of premium rose bouquets. Knowing that beautiful packaging is almost as important as the gift inside, they worked to design signature packaging that looks great but provides excellent protection and hydration for the flowers inside. As the company has grown, Olivier and Louis brought the same philosophy to a variety of new types and styles of bouquets, including seasonal arrangements filled with assorted blooms, and products like the French Rose de Jardin candle hand-poured in Grasse. Above all else, Olivier and Louis strive to provide the best possible flower delivery experience for customers and recipients since they know how compelling a beautiful bouquet of flowers can be.

So what do you have to say today? For all
occasions and non-occasions, say it with an
Ode à la Rose