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Staten Island, NY Flower Delivery

For the best flower delivery in Staten Island, trust our skilled florists to create beautiful arrangements and ensure timely delivery.

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“Excellent quality and easy to use website ”

I ordered online from the UK for friends in the US - fantastic service. High quality flowers and gifts, excellent update comms after ordering and timely delivery. Very pleased

Katherine Rodgers

“My son was having a bad day on his…”

My son was having a bad day on his birthday and I wanted to cheer him up. I took a chance on Ode a la Rose, because I liked their website and they did not disappoint. Excellent service, though a bit pricey.


“Beautiful presentation”

Beautiful presentation. Quality flowers. Great communication regarding delivery and love the picture of prepared flowers before delivery. Thank you!

Beth Powers

4.6 out of 5

Based on 3154 reviews



How Does Same-Day Flower Delivery in Staten Island Work?

From our headquarters in Queens, Ode à la Rose offers a straightforward and elegant solution to same-day flower delivery in Staten Island. Here's how you can brighten someone's day in just five simple steps:

  • Step 1: Confirm Delivery Zone: Begin by checking if we deliver to your desired Staten Island address. Enter the zip code on our website to verify same-day delivery eligibility.
  • Step 2: Select Your Bouquet: Explore our diverse collection of floral arrangements designed to suit any occasion. Choose the one that best conveys your message and sentiment.
  • Step 3: Add a Personal Touch: Personalize your bouquet with a heartfelt message or a special photo, making your floral gift truly unique and memorable.
  • Step 4: Pick Additional Treats: Enhance your gift by selecting from our range of thoughtful add-ons, such as chocolates, candles, or a plush bear, to complement your flowers.
  • Step 5: Place Your Order: Complete your purchase through our secure checkout process. Our team at the Queens headquarters will then meticulously prepare your bouquet and ensure it's delivered to Staten Island with care and on time.

With these five easy steps, sending a gesture of love, celebration, or sympathy to Staten Island has never been more seamless or heartfelt. Let Ode à la Rose help you share the beauty of flowers today.

What are the Cut-off Times for Flower Delivery in Staten Island?

Timing is everything when it comes to expressing your sentiments with flowers. That's why Ode à la Rose ensures your floral gift arrives on time with clear cut-off times for Staten Island deliveries.

Our schedule is designed to accommodate your needs, whether you're an early bird or prefer to make an evening gesture:

  • Morning Delivery: For a bright start, orders for deliveries between 9 AM and 1 PM. The cut-off time for this delivery window is to place your order by 10 AM at the latest.
  • Afternoon Delivery: Aimed at those who wish to make their gesture felt during the day, orders for deliveries between 1 PM and 5 PM need to be placed by 2 PM.
  • Evening Delivery: For those special end-of-day moments, orders for deliveries between 5 PM and 9 PM must be submitted by 5 PM. This is suited for romantic surprises or to cap off a special day.
  • Next-Day Deliveries: Planning ahead? Make sure your order is placed by 5:45 PM the day before to ensure your flowers are prepared and delivered with the utmost care the following day.

How Much Does it Cost to Deliver Flowers in Staten Island?

At Ode à la Rose, we believe in transparent pricing to ensure the joy of giving and receiving flowers is accessible to all.

Delivering beauty and joy to Staten Island comes with straightforward pricing, reflective of the bouquet size and the special care we take in arranging and delivering your selection:

  • Standard Arrangements: A $18 delivery fee applies, offering a wide array of options for every occasion, ensuring your thoughtful gesture arrives beautifully without breaking the bank.
  • Large Bouquets/Special Arrangements: For those grand expressions of love or celebration, a $25 delivery fee ensures your large or specially designed arrangements are delivered with the care and attention they deserve.
  • Petite Bouquets: At just an $8 delivery fee, these charming, smaller arrangements are perfect for a thoughtful gesture, combining elegance with affordability.

Example Calculation: Imagine choosing a beautifully crafted standard bouquet priced at $70 to convey your heartfelt sentiments. Add to this a selected add-on, such as gourmet chocolates for $15, and with a standard delivery fee, your total comes to $103.

This calculation ensures that your elegant gesture of affection is both memorable and impactful, delivered with Ode à la Rose's signature care.

What Types of Payment Do You Accept for Flower Delivery to Staten Island?

Ode à la Rose is committed to making your purchasing experience as convenient as possible. We accept a broad spectrum of payment methods for flower delivery to Staten Island, including all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, as well as PayPal.

Our secure payment platform ensures that every transaction is smooth, safe, and user-friendly, allowing you to focus on the joy of gifting rather than the details of payment.

What Happens if The Recipient is Not Home?

Our dedication to delivering your floral gift perfectly extends to those moments when the recipient might not be home.

In such cases, we take every measure to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your bouquet. Our delivery team will either find a safe spot to leave the flowers or arrange for a delivery at a later time that suits the recipient's schedule.

This approach guarantees that your thoughtful gesture of flowers reaches your loved one in perfect condition, maintaining the surprise and delight of receiving a beautiful bouquet from Ode à la Rose.

