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Ode à la Rose, the florist with a French touch, provides same day flower delivery to Greenwich Village residents. Our florists will deliver your flowers in less than 3 hours. Serving zip codes 10014 and 10012.

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“Flowers came very well packed which…”

Flowers came very well packed which preserved the arrangement form/design. The stems were fresh! These came in a container with fresh water and ready to put inside the vase. Once placed, the arrangement looked exactly as shown in the website.

avatar of Diana Lankenau Diana Lankenau
“Great follow up until delivery was…”

Great follow up until delivery was made. Product delivered was as per photo. Will use again. Recommend this florist 100% 👍👍👍

avatar of Lucy Low Lucy Low
“Always coming back! Beautiful flowers,wonderful…”

Beautiful flowers,wonderful presentation, perfectly delivered! Thank you!

avatar of DS DS

4.5 out of 5

Based on 3184 reviews


Same-Day Flower Delivery in Greenwich, NY

How Does Same-Day Flower Delivery in Greenwich NY Work?

Experience the charm of Parisian-inspired bouquets with our straightforward same-day flower delivery process in Greenwich Village. Our Queens location ensures that your deliveries are prepared with care and devotion, selecting from an array of fresh flowers we order on a daily basis. Here’s how to ensure your delivery arrives promptly at your desired address:

  • Step 1: Check Availability: Start by confirming delivery to your Greenwich Village address. Enter the recipient's zip code and desired delivery date on our website to ensure service availability.
  • Step 2: Choose Your Bouquet: Select from our exquisite collection tailored for any occasion—from classic roses and vibrant tulips to elegant orchids, to find the perfect expression of your sentiments.
  • Step 3: Personalize: Add a personal note or upload a cherished photo to accompany your bouquet, making your gift uniquely personal at no extra charge. If you want your recipient to be absolutely mesmerized, why not choose a photo of the two of you that marked a special memory?
  • Step 4: Add Extras: Elevate your floral gift with thoughtful add-ons, such as luxurious chocolates or a soothing spa kit, to create a more memorable experience.
  • Step 5: Place Your Order: Finalize your purchase through our secure checkout, providing payment details to confirm your order. We take care of the rest, ensuring your bouquet is crafted and delivered with care.

What are the Cut-off Times for Flower Delivery in Greenwich, NY?

To guarantee that your floral gift arrives on the same day, please note the following cut-off times:

  • Morning Deliveries (9 AM - 1 PM): Place your order by 10 AM EST. Perfect for starting the day with a beautiful surprise.
  • Afternoon Deliveries (1 PM - 5 PM): Orders should be placed by 2 PM EST. Ideal for brightening the afternoon or celebrating an afternoon occasion.
  • Evening Deliveries (5 PM - 9 PM): Ensure your order is in by 5 PM EST. Suited for closing the day with a gesture of love or celebration.
  • Next-Day Deliveries: For arrangements to be delivered the following day, orders must be placed by 5:45 PM EST the day before. This option ensures your gift arrives fresh and beautifully presented, even if ordered after the same-day cut-off times.

This cut-off timetable makes it easier for our delivery carriers to ensure our white-glove delivery gets to your desired address at the very perfect moment!

How Much Does it Cost to Deliver Flowers in Greenwich NY?

At Ode à la Rose, we pride ourselves on transparent pricing and exceptional value, ensuring that every delivery to Greenwich reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our delivery fees vary based on the size and intricacy of the arrangement, designed to suit a variety of occasions and sentiments:

  • Petite Bouquets: For those moments when a small gesture speaks volumes, the delivery fee is just $8. Ideal for a "thinking of you" message or a subtle romantic note.
  • Standard Arrangements: The backbone of our collection, these arrangements carry an $18 delivery fee. Perfectly balanced for birthdays, anniversaries, or just to brighten someone's day, they combine aesthetic appeal with heartfelt emotion.
  • Large Bouquets/Special Arrangements: When the occasion calls for opulence, a $25 delivery fee applies to these lavish creations. Whether it's a milestone celebration, a grand romantic gesture, or an expression of deep gratitude, these bouquets are designed to leave a lasting impression.

Example Pricing per Order: Imagine you’ve chosen a vibrant standard arrangement priced at $75 to celebrate your best friend’s promotion. To add a touch of sweetness to your gift, you select a box of gourmet chocolates for $10. With the standard delivery fee of $18, your total comes to $103. This comprehensive approach ensures your thoughtful gesture arrives with all the fanfare it deserves, beautifully presented and timely delivered.

What Types of Payment Do You Accept for Flower Delivery to Greenwich, NY?

