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Peony Delivery NYC

Embrace the lush, romantic allure of peonies with Ode à la Rose. Each peony we deliver in New York City is a soft embrace of luxury and charm, perfect for expressing the deepest of emotions or adding a touch of opulence to your surroundings. Let these voluminous blooms captivate and inspire. Place your order for peony delivery now, and enchant your day with the unique spirit of these magnificent flowers.

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“The flowers always look exactly like…”

The flowers always look exactly like the picture and the service is amazing. Thank you!

avatar of Jasmine Williams Jasmine Williams
“Perfect as always”

Perfect as always

avatar of Carol Neumann Carol Neumann
“Flowers came very well packed which…”

Flowers came very well packed which preserved the arrangement form/design. The stems were fresh! These came in a container with fresh water and ready to put inside the vase. Once placed, the arrangement looked exactly as shown in the website.

avatar of Diana Lankenau Diana Lankenau

4.5 out of 5

Based on 3186 reviews


What Makes Peonies Special?

Peonies are indeed among the most luxurious and visually striking flowers, known for their lush, voluminous blooms and a palette that ranges from the softest pastels to the deepest, most vibrant hues. Their presence in any room is not just noticed; it's felt, captivating all who gaze upon them. Beyond their physical beauty, peonies carry rich symbolism and a fascinating history.

Symbolically, peonies embody romance, prosperity, good luck, a happy marriage, and even bashfulness. This makes them a popular choice for weddings, Valentine’s Day flowers, and significant anniversaries, as they're thought to bring good fortune and blessings to the couple. Furthermore, the peony's lush and rounded bloom symbolizes abundance and wealth, making them a favorite in many cultures for expressing wishes of prosperity and success, mostly for birthdays.

Peonies are native to Asia, Southern Europe, and Western North America, but they've made a profound journey to become one of the cherished flowers in gardens and bouquets around the world, including the United States. Their introduction to the U.S. traces back to the early 19th century, when they quickly became a garden staple, appreciated not only for their beauty but for their hardiness and longevity as perennial plants.

The peony's transition from garden beauty to floral luxury items in bouquets and arrangements showcases its versatility and timeless appeal. In New York and beyond, peonies are sought after for their opulent appearance and the touch of elegance they bring to any setting. Whether gracing a grand event or adding a touch of luxury to a home, peonies remain a symbol of beauty and refinement unmatched by many other flowers.

When are Peonies Available in NYC?

Peonies in New York City are a symbol of spring's lavish beauty, blooming into life with their lush, voluminous petals and captivating fragrances from late April through June. May, in particular, stands as the month where these blooms reach their peak, painting the city in strokes of pinks, whites, and reds. This seasonal window is eagerly anticipated by floral enthusiasts, marking a time of renewal and celebration.

However, the desire for peonies extends beyond their natural bloom season, driven by their timeless elegance and the deep symbolism they carry—embodying romance, prosperity, and cheerfulness. Recognizing this enduring demand, Ode à la Rose bridges the gap between seasonality and desire, ensuring that the splendor of peonies can be enjoyed all year round.

Through our dedicated efforts and global network, we at Ode à la Rose make it possible to bring these coveted blooms to your doorstep even outside their traditional season. Whether for a special occasion, a gesture of love, or simply to enrich your space with their exquisite beauty, our selection of peonies remains accessible whenever the need arises.

Embrace the opportunity to transform any moment into something truly memorable with the luxurious charm of peonies. Let Ode à la Rose help you celebrate life's special moments with our expertly curated peony arrangements, available for delivery across New York City.

How Long Do Peonies Last?

