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The best online florist delivers fresh flowers to Astoria in Queens. Order today and experience a unique NYC flower delivery thanks to our amazing florists. All floral arrangements are done in house in our flower shop and delivered in our unique gift box.

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“The flowers always look exactly like…”

The flowers always look exactly like the picture and the service is amazing. Thank you!

avatar of Jasmine Williams Jasmine Williams
“Perfect as always”

Perfect as always

avatar of Carol Neumann Carol Neumann
“Flowers came very well packed which…”

Flowers came very well packed which preserved the arrangement form/design. The stems were fresh! These came in a container with fresh water and ready to put inside the vase. Once placed, the arrangement looked exactly as shown in the website.

avatar of Diana Lankenau Diana Lankenau

4.5 out of 5

Based on 3186 reviews



How Does Same Day Flower Delivery in Astoria, NY Work?

Brighten someone's day in Astoria effortlessly with our reliable same-day flower delivery. Here's your step-by-step guide to ordering the freshest flowers from our convenient Queens location at 21-43 44th Rd.

  • Step #1: Check Delivery Area: Begin by ensuring we can deliver to your desired Astoria address. Simply input the zip code and select your delivery date on our website to see the beautiful bouquets available.
  • Step #2: Pick Your Flowers: Explore our diverse NYC collection, which boasts a range of flowers from the timeless elegance of roses to the exotic charm of orchids, perfect for any message you wish to convey.
  • Step #3: Add a Personal Touch (optional): Personalize your gift with a heartfelt note or a memorable photo, adding that special touch to your bouquet at no extra cost. It's these little details that make the gift uniquely yours.
  • Step #4: Enhance Your Gift (optional): Make your flower delivery even more memorable by selecting from our assortment of add-ons. Whether it's the classic beauty of a vase, the sweet indulgence of macarons and chocolate, or the unique offering of non-alcoholic wine or a spa kit, there's something to complement every bouquet.
  • Step #5: Place Your Order: Securely enter your payment information on our platform, which supports all major credit cards and PayPal. Review your selections, confirm your order, and your thoughtful gesture is on its way to brighten someone’s day in Astoria.

What are the Cut-off Times for Flower Delivery in Astoria, NY?

In the vibrant hustle of Astoria, Queens, timing your flower delivery to capture the perfect moment is key. To help your floral gifts arrive exactly when they should, we’ve set a schedule that fits Astoria’s lively pace:

  • Morning Delivery (9 AM - 1 PM): Kickstart someone’s day with a fresh bouquet by placing your order by 10 AM.
  • Afternoon Delivery (1 PM - 5 PM): Brighten up the afternoon with a splash of color by ordering before 2 PM.
  • Evening Delivery (5 PM - 9 PM): End the day on a high note with a lovely surprise by ensuring your order is in by 5 PM.
  • Next-Day Delivery: Did you miss the window for today? No worries, you can still have your flowers delivered by 7 PM the next day if you place your order by 5:45 PM.

This schedule is designed to streamline delivery expectations for our customers, ensuring you know exactly when your thoughtful gesture will arrive. Coupled with our online order tracking, it's easy to see why we’re confident in offering timely deliveries that consider every Astoria resident equally important.

How Much Does it Cost to Deliver Flowers to Astoria, NY?

Our delivery fees in Astoria cater to every need and occasion:

Large Bouquets and Preserved Roses: A delivery fee of $25 for when you want to make a grand gesture. Most Arrangements: An $18 delivery fee for our popular selections, striking the perfect balance between elegance and value. Small and Charming Bouquets: An affordable $8 delivery fee, ideal for sending a sweet token of affection.

Remember, the total cost of your order will include the bouquet, any chosen extras like gourmet sweets or elegant vases, plus the delivery fee, packaged together for a seamless gifting experience.

What Types of Payment Do You Accept for Flower Delivery to Astoria, NY?

Understanding Astoria's rich and varied community, we've made sure to provide a range of payment methods to suit everyone: Credit and Debit Cards: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover for secure and convenient transactions. PayPal: For an even easier purchasing process, use PayPal and enjoy its added layer of security.