About Ode à la Rose Flower Delivery in Staten Island

From the heart of our Queens headquarters at 21-43 44th Rd, Ode à la Rose extends its passion for elegance and quality to Staten Island with our convenient same-day delivery service. Our commitment to delivering fresh, beautifully crafted bouquets ensures that each arrangement arrives in Staten Island not just timely, but in perfect condition, ready to convey your heartfelt messages.

Embracing the unique spirit of Staten Island, we blend the sophistication of Parisian floristry with the local charm, making every occasion special. Whether it’s celebrating milestones, expressing love, or offering sympathy, our flower delivery service is designed to bring a touch of beauty and joy to your doorstep effortlessly and efficiently. Trust Ode à la Rose to bridge the distance from Queens to Staten Island, making your floral gifting experience seamless, fresh, and always memorable.

What Flower Bouquets Should I Buy?

Choosing the right bouquet is a meaningful way to convey your emotions with elegance and depth. With a vast collection of fresh, seasonal, and exceptional flowers, with Ode à la Rose you can never make a mistake.

Here are some of our cherished options, each thoughtfully designed for distinct expressions:

Exotic Orchids

Orchids stand as a beacon of elegance and mystery, perfect for conveying admiration or celebrating significant milestones. Their striking beauty and remarkable longevity leave a lasting impression, embodying luxury and sophistication.

An orchid's intricate bloom not only captivates the eye but also symbolizes strength and exotic beauty, making it an unforgettable gift for any occasion.

Lush Peonies

Peonies, with their lush, full blooms, represent prosperity and romance, making them a luxurious choice for expressing heartfelt emotions or celebrating joyous occasions.

Their presence adds a touch of elegance and grandeur to any setting, embodying the essence of beauty and abundance.

Peonies are especially cherished for their brief seasonal appearance, making them all the more sought-after and appreciated.

Forever Roses: Eternal Elegance

Our eternal, preserved roses collection embodies the timeless beauty and everlasting nature of your affection. Preserved at their peak, these roses offer a unique and long-lasting way to express sentiments that transcend time.

Perfect for marking lifelong commitments, eternal friendships, or simply as a lasting reminder of a special moment, our preserved collection retains its beauty and color for years, with no need for water or sunlight.

Cheerful Tulips

Tulips bring a burst of color and joy, perfect for any occasion that deserves a smile. Their simple elegance and wide range of colors make them suitable for birthdays, congratulations, or just to brighten someone's day.

The versatility of tulips allows them to convey a variety of messages, from love and cheer to consolation and support, making them a versatile choice for expressing all kinds of sentiments.

100 Roses for Grand Gestures

A bouquet of 100 roses makes a breathtaking statement of love and devotion. Ideal for grand romantic gestures, significant anniversaries, or simply to express the magnitude of your affection, this impressive arrangement speaks volumes.

The sheer abundance of roses symbolizes a boundless love that is both deep and enduring, creating an unforgettable moment of awe and emotion.

Flowers for Special Occasions in Staten Island

Flowers have the power to articulate the depth of your emotions for every occasion. Below are thoughtfully selected bouquets for various moments, inviting you to explore our collections further:

Mother's Day: Honoring Unconditional Love

Celebrate the irreplaceable women in your life with our exquisite collection of Mother’s Day Flowers. A bouquet full of her favorite blooms reflects your love and gratitude, making her feel truly cherished.

Valentine's Day: Heartfelt Expressions

Make a heartfelt declaration of your love with our enchanting Valentine’s Day flower selection. From classic roses to exotic orchids, let your bouquet be a memorable symbol of your affection.

Anniversaries: Commemorating Your Journey

Each year together is a milestone worth celebrating. Our unique anniversary flower selection collection helps you reminisce about the journey and look forward to the path ahead with flowers that symbolize your lasting love.

Birthdays: A Personal Touch

Elevate their special day with a vibrant, personalized, and rich selection of celebratory birthday flowers. Choose blooms that mirror their personality, adding joy and color to their birthday celebrations.

New Baby: A Bouquet of New Beginnings

The arrival of a new baby is a momentous occasion deserving of a special celebration. Our welcoming collection of new baby flowers features delicate blooms in soft hues, perfect for conveying your joy and well wishes for the newest addition to the family.

Thank You: A Gesture of Gratitude

Express your sincere appreciation with our flowers that spell “thank you” with every petal. A thoughtful bouquet conveys your gratitude beautifully for personal favors, support, or kindness.

Get-Well Soon: Brightening Someone’s Day

Encourage a quick recovery and brighten their spirits with our cheerful get-well-soon flowers. Lively and colorful arrangements bring warmth and light to their recovery space.

Sympathy: Offering Comfort

In times of sorrow, our sympathy flower collection, including sympathy basket arrangements, provides a way to convey your condolences and offer comfort. Thoughtful and serene, these bouquets express your support when words fall short.

Just Because: Unplanned Moments of Joy

Brighten their day unexpectedly with our just-because flower bouquets. A spontaneous bouquet can turn an ordinary day into an unforgettable one, expressing your love, friendship, or appreciation without the need for a special occasion.

Through the art of floristry, Ode à la Rose helps you celebrate life’s moments, big and small, in Staten Island. Explore our curated selections to find the perfect expression for any occasion.

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