Red roses


Red roses delivered by Ode à la Rose

Next to the heart shape, the red rose is the most powerful and prevalent symbol of love in the western world. Dating back centuries, roses—red roses in particular—have been associated with love and devotion. Today, red roses continue to be popular gifts for romantic occasions—from Valentine’s Day to anniversaries to marriage proposals.

Are you looking to send red roses to a loved one or a special someone, for a romantic occasion or just because? You can shop and buy an array of red rose arrangements from Ode à la Rose, including bouquets of one dozen red roses and two dozen red roses. We even have bigger arrangements, like bouquets of three dozen roses, or even 100 red roses bouquet! Place your order and schedule your delivery today.

FAQ about red roses

What is the meaning of a red rose?

A classic symbol of romance, devotion, desire, or infatuation, the red rose is one of the oldest ways in the book to say “I love you.” There is a reason that red roses are the go-to gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversary celebrations, or just because.

How many red roses mean I love you?

In the simplest terms, any number of red rose says “I love you.” The red rose is one of the world’s most famous symbols for love and romance. Three roses are often used to say “I love you” (one rose for each word), while 108 roses are often taken to mean “Will you marry me?”

What does a dozen red roses mean?

A bouquet of a dozen red roses is another very popular way to say “I love you.” Indeed, when most people think of a bouquet of red roses, they think of a bouquet featuring 12 perfect stems. There is balance and symmetry to a 12-flower bouquet that reflects the ideal of true love.

Why are red roses considered the flower of love?

The history of the red rose and its connotation for love goes back centuries. Most historians point to Greek and Roman mythology as the root of this connotation. Aphrodite and Venus were both goddesses of love and were both associated with roses. The association has survived ever since.

Delivery Details: When and Where

We provide same day delivery throughout the greater Manhattan and Brooklyn areas. Our team is also capable of delivering flowers to more than 1,400 cities throughout the Northeast one day after the order is placed. If you desire fast flower delivery to a home, hospital, motel, college, workplace or other destination, put your faith in our team. We will deliver your bouquet on time and in perfect condition.

Premier Same Day Flower Delivery Service

We understand you have a busy schedule. Some of our customers require flowers in an urgent manner for last-minute social engagements. Ode à la Rose is proud to provide same day flower delivery to Brooklyn and Manhattan between Monday and Saturday. Just tell us the Manhattan or Brooklyn address where you would like your flowers to be delivered and our team will make it happen. The only thing we ask is that you put in your delivery request by 3 PM so we have enough time to gather the appropriate flowers and get them to your recipient in a timely manner. Ode à la Rose also delivers on Sundays if the order is placed by Noon on Saturday. If you prefer a Monday delivery, place your order by Noon on Saturday and we will make sure your bouquet arrives in perfect condition on Monday.

Next Day Delivery to Destinations Throughout the Northeast

If you have a loved one, friend or other acquaintance outside of the Manhattan area, don't fret! Ode à la Rose can perform a next day delivery to the majority of cities throughout the Northeastern portion of the United States. Our team delivers to New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland and New Hampshire. Each flower bouquet is assembled fresh the day before its scheduled delivery. The bouquet is then sent overnight to guarantee the flowers arrive on time and without flaw.