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Ode à la Rose, the NYC florist with a French Touch, delivers beautiful flowers to Soho residents. Our florists transform beautiful flowers into amazing floral arrangements. Same day delivery anywhere in zip code 10012 and 10013.

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“Flowers came very well packed which…”

Flowers came very well packed which preserved the arrangement form/design. The stems were fresh! These came in a container with fresh water and ready to put inside the vase. Once placed, the arrangement looked exactly as shown in the website.

avatar of Diana Lankenau Diana Lankenau
“Great follow up until delivery was…”

Great follow up until delivery was made. Product delivered was as per photo. Will use again. Recommend this florist 100% 👍👍👍

avatar of Lucy Low Lucy Low
“Always coming back! Beautiful flowers,wonderful…”

Beautiful flowers,wonderful presentation, perfectly delivered! Thank you!

avatar of DS DS

4.5 out of 5

Based on 3184 reviews


Same-Day Flower Delivery in Soho, NYC

Elevating Soho's dynamic vibe, Ode à la Rose offers same-day flower delivery that perfectly complements the neighborhood's flair. Fresh, luxurious blooms are delivered swiftly to celebrate, thank, console, or cherish—let's discover how our floral finesse transforms every moment.

How Does Same-day Flower Delivery in Soho, NYC Work?

From bustling art galleries and cozy corner restaurants to the doorway of your loved ones, our same-day flower delivery ensures that your gesture arrives precisely when and where you need it. Here's our seamless process, tailored for Soho's unique rhythm:

  • Zip Code & Date Check: Kick things off by verifying Soho delivery eligibility with the recipient's zip code and your desired delivery date on our site.
  • Bouquet Selection: Dive into our exquisite collection, where each arrangement is a nod to Soho's artistic soul. Choose blooms that resonate with your personal narrative, whether classic roses or exotic orchids.
  • Personal Touch: Elevate your bouquet with a heartfelt message or a treasured photo, free of extra charge. Customize further with our premium add-ons—think artisan chocolates or stylish vases —for that extra wow factor.
  • Smooth Checkout: Securely finalize your order using our easy checkout process. We support all major credit cards and PayPal for a hassle-free transaction.
  • Stay in the Loop: With our real-time tracking, you’re never in the dark. Watch as your thoughtful gift makes its journey, ensuring peace of mind until the very moment of delivery.

The Cut-Off Times for Flower Delivery in Soho, NYC

Navigating the lively streets of Soho, we share the optimal times for placing your order, guaranteeing the timely arrival of your fresh, vibrant bouquets.

  • Morning Delivery(9 AM - 1 PM): Place your order by 10 AM to start the day with a floral surprise.
  • Afternoon Delivery (1 PM - 5 PM): Catch the 2 PM deadline to light up the afternoon with vibrant colors.
  • Evening Delivery (5 PM - 9 PM): Final orders by 5 PM make for perfect dinner table centerpieces or a sweet end to the day.

Looking a bit further out? Secure next-day delivery by scheduling before 5:45 PM for your blooms to arrive by 7 PM the following evening. Plus, our real-time order tracking ensures you’re always in the loop, from our hands to their doorstep.

The Cost of Delivering Flowers in Soho, NYC

Ode à la Rose ensures that flower delivery in Soho, NYC, is both effortless and upfront with our pricing. Here's a look at our delivery fees, designed to match your intentions with the perfect floral expression:

  • Petite Arrangements ($8 Delivery Fee): For those thoughtful moments, these smaller bouquets are delivered with a minimal fee, perfect for sending a meaningful message without going overboard.
  • Standard Bouquets ($18 Delivery Fee): Our go-to for almost every occasion, standard-sized bouquets strike a fine balance with a delivery fee that ensures your chosen blooms make their day unique. Also, this price covers centerpiece delivery for special events that need a touch of luxury.
  • Grand Arrangements ($25 Delivery Fee): When it's time to pull out all the stops, our grand arrangements, including show-stopping options like the 100-roses bouquet, are delivered for a fee that reflects their lavish impact.

With each order, the final cost will reflect the size of your chosen bouquet, any extra treats you select, and the delivery fee—all transparently calculated to ensure no surprises, just the pleasure of sending and receiving beautiful flowers.

