February, often dubbed the month of love and romance, is also shrouded in the chilly embrace of winter for many. As the heart beats a little faster, anticipating Valentine’s Day gestures, a question might arise: Is the frosty world outside mirroring a barren landscape, devoid of floral wonders? Think again!

While February might be infamous for its icy fingers and early sunsets, nature has a secret stash of blooming treasures that defy this month’s cold reputation. Welcome to our comprehensive guide to flowers in season in February, where we debunk the myth of a flowerless winter.

Join us on this floral journey, where we unveil the February blossoms that break through the winter monotony, ideal for romantic gestures, home decor, or simply to infuse some vibrant energy into the gray winter days.

It’s time to look beyond the roses (though they’re splendid) and explore the diverse flora that February generously gifts us. So, light a cozy candle, sip on some warm tea, and delve into the world of February’s most enchanting blooms, together with your go-to florist, Ode à la Rose.

Advantages of Using Flowers in Season

Amidst the winter chill, the prospect of fresh beginnings and resolutions is mirrored in the world of florals.

As February heralds an array of vibrant and rejuvenating blossoms, one cannot help but notice the myriad benefits of embracing flowers in their prime season.

Choosing seasonal flowers isn’t merely a nod to Mother Nature’s clock; it’s a decision brimming with aesthetic, practical, and ethical implications. Here are some compelling reasons why seasonal flowers should be your go-to choice.

1. Vivid Hues and Enchanting Aromas

Flowers in their prime season naturally exude more vibrant colors and intoxicating scents. The freshness of these blooms ensures that their colors remain bold and their fragrances linger. And when you think of the journey from field to florist, the path is much shorter for these in-season beauties.

2. Weather-Ready Blooms

Seasonal flowers come with the gift of resilience. Organically attuned to the current climate, they promise robustness, whether under the sun’s blazing glory or amidst the February frost, ensuring your floral displays remain impeccable throughout.

3. Bountiful Choices and Better Prices

It’s simple supply and demand. Flowers in their natural blooming season are abundant, granting you a wider selection and often at a fraction of the cost of those off-season varieties that demand special cultivation or import.

4. Green Choices, Greener Conscience

Opting for flowers in season aligns with eco-friendly practices. Often cultivated locally, such blooms demand minimal transportation and storage—significantly reducing their carbon footprint. Not to mention the handy same-day delivery with ease!

5. Limitless Creative Possibilities

The diverse array of in-season flowers paves the way for infinite creativity. Whether you’re seeking a bouquet that oozes rustic allure or one that champions contemporary flair, seasonal flowers grant you the freedom to bring any vision to life.

6. Powering the Local Pulse

By gravitating towards seasonal florals, you’re also casting a vote of confidence in local businesses. This bolsters the local economy and ensures you’re privy to some of the freshest floral arrangements, even on the moodiest snow-laden days.

Ultimately, choosing flowers isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about aligning with nature, supporting local communities, and making sustainable choices. Remember the manifold advantages of those in the season when you seek blooms to brighten your space or heart. And as you do so, explore our signature bouquets at Ode à la Rose, where freshness meets prompt deliveries, regardless of the weather’s whims.

Popular Flowers in Season in February

February may be seen as the gateway to spring, but it already boasts a plethora of vibrant and passionate blooms. As love fills the air with Valentine’s Day around the corner, February’s floral choices epitomize romance, resilience, and rejuvenation.

Curious to discover more about which flowers are in season in February? Dive into the world of February florals that effortlessly combat the lingering winter chill. And if you’re keen to beautify your space with these selections, click here to journey through our curated February collection!

Romantic Roses

Nothing speaks of love and passion like the timeless rose. This iconic bloom, often associated with February due to Valentine’s Day, symbolizes love for centuries. Delve into its history, and you’ll discover tales of roses adorning ancient empires’ gardens and used by royals to convey secret messages.

Legend has it that Cleopatra seduced Mark Antony with a room filled with rose petals, setting the standard for romantic gestures. When you choose roses in February, you’re not just picking a flower; you’re partaking in a historical journey of love and allure. Explore our selection of preserved roses for an even more eternal romantic gesture.

Vibrant Tulips

The emergence of tulips in February heralds the impending spring. These vivacious blooms, originally from Central Asia, became an obsession in the Netherlands during the 17th century, leading to the first recorded speculative bubble known as “Tulip Mania.”

Tulips are available in dazzling colors and represent deep love and comfort. Gift them to your loved ones, and you’re bestowing a bloom that has traveled through time and history, encapsulating passion, wealth, and the transient nature of beauty.

