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Need a Long Island City flower delivery? Ode à la Rose, the best online florist, delivers amazing flower bouquets to Long Island City residents in zip code 11101 thanks to its team of amazing florists. All arrangements are made in house in our flower shop.

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“Thank you for quick and gracious…”

Thank you for quick and gracious service.


“Beautiful fresh flowers delivered with…”

Beautiful fresh flowers delivered with care.

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“Quick and efficient and quality”

Quick and efficient and quality


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Same-Day Flower Delivery in Long Island City, NYC

In search of exceptional flower delivery in Long Island City, and it's urgent? We've got you covered. Ode à la Rose is here to deliver meticulously designed bouquets straight to your preferred location in Long Island City. Leveraging our dependable same-day delivery system, access to extraordinary floral arrangements is within reach. With just a few clicks, you can send a beautiful bouquet anywhere. Perfect for making today extra special, let us bring a piece of elegance and thoughtfulness right to your doorstep.

How Does Same-day Flower Delivery in Long Island City Work?

Discover the seamless journey of same-day flower delivery in Washington Heights with Ode à la Rose. Here, each bouquet is a carefully crafted testament to beauty and emotion, delivered straight to your chosen location. Here’s how our seamless service works:

  • Zip Code and Date Verification: Kick things off by confirming we can deliver to your lucky recipient. Pop their zip code and your chosen delivery date into our site to ensure Long Island City is within our reach.
  • Select Your Bouquet: Explore our wide range of exquisite arrangements. Each one is a blend of freshness, beauty, and creativity, handcrafted by our floral experts. From the deep romance of roses to the playful charm of tulips, pick the bouquet that best expresses your sentiments.
  • Personalize Your Gesture: Add a personal note or a memorable photo for no extra charge. Want to elevate your gift? Browse our selection of luxurious extras to enhance your floral gift. Options include fine chocolates and similar, making your gesture truly unforgettable.
  • Smooth and Secure Checkout: Lock in your order with our user-friendly checkout. We accept all the major players: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. This ensures a smooth and secure transaction for you.
  • Real-Time Order Tracking: From the moment your order leaves us to the second it arrives, we keep you updated with our real-time tracking. It’s peace of mind in the palm of your hand, knowing exactly when your special someone will receive their floral surprise.

Dive into the Ode à la Rose experience for your Long Island City flower delivery needs. It's all about exceptional quality, unmatched beauty, and the magic of a perfectly timed surprise.

Cut-Off Times for Flower Delivery in Long Island City

In the dynamic rhythm of Long Island City, getting your flower delivery timing spot-on is essential for that perfect impact. Here’s how we make sure your floral intentions land exactly when they should:

  • Morning Magic (9 AM - 1 PM): To kickstart someone’s day with a floral delight, have your order in by 10 AM. It’s the perfect way to brighten a morning!
  • Afternoon Glow (1 PM - 5 PM): Missing the mid-day lull? Submit your order by 2 PM and inject a dose of vibrant energy into the afternoon.
  • Evening Elegance (5 PM - 9 PM): For that final touch to a splendid day, make sure your order is in by 5 PM. It's the ideal way to say goodnight.

Looking Ahead? Aim for next-day delivery by placing your order before 5:45 PM to guarantee a beautiful surprise by 7 PM the following evening. And thanks to our trusty real-time tracking, you’ll feel confident and informed from dispatch to doorstep.

How Much Does It Cost To Deliver Flowers in Long Island City?

Exploring the costs of flower delivery in Long Island City? Here at Ode à la Rose, we pride ourselves on transparent pricing as beautiful as our bouquets. Here's what it looks like to brighten someone's day in this dynamic part of NYC:

  • Petite Pleasures ($8 Delivery Fee): Our small bouquets pack a big punch, ideal for those spontaneous “thinking of you” moments. With a modest $8 delivery fee, these petite arrangements make thoughtful gestures accessible and sweet.
  • Signature Selections ($18 Delivery Fee): The core of our floral repertoire, standard bouquets strike the perfect balance of elegance and impact. For an $18 delivery charge, they become our top pick for almost any occasion, bringing just the right level of beauty to the moment. This rate also applies to our sophisticated centerpieces, adding a dash of charm to any event.
  • Grand Gestures ($25 Delivery Fee): When only the most extraordinary will do, our grand arrangements are there to make an indelible mark. A $25 delivery fee ensures these stunning creations, from the expansive 100-rose bouquet to lavish mixed arrangements, arrive to dazzle and delight.

Your total will reflect the bouquet you select, any additional goodies you choose, and the delivery fee, all broken down clearly at checkout. With Ode à la Rose, there are no surprises—just honest, upfront pricing for top-notch flower delivery in Long Island City.

