flowers that pair best with eucalyptus

Whether you’re picking out a bouquet for a friend, family member, loved one, or yourself, you should consider a beautiful eucalyptus option. Eucalyptus flower bouquets can feature a touch of the greenery or a big bunch, but either way, the leaves are a lovely addition.

Not familiar with flowers that go with eucalyptus or how to use it? We’ll explain some facts about the greenery, what flowers go well with eucalyptus, when to give a eucalyptus bouquet, and more.

Which Flowers Pair Best With Eucalyptus?

which flowers pair best with eucalyptus

Because eucalyptus is a simple accent, it pairs well with a variety of blooms. A simple and small eucalyptus bouquet often features one type of flower as the statement, but grand bouquets combine many flower and greenery types with eucalyptus. Consider some of the following best flowers with eucalyptus, and use them on their own or in combination with each other:

  1. Roses: Stunning roses are beautiful in any bouquet for any occasion. Pairing the deep shades of green in eucalyptus with lighter colors of roses looks stunning, but different shades of blossoms look wonderful together in an arrangement. While standard roses and eucalyptus make a great combination, other varieties like garden roses and spray roses also look lovely.
  2. Carnations: Carnations have a similar texture to roses, so it’s no surprise they are also flowers that go well with eucalyptus leaves. Blush pink blossoms and a darker variety of eucalyptus create a simple yet trendy bouquet.
  3. Peonies: These blooms have a similar shape and texture to carnations and roses. A eucalyptus and peony bouquet is versatile depending on the colors in it. With more greenery, you get a boho aesthetic, but with white peonies in a eucalyptus bouquet, you get a chic look.
  4. Pompoms: Pompom flowers have a spherical shape with plenty of small, textured petals. These contrast well with Eucalyptus Parvifolia, given the oblong and pointed leaf shape. For a cohesive and quirky look, pair pompoms with rounded eucalyptus leaves.
  5. Star flowers: Also called Dianthus Star Tessino, star flowers have pointed petals that spread out to form a star-like blossom. The dramatic petals make these flowers go well with any type of eucalyptus leaves. Pointed eucalyptus leaves match these blooms while rounded ones add contrast to an arrangement.
  6. Hydrangeas: A hydrangea and eucalyptus bouquet lets the flowers act as a statement piece. The simple eucalyptus greens do not compete with the grand, textured flower, creating an arrangement that is grand yet uncomplicated.

Eucalyptus also looks great on its own. A bouquet of eucalyptus in a sleek, white vase creates a subtle yet stunning decoration. Eucalyptus on its own can also make a lovely garland, perfect for any time of year.

What Greenery Goes With Eucalyptus?

When florists decide what to mix with eucalyptus and flowers, they think about the variety already in the bouquet. A small eucalyptus bouquet may only feature the herb as the accent to avoid overwhelming the arrangement. To add interest and detail to any size bouquet, a florist may combine additional greenery. When a florist plays around with different filler options, they may:

  1. Contrast colors: Many varieties of eucalyptus are medium to dark green. A florist may add pops of colors to your bouquet with different shades of green by mixing in dark, medium, and light accents. You’ll get a fun bouquet that’s sure to catch everyone’s eye.
  2. Contrast shapes: Since many flowers that go well with eucalyptus leaves and the leaves themselves are round, a florist may mix in different shapes. Skinny, clustered leaves or branches go well with the circular leaves of Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, so a florist may mix in filler like baby’s breath or heather.
  3. Add texture: A florist may choose Seeded Eucalyptus as the main greenery, then add in other sprigs of similarly textured accents. While a bouquet with all smooth leaves looks chic, different textures add stunning detail to an arrangement.
  4. Match colors: It may be challenging to get a perfect match among the greenery since natural shades vary in every type of plant. But a florist could try to get as close as possible for a sleek, uniform bouquet. Choose all dark greens to go with darker flowers or light, yellow-greens to go with white and other light-colored flowers.
  5. Use different types of greenery: Eucalyptus greens have a simple leaf shape and texture, meaning they work well with other types of greenery and filler. Dusty miller and gray brunia are two types of popular fillers that have a more pronounced texture, which adds balance to an arrangement.
  6. Use various species of eucalyptus: Because different species of eucalyptus have varying leaf shapes and colors, they work well together in an arrangement. A florist may combine contrasting varieties like Silver Dollar Eucalyptus and Seeded Eucalyptus as they create beautiful eucalyptus bouquets.