The lifespan of peonies depends on various factors such as the species, environmental conditions, and how they are cared for. Generally, peonies are known for their longevity compared to many other flowers. When properly cared for, peonies can last for about 7 to 10 days or even longer. However, there are certain steps you can take to prolong their vase life:

  • Fresh Cut Stems: When harvesting or purchasing peonies, ensure that the stems are freshly cut at an angle. This allows for better water absorption.
  • Clean Water: Place the peonies in a clean vase filled with fresh water. Change the water every two days to prevent bacteria buildup.
  • Cool Environment: Keep the peonies in a cool area away from direct sunlight and drafts. This helps slow down the wilting process.
  • Remove Foliage: Remove any foliage that falls below the waterline in the vase to prevent it from decaying and contaminating the water.
  • Flower Food: At Ode à la Rose, we understand the importance of nourishment for extending the beauty of peonies. With every delivery, we include specially formulated flower food, designed to enrich your peonies, ensuring they can easily last up to 7 days. This flower food acts as a vital supplement, offering the essential nutrients needed to sustain their splendor.

If you follow these tips, you’ll maximize the enjoyment of your peonies. With the right care, including the use of our provided flower food, your peonies will continue to exude beauty and grace, making every moment they adorn your space a testament to lasting elegance.

How Much Does Delivery of Peonies in New York Cost?

At Ode à la Rose, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of peony arrangements to suit every taste and occasion, from the heart of New York City. Our offerings include not only mixed bouquets that pair peonies with complementary flowers to enhance their beauty and fragrance but also bouquets comprised entirely of fresh peonies for those who prefer the simple, stunning elegance of these blooms on their own.

Our peony bouquets, particularly popular for their lush, full blooms and captivating fragrance, are carefully curated to include around 30 stems. This generous arrangement size ensures that each bouquet makes a significant impact, whether it's meant as a gift or as a personal indulgence.

Despite the luxurious nature of our peony arrangements and the white-glove delivery service we provide, we're committed to offering these at a value that acknowledges the importance of accessibility and affordability. With a delivery fee of only $16, our clients enjoy the premium experience of receiving or gifting peonies without the premium price, making elegance and beauty accessible to all who wish to share or indulge in them.

Why Should You Order Peonies in New York from Ode à la Rose?

Choosing Ode à la Rose for your peony delivery in New York brings the essence of French elegance right to your doorstep, much like our renowned services spread across other big U.S. cities.

Why should you opt for Ode à la Rose for peonies in New York? Here’s what sets us apart:

Exclusive Selection

Our peonies are not just flowers; they're a selection curated with precision and a deep appreciation for beauty. Sourced for their freshness and vibrant colors, our bouquets are assembled with a unique French touch that Ode à la Rose is celebrated for.

Beyond Flowers

We believe in delivering experiences, not just bouquets. Elevate your gift with luxurious add-ons like gourmet chocolates, cozy blankets, and plush teddy bears, all embodying the finest French craftsmanship. For a holistic experience, consider our spa kits and aromatic candles, designed to complement the floral arrangement with a touch of relaxation and luxury.

And for that extra touch of romance, we also offer non-alcoholic sparkling beverages to fulfill the perfect romantic combo for a date night that nobody will ever forget.

Sophisticated Presentation

Every bouquet deserves a stage, and our stylish vases provide just that, ensuring your peonies are displayed in their full glory. The presentation is an integral part of the Ode à la Rose experience, with each bouquet arriving in our signature pink box, ready to captivate its recipient. You get to amaze your special someone even before their whispers get stolen away from our best-selling Ode à la Rose bouquets!

Flexible Delivery Options

Understanding the dynamic pace of New York, we offer flexible delivery options tailored to your needs, whether you require same-day or next-day delivery across the city and its numerous neighborhoods. Our commitment is to ensure your peonies arrive fresh and on time, all the way from Tribeca to Brooklyn.

Real-Time Tracking and Support

Stay updated with our state-of-the-art tracking system that keeps you informed from the moment your order is placed until it reaches its destination. Should any issues arise, our dedicated team is swift to address them, guaranteeing satisfaction and peace of mind.

Ordering peonies from Ode à la Rose in New York means choosing a service that goes beyond mere transactions. We offer flowers to buy, alright, but what we sell is not just those flowers. We sell the experience, the tender art of gifting, where every detail from selection to delivery is handled with care, elegance, and a personal touch that only Ode à la Rose can offer.