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Ode à la Rose is a unique florist that delivers exceptional flowers to East Village residents. Our florists transform high quality flowers into amazing floral arrangements. Same day delivery anywhere in zip code 10003 and 10009.

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“Thank you for quick and gracious…”

Thank you for quick and gracious service.


“Beautiful fresh flowers delivered with…”

Beautiful fresh flowers delivered with care.

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“Quick and efficient and quality”

Quick and efficient and quality


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Same-Day Flower Delivery in East Village, NYC

In the heart of East Village, where creativity and culture pulse at every corner, Ode à la Rose offers same-day flower delivery to match the area's dynamic rhythm. Our service ensures that your expression of love, gratitude, or celebration arrives with the freshness and splendor that every occasion deserves.

How Does Same-day Flower Delivery in East Village, NYC Work?

Ensuring that your flowers reach their destination in East Village not just on time but in impeccable condition is our specialty. Here's how our seamless process ensures your flowers are always a hit:

  • Zip Code Confirmation: Begin by confirming delivery eligibility in East Village with the recipient's zip code on our website.
  • Bouquet Selection: Explore our collections, where each bouquet brings eclectic charm. Whether it's classic elegance or contemporary chic, select the arrangement that speaks to you.
  • Personalization: Infuse your bouquet with a heartfelt note or a memorable photo, free of extra charge, adding a personal touch that turns your gift into a treasure.
  • Luxury Add-Ons: Choose from our exquisite add-ons, like gourmet chocolates or stylish vases, to elevate your floral gift to the next level.
  • Smooth Checkout: Securely complete your order with our user-friendly payment process, accepting all major credit cards and PayPal.
  • Real-Time Updates: Keep track of your order with our real-time tracking system, ensuring peace of mind from dispatch to delivery.

The Cut-Off Times for Flower Delivery in East Village, NYC

Tailored for the lively streets of East Village, here are the best times to place your order for seamless same-day delivery:

  • Morning Delivery (9 AM - 1 PM): Orders in by 10 AM make for a cheerful morning surprise.
  • Afternoon Delivery (1 PM - 5 PM): Place your order by 2 PM to brighten up the afternoon.
  • Evening Delivery (5 PM - 9 PM): Finalize your order by 5 PM for a perfect evening gesture.

For next-day delivery, ensure your order is in by 5:45 PM to guarantee a beautiful surprise by the following evening, complemented by our order tracking for continuous updates.

How Much Does It Cost to Deliver Flowers in East Village, NYC?

Experience transparent and fair flower delivery pricing in East Village with Ode à la Rose:

  • Petite Arrangements ($8 Delivery Fee): Ideal for expressing care without overdoing it, these small but significant bouquets are perfectly priced.
  • Standard Bouquets ($18 Delivery Fee): Standard bouquets are the ideal pick for most occasions, striking a balance between size, beauty, and price.
  • Grand Arrangements ($25 Delivery Fee): When the occasion calls for grandeur, opt for our lavish bouquets, including the awe-inspiring 100-roses arrangement, delivered with exceptional care.

Each order's final price, including the chosen bouquet, any add-ons, and delivery fee, is transparently shown before finalizing your purchase, ensuring there are no surprises.

What Types of Payment Do You Accept for Flower Delivery to East Village NYC?

For seamless transactions, Ode à la Rose accepts all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover) and PayPal, making it easy and secure to send your floral greetings.

What If The Recipient Isn't Home?

Even if the recipient isn't home, we’ll make sure they’ll receive their arrangement. We'll contact them to arrange a safe place for the flowers or to pick a better time for delivery, making sure your gift lands just right.

Why Ode à la Rose Stands Out in East Village, NYC

Choosing Ode à la Rose for flower delivery in East Village sets you apart for several key reasons:

Expert Craftsmanship

Our bouquets aren't just arranged; they're thoughtfully designed by florists who know their blooms. They blend the best flowers with a unique French design flair, ensuring each arrangement leaves an impression.

Personal Touches

It's not just about flowers. It's about creating a personalized experience. Add on luxury chocolates, scented candles, and be sure to include a personal note to make your floral gift truly special.

Reliability and Freshness

We guarantee not just the freshness of our flowers but also timely delivery. Our same-day service in East Village, backed by real-time tracking, means your flowers arrive fresh and on schedule every time.

What Flower Bouquets Should I Choose?

Finding the right bouquet is simple with Ode à la Rose. Our collection, crafted for any sentiment or celebration, ensures there's a bloom for every occasion. Let's dive into our handpicked selections, each telling its unique story.

Peonies: Lush Luxury

Peonies, with their plush, generous petals, bring a slice of luxury to the East Village's eclectic energy. While their season is short, their impact is long-lasting, making them a prime pick for expressing opulence and admiration in a kaleidoscope of hues.

100 Roses: Grand Gestures

When words fall short, let a hundred roses do the talking. Perfect for sweeping gestures of love or gratitude, this voluminous arrangement is a guaranteed heart-stopper, weaving a tale of affection.

Tulips: Cheerful Charm

Tulips bring a dose of cheerful simplicity into any setting. Whether to uplift a friend or whisper sweet nothings, their broad color palette and elegant form mirror East Village's vibrant and versatile nature.

Orchids: Exquisite Elegance

Orchids, with their alien beauty, add a layer of sophistication and mystery to any message. Ideal for acknowledging milestones or expressing admiration, their long-lasting bloom resonates with East Village's timeless allure.

Preserved Roses: Love That Lasts

Echoing the lasting memories made in East Village, our preserved roses stand as a testament to enduring love. These beauties stay fresh for a year or more, perfect for immortalizing moments or relationships that are meant to last.

Mixed Bouquets: Eclectic Mix

Embracing the diverse character of East Village, our mixed bouquets are a celebration of contrasts and harmony. They bring together an array of blooms, each with its own story, blending into a masterpiece that’s as unique as the neighborhood itself.

With Ode à la Rose, selecting the right bouquet for any East Village occasion becomes not just easy but a delightful experience. Dive into our collections, and let the flowers speak the language of your heart.

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    In NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Austin and Miami. Next day delivery throughout the US

  • Arranged locally

    Our flower arrangements are meticulously arranged right here in the United States at one of our seven local ateliers, where we bring the artistry of French bouquet creation to life

  • Signature Gift Box

    Most of our arrangements are delivered in our distinctive pink box, ensuring the full impact of your considerate gift while safeguarding the flowers

  • Receive a Photo

    What you see is what you get! And as proof, we'll send you an email with a picture of your bouquet