Best Flowers for Teacher’s Day

Charming Carnations

Carnations, with their ruffled petals and diverse color palettes, bring a touch of charm to February. Rooted in Greek and Roman traditions, these flowers have been used in ceremonial crowns and festive decor, and are mostly popular for their burgundy-deep red color.

The carnation’s Latin name, Dianthus, translates to “Flowers of God.” In Christianity, they’re believed to have appeared from the tears of the Virgin Mary, symbolizing a mother’s undying love – making them a great selection for Mother’s Day flowers, too! Incorporating carnations in your floral arrangement adds layers of texture and tales of love, devotion, and divinity.

Lovely Lilies

With their intoxicating fragrance and elegance, Lilies are a captivating choice for February. Available in majestic white and even rich purple, these blooms have left their mark across various cultures. In ancient Greek lore, lilies sprouted from the milk of Hera, the queen of the gods, symbolizing purity and motherhood.

The lily is a harbinger of luck and prosperity in various parts of Asia. Choosing lilies for a February bouquet adds a touch of grace and a nod to timeless tales of divinity, purity, and fortune.

Hardy Cyclamen

A true warrior of the floral world, the cyclamen resists the February chill with few efforts. Native to the Mediterranean region, these blooms have a history steeped in folklore. Ancient cultures believed that cyclamen could ward off evil spirits and bring love and affection to the bearer.

Their upside-down blossoms and heart-shaped leaves make them an emblem of deep love and sincere affection. Opting for cyclamen in your bouquet brings in a mix of resilience, affection, and ancient protective charms.

Embrace the magic of February with these blooms, each telling a story of love, history, and resilience. As the month unfolds, let these flowers’ tales and vibrant hues fill your days with warmth and inspiration.

Order some Ode à la Rose winter arrangements, and choose a perfect gift to accompany the February moody days – whether it’s a scented candle, a box of macrons and chocolates, or a warm, huggy blanket!

best flowers for housewarming

Tips for Combining February Flowers

Crafting the ultimate February bouquet is not just about aesthetics; it’s a conversation between nature’s artistry and your intuition. February’s flowers bridge the gap between winter’s solemnity and spring’s budding promise. But then again, different personality types might also trigger different floral arrangements – depending on the style, taste, and occasion!

So, how can we best showcase and care for these seasonal wonders?

Temperature and Tenderness

As February dances between the last of winter’s chills and the early signs of spring, your flowers crave moderation. Avoid extremes, whether it’s the dry warmth of heaters or the intense rays of the midday sun. Position them in a cooler, indirect light setting to mirror the month’s transitional essence.

The Magic of Water

Think of water as the elixir that sustains the life force of your blooms. Beyond merely quenching their thirst, clear, freshwater acts as a preservative. Consider room-temperature water when replacing water, which is less shocking to sensitive stems.

Nutrition is Key

Your February flowers, while sturdy, benefit from a nutrient boost. Plant food or even a teaspoon of sugar can invigorate them, enhancing their innate colors and vitality.

Blending Blooms

It’s about creating harmony when merging the reds of roses with the soft pastels of carnations and the brilliant, joyful hues of tulips. Ensure a balanced display by avoiding color overcrowding. Aim for a cohesive palette that either harmonizes in muted tones or contrasts sharply for drama.

Layering and Levels

Depth isn’t just about the highs and lows but the in-betweens, too. Combine the tall elegance of lilies, the mid-height allure of roses, and the ground-skimming beauty of cyclamen. This layered approach adds visual intrigue.

Texture and Tale

Dive into the tactile universe of February flowers. The velvety petals of roses against the sleek elegance of tulips can create a sensory masterpiece. Moreover, familiarize yourself with the tales behind each bloom. Did you know, for instance, that carnations are often associated with love and fascination, making them a perfect pairing with the universally romantic rose? These bouquets can make anything from simple congratulations to grand anniversary moments really majestic!

Final Flourish

Your vase is more than a container; it’s the frame of your floral masterpiece. Opt for understated elegance, ensuring the focus remains on the flowers. If you’re feeling adventurous, play with colored or textured glass to amplify the mood.

Adventurous Additions

Don’t shy away from introducing non-floral elements. Delicate ferns, ornamental grasses, or even sprigs of eucalyptus can complement and elevate your arrangement, adding a contemporary twist.

