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Flower and Card Delivery

Surprise someone special with an exquisite Ode à la Rose flower arrangement paired with a heartfelt, personalized card. Convey your emotions beautifully through our blooms and make your message resonate with our custom note cards. Perfect for any occasion, our flowers and cards speak volumes when words fall short. Don't miss out on making today memorable— order now and take advantage of our same-day delivery service.

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“Excellent quality and easy to use website ”

I ordered online from the UK for friends in the US - fantastic service. High quality flowers and gifts, excellent update comms after ordering and timely delivery. Very pleased

Katherine Rodgers

“My son was having a bad day on his…”

My son was having a bad day on his birthday and I wanted to cheer him up. I took a chance on Ode a la Rose, because I liked their website and they did not disappoint. Excellent service, though a bit pricey.


“Beautiful presentation”

Beautiful presentation. Quality flowers. Great communication regarding delivery and love the picture of prepared flowers before delivery. Thank you!

Beth Powers

4.6 out of 5

Based on 3154 reviews


Why Pairing Flowers with a Personal Card Speaks Volumes

Why settle for just flowers when you can double the impact with a heartfelt card? The note is actually a crucial part of your gesture.

Imagine receiving a vibrant bouquet, each bloom chosen with care. Now, add a card with words that echo your thoughts and feelings. Flowers may “speak” the language of love, but a personal note turns a gesture into a cherished memory.

Dive into the colorful and scented world of Ode à la Rose. We bring you the most beautiful, top-quality flowers. We will help you find the perfect bouquet for any occasion, whether it’s an anniversary, a loved one’s birthday, congratulations, or just an “thinking of you” moment.

Flowers show you care, but flowers with a personal message, or even a photograph, show just how much. In a world where everything moves fast, take a moment to make someone feel truly loved and appreciated. Isn't it time to make your next gift unforgettable? Let's make it special together.

What note should you include in your Card? (or “Crafting the Perfect Note for Your Flower Card”)

Choosing the right words for the card accompanying your flower delivery can turn a beautiful gesture into an unforgettable one. Here’s how you can personalize that message to make it resonate deeply:

  1. Heartfelt Confessions: Dive deep into your emotions and let sincerity lead the way. Whether it's a declaration of love, an apology you're extending, or gratitude you're expressing, your genuine words will lend a personal touch to the blossoms. This is your chance to open your heart and strengthen your bond.
  2. Celebratory Cheers: Flowers can also celebrate achievements and milestones. Include a note of congratulations for successes like promotions or graduations. Your words of praise and encouragement make your floral gift a symbol of joy and support, elevating the celebration.
  3. Lyrics That Resonate: Music has the power to evoke memories and emotions. If music is a shared passion, or if there’s a song that captures your feelings, quoting a lyric can be incredibly touching. It’s like a soundtrack to your floral gift. A harmonious complement to the visual beauty of your floral gift.
  4. Inside Jokes: Lighten the mood with a bit of humor that only you two understand. An inside joke can turn a simple card into a source of joy and laughter. It’s a playful reminder of shared moments and personal connections. This light-hearted touch is a delightful way to personalize your message and bring a smile to their face.
  5. Gratitude in Bloom: Sometimes, you're just thankful. Expressing thanks through flowers and a note can be incredibly powerful. Take a moment to articulate the emotions and use it to say thank you for their support, kindness, or for simply being there. It’s a beautiful way to acknowledge someone’s impact on your life.
  6. Memorable Quotes: Incorporating a quote that holds special significance can add a layer of meaning to your gift. Whether it’s a line from their favorite book, a snippet from a movie that you both love or a famous saying that echoes your sentiments, adding a well-chosen quote can elevate your floral gift to an intellectual and emotional treasure.
  7. Wishes for the Future: Project your hopes and dreams for your relationship into the note. Whether it's a wish for happiness, shared adventures, or continued friendship, these forward-looking sentiments can inspire and uplift. It's a way of saying the best is yet to come, making your floral gift a promise of future joys.

By carefully selecting your words, you transform your flower delivery from a simple present to a profound expression of your feelings. It’s not just about the flowers or the note alone—it’s about the thoughtful combination of both that makes your gift truly stand out.

Why should you order flowers and note card from Ode à la Rose?

Choosing Ode à la Rose for your flowers and card delivery means embracing an unmatched experience in its elegance and thoughtfulness. Here's why we stand apart:

Quality That Captivates

At Ode à la Rose, we pride ourselves on the premium quality of our flowers. We use flowers sourced from the most trusted and finest suppliers worldwide, from countries like Ecuador, Cambodia, Holland, France, and Italy. Each bloom is selected for its beauty, ensuring that your floral gift stands out with its vibrant colors and enduring freshness. Our commitment to quality means your flowers will convey your sentiments with grace and splendor.