Accepted Payment Methods for Flower Delivery to Soho, NYC

Ode à la Rose makes your flower gifting seamless in Soho, NYC. Ease and security are essential in our payment process. We accept all major credit cards—MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover—and, of course, PayPal for smooth transactions. With a simple click, your floral affection is on its way to brighten someone's day.

What If The Recipient Isn't Home?

No worries if your floral surprise finds an empty nest! We’ll coordinate directly with the recipient, ensuring your flowers find a safe spot or arrange a better delivery time. It's our way of making sure your thoughtful gesture waits perfectly for its moment.

About Ode à la Rose Flower Delivery in Soho, NYC

Why settle for ordinary when you can choose Ode à la Rose for flower delivery in Soho, NYC? Our mission goes beyond mere flower delivery; we aim to weave unforgettable narratives with every bouquet we send. Here’s why we stand out in the Soho scene:

Craftsmanship at Its Finest

We don’t make just regular bouquets. Crafted with care by our expert florists, combining premium blooms, contemporary design, beautiful packaging, and classic French elegance, our arrangements are not just flowers; they're stories waiting to be told. Whether it’s celebrating an anniversary, Mother’s Day, a new member of the family, a birthday, or just offering a comforting “get well soon,” our arrangements do the talking, and they speak volumes.

A Personalized Experience

Elevating your flower game is easy with our range of luxe add-ons, from artisan chocolates that are too good to share or scented candles that set the mood, luxurious comfort blankets, to bottles of organic, non-alcoholic bubbles. Moreover, add a note card or a cherished together photo, and send a heartfelt, personal message. Turns your gesture into a lasting memory, ensuring it stands out.

Effortless Ordering and Reliable Delivery

Dive into the enchanting but straightforward ordering process on our website. Opt for our same-day delivery in Soho, and rest assured, your bouquet will arrive as fresh and fragrant as if you’d picked it yourself. Coupled with our real-time tracking, you’re kept in the loop from the moment your order is placed till it’s in the hands of your loved one, guaranteeing those special moments are flawlessly captured.

What Flowers Bouquets Should I Buy?

Choosing the right bouquet in Soho, NYC, is simple with Ode à la Rose. Our curated collections ensure you'll find the perfect floral expression, whether for celebration, thanks, or just because. Explore our diverse options, each crafted with care to match every occasion.

Peonies: The Essence of Opulence

Adored for their lush, voluminous petals, peonies epitomize luxury and grace, making them a stellar choice for any Soho event. Available in a dazzling array of colors, these blooms are fleeting—here today, gone tomorrow—adding to their exclusive allure.

100 Roses: Statement of Love

Nothing conveys a message quite like a hundred roses. This show-stopping arrangement speaks volumes, embodying grandeur and unwavering affection. Ideal for making those monumental moments even more unforgettable.

Tulips: Simple Elegance

Tulips, with their cheerful demeanor and simplicity, bring a splash of color to any day. Perfect for those "just because" surprises or romantic gestures, our tulips are as fresh as the Soho morning.

Orchids: Sophisticated Beauty

For those moments that call for a touch of peculiarity and sophistication, orchids are your go-to. Their enduring elegance and exotic appeal make them a luxurious emblem of your refined taste.

Preserved Roses: Everlasting Emotion

Our forever roses are the epitome of enduring love, offering the timeless beauty of roses that last beyond the season. Ideal for marking those everlasting bonds, these blooms are a constant reminder of affection that doesn't fade.

Mixed Bouquets: A Symphony of Colors and Shapes

Mixed bouquets stand as a vibrant testament to the diversity and creative spirit of Soho. By harmonizing a variety of otherworldly blooms, each with its unique color, texture, and fragrance, these arrangements celebrate the beauty of contrast and complement.

Manhattan Flower Delivery
  • Same Day Delivery

    In NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Austin and Miami. Next day delivery throughout the US

  • Arranged Locally

    Our flower arrangements are meticulously arranged right here in the United States at one of our seven local ateliers, where we bring the artistry of French bouquet creation to life

  • Signature Gift Box

    Most of our arrangements are delivered in our distinctive pink box, ensuring the full impact of your considerate gift while safeguarding the flowers

  • Receive a Photo

    What you see is what you get! And as proof, we'll send you an email with a picture of your bouquet