What Types of Payment Do You Accept for Flower Delivery to Long Island City?

We also like to keep payments simple. Therefore, we accept all major cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal as well. A quick, secure checkout and your flowers are on their way.

What Happens if The Recipient is Not Home?

If your recipient isn’t home for their flower delivery, we’ve got it covered. We’ll reach out to them to find a safe spot for the bouquet or to arrange a more convenient delivery time, ensuring your thoughtful gift safely waits for its moment.

About Ode à la Rose Flower delivery in Long Island City, NYC

In Long Island City, where modern art and riverside parks blend with urban living, Ode à la Rose introduces a flower delivery service that mirrors the area's unique vibrancy and flair. Our service goes beyond mere delivery; we aim to transform every bouquet into a memorable narrative, enriching each gift with the distinctive spirit of Long Island City. Wondering what makes us stand out among the floral crowd?

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

At Ode à la Rose, each bouquet is a testament to our devotion to beauty and quality. Our florists, true connoisseurs of flora, meticulously select the freshest, most vibrant flowers, combining innovative design with a dash of classic French sophistication. The result is not just a bouquet but a breathtaking experience, where each petal and stem tells a story of elegance and passion. Our commitment to craftsmanship means every flower is placed with precision, ensuring your bouquet is not just seen, but felt and remembered.

Customized Gifting

We believe every bouquet sent is a message from the heart, and personal touches transform these messages into treasured memories. Our selection of premium add-ons – including gourmet chocolates that melt in your mouth, aromatic candles that fill the room with warmth, and plush comfort blankets for those cozy moments – allows you to tailor your gift to the tastes and preferences of your loved ones. Adding a handwritten note or a meaningful photograph makes your gesture of love uniquely personal, turning a simple gift into a lasting memory.

Seamless Experience

At Ode à la Rose, we've streamlined the process of choosing and sending the perfect bouquet. Our website's user-friendly design guides you smoothly through a curated collection of exquisite arrangements, making it easy to find the ideal expression of your feelings. And with our promise of same-day delivery in Long Island City, freshness is a guarantee. Our comprehensive real-time tracking system keeps you informed from the moment your order is placed until it's joyfully received, offering peace of mind and delight in equal measure.

By focusing on these key aspects, Ode à la Rose stands out as a purveyor of not just flowers, but unforgettable experiences, making every occasion a little more special with the touch of beauty and care.

What Flowers Bouquets Should I Buy?

Choosing the perfect bouquet from Ode à la Rose for Long Island City delivery means matching the right flowers with the right moment. Whether it's a birthday, Mother’s Day, an anniversary, or just to say "thanks," here’s a glimpse into our floral lineup:


These springtime heralds are as versatile as they are beautiful, perfect for any message you wish to convey. Their wide color palette and elegant form make them a favorite for both casual gestures and formal occasions, infusing any space with a splash of joy.


Peonies exude a luxurious charm with their full, lush petals, ideal for expressing admiration or making grand romantic gestures. Their seasonal nature makes each bouquet a precious and timely gift, symbolizing prosperity and love in a manner that’s both grand and ephemeral.


Universally beloved, roses are the go-to for expressing deep, heartfelt emotions. Their variety in color allows for nuanced messages, from passionate love with red roses to friendship and joy with yellow ones, making every bouquet a personal and profound statement.


Orchids stand out for their exotic beauty and sophisticated vibe, perfect for conveying admiration and respect. Their long-lasting nature ensures your message of elegance and thoughtfulness endures, making them a sophisticated choice for any occasion.

Mixed Bouquets

When you want to capture the complexity of your emotions, our mixed bouquets blend various blooms, each adding its unique touch to the narrative. These arrangements are perfect for celebrating the diverse beauty of relationships, with each flower contributing to a rich tapestry of sentiments.

At Ode à la Rose, we're committed to crafting bouquets that are not just arrangements but meaningful expressions of your feelings. Dive into our collection and find the bouquet that perfectly articulates your sentiments, guaranteed to create lasting memories for you and your loved ones.

Popular delivery zones
  • Same Day Delivery

    In NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Austin and Miami. Next day delivery throughout the US

  • Arranged locally

    Our flower arrangements are meticulously arranged right here in the United States at one of our seven local ateliers, where we bring the artistry of French bouquet creation to life

  • Signature Gift Box

    Most of our arrangements are delivered in our distinctive pink box, ensuring the full impact of your considerate gift while safeguarding the flowers

  • Receive a Photo

    What you see is what you get! And as proof, we'll send you an email with a picture of your bouquet