Rittenhouse Square


Every Neighborhood including Rittenhouse Square Tells a Story

The story of Rittenhouse Square park is part of history. The Square is one of five park areas designed by Philadelphia founder, William Penn and his surveyor, Thomas Holme. The park was created in the late 17th century, as a place for people in the area to relax, enjoy nature, and put aside the business of the day. In 1813, the park underwent a redesign by French architect, Paul Philippe Cret. Drawing on his French background, Cret modelled Rittenhouse Square on Paris and French gardens.

Just like Rittenhouse Square, flowers and bouquets tell a story. For hundreds of years, people have given flowers to celebrate special occasions, as a token of love or sympathy, and to add a touch of beauty in homes and offices. The color, composition, and variety within a bouquet create a sense of occasion and feeling that is unique. Our in-house artisans create bouquets that help you share your story.

Today you can create your own story, by taking a stroll through the Square, enjoying a drink and treat at one of the many bistros and restaurants that encircle the park or having a unique bouquet delivered to celebrate any occasion.

Choose a Bouquet as Unique as Rittenhouse Square

There are many unique events and cultural opportunities in and around Rittenhouse Square. You can choose from regular events such as the local farmers’ and flower markets, and fine art and craft shows. Take a seat and enjoy music performed by the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra or explore history at the Civil War and Underground Railroad Museum. No matter what interests you, the Rittenhouse Square area has something for everyone just like our range of bouquets.

Our small attentions bouquets are a wonderful way to let someone know you are thinking of them, or to add a touch of color to any room in your home. For extra special occasions, one of our big moments bouquets will impress everyone. Every one of our high-end arrangements is created by our in-house artisans and then carefully packed for delivery.

Fresh Flowers Delivered for Any Occasion

Bouquets destined for the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood are created by our artisans and then sent overnight for next day delivery. Our arrangements are suitable for any occasion, including weddings, birthdays, to say congratulations, and many more.

Giving flowers has been a tradition for hundreds of years, and over time, many blooms have received a meaning. The language of flowers, or “floriography”, has developed over time and is based on the type of flower, color, and number of flowers within a bouquet. Most people know that red roses represent love, but may not know that traditionally, yellow roses represent joy or new beginnings, and white roses symbolize purity or innocence. We create beautiful bouquets using peonies, that represent a happy life.

When choosing your bouquet for delivery, consider the story you tell with the type of flower and color you select whether you are sending a token of love, sympathy, or ‘just because’, consider including a personalized note. Not everyone is aware of the language of flowers.