The mix of greenery can work in a bouquet with some flowers or on its own. Use a garland of greenery or a eucalyptus wreath with a few other accents for greenery that looks great at any time of year. You can also wait for certain occasions to give someone a eucalyptus bouquet.

mix of greenery

Varieties of Eucalyptus

There are over 500 species of eucalyptus out there. The varieties are classified as a type of herb, but florists use it as a lovely touch of greenery in their arrangements. The leaves are smooth and can be different shapes depending on the species and age of the plant, with most leaves being rounded in some way.

Some varieties are more popular than others as florists use eucalyptus greens to create a bouquet. Among those are:

  1. Eucalyptus Stuartiana: You’ll find what you may consider a more traditional leaf shape in this species. The ends are pointed while the whole leaf has a slightly rounded shape. The color ranges from medium green to blue-green.
  2. Eucalyptus Baby Blue: Rounded leaves space out on the branches of this eucalyptus species. It has a slight silvery-green color, which can, at times, appear blue-green.
  3. Eucalyptus Parvifolia: This species features leaves that are a darker shade of green. They are also more oval than round and are pointed at the end.
  4. Globe Eucalyptus: If you’re growing eucalyptus in your home garden, you may be familiar with this variety. Globe Eucalyptus often grows as a tree or a shrub and features light green oval leaves that develop into a dark green over time.
  5. Seeded Eucalyptus: As the name implies, this species features bunches of seeds, which add texture to the overall look of the bunches. Seeded Eucalyptus has oval-shaped leaves with a rounded point and often comes in a medium green shade. The seed bunches are a lighter green that adds a pop of color to the leaves.
  6. Silver Drop Eucalyptus: The stems of this variety arch out with leaves strung along them. Silver Drop leaves have a blue-green and rounded appearance.
  7. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus: Silver Dollar Eucalyptus has scattered branches dappled with round leaves. The leaves of this variety are often a darker shade of silvery-green.

Most varieties of eucalyptus do not have overly pronounced veins on their leaves, creating a flat look and texture. For that reason and many more, florists and gardeners alike love working with different varieties of this herb.

Benefits of Eucalyptus

eucalyptus benefits

Eucalyptus is a versatile herb that often appears natural remedies. People use eucalyptus as a decongestant when they have a cold, making herbal rubs or cough drops. Some also like to put a bit of eucalyptus in their tea with other herbs. While the medical benefits are useful, we think eucalyptus works best as décor. When you display flowers with eucalyptus, you get a bouquet that:

  1. Is good for allergy sufferers: As long as you choose a eucalyptus flower bouquet with blossoms that are allergy-friendly, the lovely bouquet shouldn’t trigger anyone’s allergies. Roses, wax flowers, and orchids all pair beautifully with eucalyptus and create a bouquet that even allergy sufferers will enjoy.
  2. Looks sleek and modern: A sprig of eucalyptus with its smooth and rounded leaves adds a modern touch to any bouquet. Tall bunches give impressive height to any arrangement of flowers, giving your bouquet dramatic and contemporary flair.
  3. Can deter insects: Eucalyptus oil is often used to deter pests, especially biting insects. Place a bouquet in an outdoor area that you’d enjoy using more often without pesky insects buzzing around, and the eucalyptus may deter them.
  4. Have a lovely scent: While eucalyptus is a natural pest deterrent, it also has a pleasant smell. Candles and perfumes often feature a eucalyptus scent, which can be quite soothing. With a flower and eucalyptus bouquet, you’ll find the pleasant scent combines with the blossoms for a fragrance that brightens up any room.

Overall, eucalyptus brings a stunning look to just about any type of bouquet. When you need some greenery to pair with your flowers, go with the trendy choice of eucalyptus. As you decide on a bouquet that features this lovely herb, it helps to know what flowers go with eucalyptus.

When to Give a Eucalyptus Bouquet

A eucalyptus bouquet is great to give for just about any occasion. The greenery is subtle yet beautiful and pairs with a variety of flowers of different colors. Since eucalyptus pairs well with many blooms, you can create a eucalyptus flower bouquet that has different meanings, excellent for any of your gifting needs.

