Queen Village


What a Professionally Created Bouquet Can Say in Queen Village

At Ode à la Rose, we go above and beyond to create magnificent bouquets inspired by the French roots of our founders, and we embrace the French cultural tradition of telling a story with flowers. From the colors you choose, to the arrangement, and the note that arrives with the bouquet, you can tell someone how you feel without saying a single word. Just as the charm of Queen Village evokes feelings of community and days of yore, flowers can summon many emotions.

Messages You Can Send with Flowers

Love. There are many ways to show your love, but not many people put the effort in to do something extraordinary. With our selection of bouquets to choose from, you can do something a little old-school chic by having flowers delivered to the person you love, just like in the movies. We offer a stunning arrangement of red Forever Roses that have been preserved and can last for up to two years. For something a little different, we also have an exquisite Dendrobium arrangement that will stand out on a dining room table or an office desk. Show your love in your own way, with flowers that your loved one will truly appreciate.

Congratulations. When someone you care about has a significant occasion, it can be a wonderful surprise to have a gorgeous flow bouquet delivered. Whether they have just had a baby, become engaged, or have just moved into a new home, a thoughtful flower delivery can brighten up a room and let the people you care for know that you are thinking of them, even if you are a world away. From a simple yet timeless white orchid to a bunch of golden roses, you can choose which flowers will send the message that you can’t say with words.

Feel better soon. When someone that you care for is feeling ill or lands in the hospital, and you can’t be there yourself, it can be difficult. So why not let that person know that you are thinking of them and sending them love by having a stunning bouquet delivered to their home or hospital room. This gesture can make them feel extremely special and loved and with our variety of options, you can choose something that you know they will love. For hospital rooms, we have some petite bouquets that won’t get in the way of nurses or visitors, or you can go all the way with an enormous bunch of hot pink roses.

What Sets Ode à La Rose Flower Deliveries Apart

Our signature bouquet travel box. Our gorgeous and unique delivery box has been specially designed to house a water-filled container so that your beautiful bouquet arrives in perfect condition without any wilting or fallen petals. We top your carefully chosen bouquet with tissue paper to ensure that the petals and any add-ons are fully protected during transit.

Eco-friendly flowers. We understand the impact that flowers and the bees that pollinate them have on the environment, and we work closely with eco-conscious farms in Ecuador, Colombia, and the Netherlands to get our hands on the highest quality flowers that are in season without damaging the ecosystem of that area by over farming specific flowers. We have formed close relationships with each farm that we source from to offer you the best of the best.

Contact us today if you have any questions you need to be answered. We are here to help you and provide you with top-quality customer service.