Ode à la Rose is dedicated to making your flower delivery experience as convenient and secure as possible, which is why we offer a variety of payment options tailored to suit your preferences. We understand the importance of flexibility and reliability in transactions, especially when conveying your sentiments through the gift of flowers. Here are the payment methods we accept:

  • Credit Cards: We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Using your credit card allows for a swift and secure transaction, ensuring your order is processed promptly for timely delivery.
  • PayPal: For those who prefer not to use their credit cards directly or seek an additional layer of payment security, PayPal serves as a trusted digital wallet. This option provides a secure and fast way to complete your purchase without sharing your financial information directly with our site.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay: Embracing modern payment solutions, we also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. These methods offer an easy and secure way to pay using your mobile device, streamlining the checkout process with the convenience of your stored payment details.

What Happens if The Recipient is Not Home?

Understanding the dynamic pace of New York life, we’ve developed a flexible delivery protocol to accommodate instances when the recipient might not be home:

  • Safe Placement: If a secure location is available at the delivery address, such as a reception desk or a shaded porch area, we may leave the flowers there, ensuring they’re safely received even in the recipient's absence.
  • Coordination Effort: Should a safe spot not be apparent or if the delivery requires direct handoff, we’ll reach out to the recipient to arrange an alternative delivery time. Our goal is to ensure the flowers reach your loved one in perfect condition, capturing the full surprise and delight of your gesture.
  • Follow-Up for Re-Delivery: In cases where initial delivery attempts are unsuccessful, and direct coordination doesn’t yield a solution, we’ll contact the sender for further instructions. Our commitment is to ensure your flowers are delivered with care and consideration, reflecting the sentiment with which they were chosen.

About Ode à la Rose Flower delivery in Greenwich NY

Ode à la Rose, nestled in the heart of Queens at 21-43 44th Rd, is your premier choice for flower delivery in Greenwich, NY. Our prime location not only situates us at the crossroads of creativity and craftsmanship but also positions us perfectly for swift and reliable same-day deliveries to the vibrant neighborhood of Greenwich.

This proximity allows us to maintain the freshness and beauty of our arrangements from the moment they leave our workshop until they arrive at your doorstep. Known for our Parisian elegance and meticulous attention to detail, we at Ode à la Rose pride ourselves on bringing a touch of refined beauty to every occasion.

Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, or just because, our floral creations are handcrafted to convey your heartfelt emotions with grace and sophistication. The convenience of our Queens location, coupled with our dedication to excellence, ensures that your floral gift from Ode à la Rose makes every moment in Greenwich, NY, unforgettable and timely delivered with style.

What Flower Bouquets Should I Buy?

Selecting the perfect bouquet from Ode à la Rose for delivery in Greenwich, NY, means choosing an arrangement that beautifully communicates your sentiments for life's special moments. Our carefully curated collection is designed to cater to various occasions, ensuring each flower speaks directly to the heart:

Romantic Roses for Love-Filled Celebrations

Roses, with their timeless beauty, are quintessential for expressing love and passion. Ideal for romantic occasions such as anniversaries, and Valentine's Day, or simply to reaffirm your love, roses are a classic choice that never fails to convey deep affection. If you aim for an unforgettable moment - a bouquet of 100 roses is the perfect choice for you.

Elegant Orchids for Sophisticated Milestones

Orchids symbolize luxury, strength, and beauty, making them perfect for celebrating significant milestones or achievements. Whether it’s a promotion, a graduation, or acknowledging personal growth, orchids add a touch of sophistication to your congratulatory message.

Cheerful Tulips to Brighten Any Day

Tulips are known for their vibrant colors and simple elegance, suitable for birthdays, Mother's Day, or any occasion that calls for a joyful splash of color. Their versatility makes them an excellent choice for expressing happiness and cheer.

Luxurious Peonies for Grand Gestures

Peonies, with their lush, full blooms, symbolize prosperity and romance, making them an ideal selection for grand romantic gestures, engagements, or celebrating the beauty of a blossoming relationship during springtime weddings.

Everlasting Preserved Roses for Eternal Sentiments

Preserved roses offer a modern twist on the traditional rose, capturing the essence of your affection in a form that lasts for years. They are particularly meaningful for anniversaries or as a testament to enduring love, perfect for expressing sentiments that transcend time.

Incorporating these blooms into your choice of bouquet ensures your gift is aligned with the occasion, be it a celebration of love, an acknowledgment of a milestone, or a gesture of appreciation. Let Ode à la Rose help you select the ideal floral arrangement for your next special occasion in Greenwich, NY, and make it a memorable one.

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