  • Birthdays: Wish a friend or loved one a happy birthday with a beautiful bouquet of birthday flowers. Include eucalyptus for unique greenery that enhances a large, celebratory bouquet. A cream or white rose and eucalyptus bouquet, along with some other pops of color, creates a happy arrangement perfect for someone’s special day.
  • Congratulations: Promotions, proposals, and many more of life’s special moments are worth celebrating. Give a friend or loved one a congratulatory bouquet to celebrate their accomplishments and other successes. Eucalyptus can cheer up a bouquet, making it perfect for a happy occasion. Choose a hydrangea and eucalyptus bouquet for something grand.
  • Thank you: Say thanks with a sweet bouquet that features a bit of eucalyptus. Thank you bouquets range in size depending on what you’re saying “thank you” for, but a small eucalyptus bouquet with roses is the perfect way to show your gratitude.
  • New baby: A touch of eucalyptus makes a lovely congratulatory welcome for a family with a new baby. For a new baby bouquet, you don’t need to choose the largest option. Something simple yet beautiful with a thoughtful note will send your love to any new parent in your life. A small eucalyptus bouquet is a great way to give best wishes and congratulations to someone you know who’s had a baby.

new baby bouquets

  • Get well: Recovering from an illness gets a little easier when a friend or loved one sends a lovely bouquet. Let someone in your life know you’re thinking of them as they recover with a get well bouquet. Brighten up a hospital room or give their home a colorful reminder that you hope they get well soon. With eucalyptus’ use as a natural remedy, a eucalyptus flower bouquet can evoke good health.
  • Cheer up: Eucalyptus, along with other beautiful blossoms, can create quite a cheerful bouquet. Gift someone a cheer up bouquet when they’ve had a stressful week at work or are going through a rough patch in a relationship. A cheer up bouquet featuring eucalyptus is sure to bring a smile on any friend or loved one’s face. Gift one to yourself when you want to brighten up your home.

Flowers With Eucalyptus From Ode à la Rose

At Ode à la Rose, we create chic, high-quality arrangements perfect for any occasion. Many of our arrangements include varieties of eucalyptus for a contemporary finishing touch that’s sure to impress. You’ll find several flowers that go well with eucalyptus leaves as you browse our bouquets, and some of our favorites include:

  • Spray roses: Spray roses go well with a variety of other flowers and greenery, which we put together in a lovely, detailed bouquet. Blush spray roses combine with burgundy astrantia and other light blossoms. The greenery includes two varieties of eucalyptus, gray brunia, and more.
  • Garden roses: Our pink garden roses bouquet gets a subtle touch of eucalyptus. For something elegant, you could also go with our white rose and eucalyptus bouquet. These minimalist bouquets are simple options, but for more color, we offer a dark pink, pink, and white rose and eucalyptus bouquet.
  • Pompoms: We love how pompom flowers go with eucalyptus. We’ve put purple pompoms with Eucalyptus Baby Blue, dusty miller, and other purple blooms in our sweet, textured bouquet. The pops of color create a fun yet stunning arrangement.
  • Star flowers: This type of flower combines well with Queen Anne’s Lace, Freesia, and white roses for a chic look. Eucalyptus Stuartiana enhances the style as the primary filler of our Chloe arrangement. If you’re looking for a bouquet that prominently displays eucalyptus, this option is for you.
  • Hydrangeas: We put together crisp, white hydrangeas, pompoms, roses, and more. Finished with Eucalyptus Parvifolia, our Anna bouquet adds an elegant touch to any room. When you’re looking for a clean and chic addition to your space or a stunning gift for someone else, you can’t go wrong with this hydrangea and eucalyptus bouquet.

At Ode à la Rose, we make unique, high-end arrangements that you can’t find anywhere else. Our skilled floral designers will use quality flowers to create your arrangement, ensuring it looks like what you see on our website. We will then send you a photo of your arrangement so you know what you, a friend, or loved one are getting. Your arrangement will arrive in our chic signature gift box, which protects your beautiful bouquet.

Order a Eucalyptus Bouquet From Ode à la Rose

eucalyptus bouquets

We hope you can see from what flowers look good with eucalyptus how versatile and chic the greenery is. At Ode à la Rose, we create stunning bouquets using different varieties of eucalyptus. Get a fragrant, eye-catching arrangement of flowers with eucalyptus when you order with us.

Check out the arrangements with eucalyptus above that we offer, or explore all of our bouquets to find what suits your needs. Get ready to impress your friends and loved ones with gorgeous eucalyptus bouquets!

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