Peonies delivered by Ode à la Rose

Lush, beautiful, and full of life, peonies are popular for their subtle pale hues and their round, full-bodied blooms. Indeed, the popularity of the peonies is global. The flower is both the state flower of Indiana and the floral symbol of China. Peonies are considered to be a symbol of prosperity and honor and are a fitting gift for anything from wedding anniversaries to birthdays to Admin Day.

At Ode à la Rose, we can help you find the perfect peonies to serve as your anniversary flowers or Admin Day Flowers. If you are shopping for anniversary flowers, know that peonies are considered the “traditional” flower of the 12th wedding anniversary. If you aren’t going by tradition, though, then any of our white or pink peonies bouquetswill mark your special day with elegance and beauty.

FAQ about Peonies

How long do peonies last?

The answer to this question will vary depending on the variety you buy and the level of care you can give to them. Our pink peonies tend to last longer than our coral peonies. Overall, peonies don't last as long as roses but you can expect them to last 4-5 days with proper care.

When are peonies available?

Peonies are traditionally seen as a spring/early summertime flower in the United States. In the months of May and June, they can grow and blossom in virtually any part of the U.S. To find out about our peonies availability at Ode à la Rose, contact us directly.

How to care for peonies?

Whether you are buying pink peonies or white peonies, it’s important to take steps to maximize their health and lifespan the moment they arrive. Most experts recommend trimming an inch or half-inch off the stem of each flower at a diagonal and placing your peonies in a glass vase with about four inches worth of water.

Since peonies will often arrive looking rather limp, it’s a good idea to wrap the flowers in paper (the paper wrapping they come in at delivery is fine) for their first few hours of hydration. After that, keep an eye on the water and replenish it to make sure your peonies are getting plenty of water. Every two or three days, trim another half inch off the stems and clean or replace the vase. Also, you should make sure to trim any foliage that falls beneath the water line in the vase, to make sure no water is going to waste.

About our Flower Deliveries

Wouldn't it be fantastic to have flowers ordered and delivered on the same day? How about ordering flowers today and having them delivered to a city in a nearby state tomorrow? These dreams are now a reality thanks to Ode à la Rose. We offer same day delivery in Manhattan and next day delivery to more than 1,400 locales in the Northeast.

About Ode à la Rose's Same Day Flower Bouquet Deliveries

Our same day delivery service is available on weekdays and Saturdays to boot. We drop off flowers at each and every neighborhood in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Place your order by 3 PM and our flower aficionados will have a stunning bouquet at the door of your recipient by the end of the day. We also perform Sunday deliveries as long as the order is placed before Noon on Saturday.

About Our Next Day Delivery Service Across the Entire Northeast

Ode à la Rose offers next day delivery on weekdays as long as the order is entered into our system by 3 PM on the day prior. We even perform Monday deliveries if the order is entered into the system in the early/late morning hours on Saturday. This service applies to cities in New York outside of Manhattan as well as towns and cities in nearby states like Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey etc.