While Ode à la Rose is more than just a traditional flower shop—thinking of ourselves as creative workshops where online orders come to life—we welcome those who prefer to visit us in person. Cash payment is also an option for in-shop purchases, ensuring you can choose the most convenient way to pay for your beautiful floral arrangements.

What Happens if The Recipient is Not Home?

We understand the unpredictability of schedules, especially in a bustling area like Astoria. If the recipient isn't home:

  • We’ll find a safe spot to leave the flowers, ensuring they're protected until the recipient can collect them.
  • If a secure location isn't available, we'll reach out to the recipient to arrange a more convenient delivery time. Our priority is to ensure your thoughtful gift arrives in perfect condition, ready to be enjoyed.

Our commitment is to make every flower delivery in Astoria a delightful and stress-free experience, ensuring your thoughtful gestures of love, appreciation, or celebration are received with joy and gratitude.

About Ode à la Rose Flower Delivery in Astoria, NY

In Astoria, NY, right in the lively heart of Queens, Ode à la Rose brings its top-notch flower delivery service. This neighborhood is all about diverse cultures and vibrant community life, and we’re here to add a splash of beauty with our flowers.

Astoria is a special place for us because it’s full of life, just like our flowers. We pick and arrange our flowers in a way that captures the spirit of Astoria. Whether it’s a birthday, saying “sorry,” or just a “thinking of you” moment, our bouquets are all about sharing feelings and making moments brighter.

We’re all about sending flowers that mean something. We’ve got roses for love, lilies for peace, and a bunch of other flowers for everything in between. Every bouquet we make is put together with care, making sure it’s just right for whoever’s getting it.

Our goal is more than just delivering flowers. We want to make sure each flower arrangement brings a smile and fits the moment perfectly. We pay attention to the little things because it’s the details that make your flower gift special.

What Flower Bouquets Should I Buy?

When searching for the perfect flowers, our NYC collection shines, especially with the treasures of our Astoria line-up. This diverse and vibrant collection captures the unique essence of Astoria, reflecting the neighborhood's eclectic mix of cultures and lively spirit. Astoria's streets and parks come to life with our selection, offering the perfect bloom for every sentiment and celebration.

Tulips for a Touch of Spring

Tulips are like Astoria's springtime anthem, symbolizing the area's continuous growth and vibrancy. Tulips are all about happiness and renewal, ideal for celebrating new beginnings, birthdays, or just adding a pop of color to your day. Dive into our Spring Tulip Collection tailored for Astoria.

Orchids for Exotic Elegance

The exotic beauty of orchids perfectly complements Astoria, where the old meets new in a harmonious blend. These elegant flowers are a hit for anniversaries, expressions of admiration, or sophisticated professional gifts. Their lasting appeal brings an upscale vibe to any space, embodying respect and high esteem. Explore our Exotic Orchid Arrangements for Astoria.

Peonies for Luxurious Charm

Peonies add a layer of lavish charm to Astoria, echoing the neighborhood's rich blend of classic allure and modern vibes. Perfect for big celebrations, romantic gestures, or just beautifying a room, these blooms stand for Astoria's dynamic mix of traditions and trends. Browse our Luxurious Peony Selection for Astoria.

Preserved Roses for Lasting Beauty

Preserved roses stand for enduring love in Astoria, where the sense of community and lasting bonds are treasured. Ideal for conveying long-term affection, saying a meaningful “thank you”, or celebrating longstanding ties, these roses keep their beauty over time, just like the enduring character of Astoria. Check out our Preserved Roses for Astoria's timeless elegance.

100 Roses for Unforgettable Statements

Astoria, with its deep-rooted community connections and personal stories, finds its match in a bouquet of 100 roses. These make for unforgettable expressions of love and devotion, perfect for grand romantic gestures or celebrating significant anniversaries. Discover our 100 Roses Collection for those landmark moments in Astoria.

Astoria celebrates life's important moments with flowers that carry depth and splendor. From Valentine's Day passion to Mother's Day appreciation or for any of life's key milestones, our Astoria collection provides the perfect floral embodiments for every occasion.

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    Our flower arrangements are meticulously arranged right here in the United States at one of our seven local ateliers, where we bring the artistry of French bouquet creation to life

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    Most of our arrangements are delivered in our distinctive pink box, ensuring the full impact of your considerate gift while safeguarding the flowers

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