Creative Arrangements and Ideas for Flowers in Season in February

Who says you must stick to our traditional Parisian flower bouquet arrangement? Yes, we do it this way at Ode à la Rose

But you can get playful and spark the imagination, cracking up the boredom through the long winter afternoons that collide with the evening. Here are some creative watts you could endorse while incorporating flowers in the season in February.

Indoor Floating Florals

Bring a bit of enchantment to your living space by letting February flowers float. Fill up a large, clear glass bowl with water, and allow petals or full blossoms to drift atop. It’s like having a mini pond brimming with color in the comfort of your home. 

A tipsy hint: Add a drop of essential oil to the water and let your home be filled with a delicate fragrance each time you pass by, making it feel more like spring!

February Floral Wreaths

A wreath isn’t just for Christmas; it’s a celebration of every season. This February, weave vibrant tulips, romantic roses, and hardy cyclamen into a circular dance of color. Hang it on your front door or even above your fireplace. 

Some witty wisdom: If you want to enhance the frosty feel, sprinkle some faux snow or glitter over your creation.

Centerpieces to Marvel At

Make your dining table or coffee table the focal point with a DIY centerpiece. Take a low, wide vase and let tulips or lilies cascade outward. Intersperse with soft candlelight for those intimate winter dinners. Remember, in the game of centerpieces, it’s all about drama, darling!

Floral Wall Art Extravaganza

Why hang paintings when you can showcase living art? Use a mesh grid or even an old window frame, and artfully arrange your February blooms. Secure them in place and hang them up. It’s transient, sure, but sometimes beauty is in the fleeting moments. 

A quick quip: Guests might just think you’ve opened a mini art gallery, so prepare for the compliments!

Outdoor Blooming Lanterns

If you’ve got a garden or patio, here’s a nighttime spectacle. Take transparent lanterns or mason jars, and inside, place LED fairy lights interwoven with roses or carnations. Hang or place them in strategic spots.

As darkness falls, the flowers come alive, illuminated from within. Voila, you’ve got yourself a garden from a fairytale!

Bottle it Up!

Ever thought of using old wine or soda bottles as vases? Paint them in whimsical colors, pop in a single stem, and line them up on window sills or sideboards. It’s minimalistic, chic, and a perfect example of upcycling with panache!

Valentine’s Day Crafts with February’s Blooms

Valentine’s Day is undeniably the pièce de résistance of February. It’s time to paint the town red with love, passion, and flowers! So why not elevate your Valentine’s Day surprises with some DIY crafts that bring out the essence of the season?

Here are some ideas to charm your beloved:

  • Blossoming Love Letters: Pen down a heartfelt note and attach a tiny bouquet or a single rose to it. Seal it with love (and maybe some wax for that vintage touch), and voila! You’ve got a message they’ll cherish forever.
  • Floral Perfume: Infuse petals from your February blooms like roses or lilies in a neutral oil. After a week, strain and add some alcohol to make your own floral perfume. Every time your beloved wears it, they’ll be reminded of this special month.
  • Flower-Packed Bath Bombs: Craft your own bath bombs, incorporating flower petals within. As the bomb dissolves in the tub, the petals float up, creating a luxurious and romantic bath experience.
  • Heart-shaped Floral Wreath: Instead of the traditional circular shape, craft your wreath in the shape of a heart using roses, tulips, and carnations. It’s a declaration of love that’s not just told but shown.
  • Romantic Rose Candles: Embed rose petals into hand-poured candles. As the candle burns, it’ll unveil the hidden petals, and the gentle aroma of roses will waft through.
  • Valentine’s Day Floral Crown: Weave tulips, roses, and greenery together to create a dainty floral crown. Perfect for a romantic date night or even a Valentine’s Day-themed party.
  • Edible Flower Chocolates: Melt and pour the chocolate into molds, pressing in edible petals from flowers like roses or violets. Once set, you have a sweet treat that’s a feast for the eyes and palate. Or a cocktail, perhaps?


At Ode à la Rose, we believe that every petal tells a story, every bouquet paints a picture, and every scent invokes a memory.

While we take pride in our traditional Parisian arrangements, witnessing our clientele’s boundless imagination and artistry is what truly fills our hearts. Whether crafting a romantic wreath for Valentine’s Day or creating eclectic floral wall art, the magic lies in personal touches and audacious undertakings.

Are you ready to unleash your inner florist? Dive into our curated collection of February blooms and let your creativity blossom. And remember, if you ever need a muse or a fresh bouquet to spark that innovative spirit, we’re just a click away.

Let the beauty of flowers become your canvas. Transform your space, surprise your loved ones, and, most importantly, treat yourself. Start your floral journey with us today!