Occasions to Send Stunning Flowers in Fairmount, Philadelphia

There are many events in a person’s life that shape who they will eventually become. Falling in love, getting engaged, sharing birthdays, getting married, graduating from university, having children, or even buying a first home are all significant events that deserve a celebration. Flowers are a meaningful and special way to share your love, congratulations, and admiration. Each flower has a special meaning, and by sharing this meaning, you can tell a story that will show the recipient of the flowers exactly how much they mean to you.

Occasions and Picking the Right Bouquet

Engagements. When friends become engaged, you may want to rush over and shower then in congratulations but what you may not think of is that they probably want to be with their families or enjoy some time alone, so maybe wait a couple of days and send a lovely bouquet to congratulate them and celebrate their love. A bouquet of pink roses, an orchid, or a bouquet of Lisianthus flowers can tell the happy couple how much you appreciate and love them while giving them time alone to enjoy their ‘officially engaged’ status.

The birth of a baby. It may seem simple, either pink for a girl or yellow for a boy but many people are moving away from stereotypical gender norms and will, therefore, appreciate flowers of any kind, especially since the baby won’t know what is going on regarding the flowers. So, why not send a massive bunch of bright pink roses to the overjoyed mother of a new baby boy? Or a bouquet of orange roses to the happy parents of a healthy baby girl. These days, the gender doesn’t matter as long as the baby is happy and healthy, and mom is feeling good which means you can celebrate with beautiful flowers in any color.

A birthday. When someone you love has a birthday there are more than a thousand different ways to celebrate their life but by picking flowers that you truly believe represent that person’s personality and mood you will be sending them a small ‘story’ explaining how you feel about them. Attach a card with the explanation of the type of flowers you chose so that they can understand what you mean. For example, Tulips mean “perfect love” and each color has a different symbolism so you can decide which color and its meaning shows your version of perfect love.


We are very proud to deliver flowers to dozens of neighborhoods in Philadelphia and especially to Fairmount. Our bouquets are transported to their destination with absolute love and care. Many of our bouquets are delivered in the Ode à la Rose signature gift box, which is designed to protect the flowers, and with a water-filled container, they will not wilt before arrival.

If you have any more questions about our flowers or deliveries, please feel free to contact us.