Sophisticated French Design

Our bouquets are not just arranged; they're designed with a French touch that's synonymous with chic and elegance. Crafted by our skilled florists, each arrangement is a piece of art, blending contemporary aesthetics with classic French design principles, carefully placed in our signature pink boxes. This meticulous attention to detail ensures your flowers and card delivery is as stylish as it is heartfelt.

Personalization at Its Best

We understand that every message is unique. That's why we offer a range of customization options. To get started, write a heartfelt message that will be included on the note that comes with the flower arrangement. You can also upload your favorite photo of the two of you, which we will print on glossy paper (at no extra cost). Ultimately, you can select from our variety of add-ons like gourmet chocolates and macaroons, scented candles, spa kit, or even a bottle of non-alcoholic wine from French Bloom. It’s those little, meaningful touches that genuinely show that you care.

Seamless Ordering and Tracking

Our easy-to-navigate website makes selecting and sending your flowers and card a breeze. With a few clicks, you can arrange for your thoughtful gift to be on its way, and our real-time tracking system keeps you updated, offering peace of mind from purchase to delivery.

Flawless Delivery, Every Time

With Ode à la Rose, you can rest assured that your gesture of affection will be delivered flawlessly. We offer same-day delivery in select areas, ensuring that your flowers and card arrive fresh and at the perfect moment, making your special someone's day even more memorable.

In choosing Ode à la Rose for your flowers and card delivery, you're selecting a service that values quality, design, personalization, and reliability above all else. Let us help you send a gift as extraordinary as the person receiving it.

How much does Flowers and Card delivery cost?

Embracing the art of gifting with Ode à la Rose's flower and card delivery offers a layer of thoughtfulness to your gestures—without any added cost for the note card or photograph. Our beautifully designed Ode à la Rose cards, personalized with your heartfelt message or a cherished photograph, come at no extra charge, ensure your sentiments are conveyed in full alongside a stunning floral arrangement.

Here’s a glance at how our delivery service is structured to accommodate every budget while maintaining the sophistication and elegance Ode à la Rose is known for:

  • Petite Arrangements ($8 Delivery Fee): Perfect for whispering a message of affection, appreciation, or support. Smaller arrangements, though smaller in scale, are rich in sentiment and ideal for conveying warmth in a more personal and intimate manner.
  • Standard Bouquets ($18 Delivery Fee): At the core of our floral offerings, our standard bouquets strike the perfect balance between size, beauty, and impact. Ideal for expressing love, friendship, or admiration, they're versatile enough to suit a broad spectrum of relationships and occasions.
  • Grand Arrangements ($25 Delivery Fee): For those moments that call for grandeur and unforgettable impressions, our larger bouquets, including opulent options like the 100 roses arrangement, are your go-to. Delivered for a $25 fee, they're crafted to leave a lasting impact with their lavish beauty and depth of emotion.

We're transparent about our fees, so you'll see the exact delivery charge for your recipient's address at checkout.

At Ode à la Rose, we're committed to making every flower and card delivery an experience of elegance and heartfelt sentiment. We guarantee that your thoughtful gesture will be delivered with precision and care, ensuring the flowers arrive in perfect condition to brighten someone's day. Opting for Ode à la Rose is choosing reliability, quality, and a touch of luxury, all designed to make the gift-giving process seamless and truly memorable.

How long does it take to deliver Flowers and Cards?

Ode à la Rose ensures that your thoughtful gesture of flowers and cards reaches your loved ones promptly, whether they're just around the corner or across the country.

With our same-day delivery service in bustling cities like Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, and Washington, D.C., it's never too late to send a beautiful bouquet and a personal message. Just check our delivery zones to see if same-day service is an option for your recipient.

Not in these cities? No worries. Our next-day delivery spans nationwide, making bridging distances and sharing moments of happiness effortless. Just enter your recipient's zip code, and we'll show you exactly when we can get your thoughtful gift to their door as soon as possible.

In our same-day delivery cities, we operate Monday through Friday; in NYC and Chicago, we even offer Saturday delivery. Nationwide deliveries arrive Tuesday through Friday.

As soon as your order leaves our shop, we'll send you a snapshot of the arrangement so you know exactly what we're delivering. Plus, with our order tracking system, you can watch your gift's progress until it arrives.

Looking to make a lasting impression today or planning a surprise for tomorrow? Choose Ode à la Rose for seamless delivery of your flowers and card. Let's get started on sending those smiles.