Color of passion and romance, it doesn’t get more glamorous than red roses to declare your feelings. Pick an arrangement of red roses to say “I love you” and delight the special person in your life.


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Red Roses by Ode à la Rose

There's no flower as iconic as the red rose — it's one of the most powerful and prevalent symbols of love in the modern world. If you're looking for a classic or unique arrangement of red roses to send to someone special, you can count on Ode à la Rose to provide superior service. We have an assortment of bouquets, from the classic dozen to more elaborate arrangements.

When to Send Red Roses and What to Say

The giving of red roses is one of the oldest ways in the book to say “I love you.” The saturated color imbued in the petals conveys deep emotions like passion and desire. However, love isn't the only meaning of this classic bud — it's been featured in political and royal imagery for hundreds of years. Red roses can symbolize many things, including devotion, respect, regret, hope, new beginnings, respect, admiration and more.

Because of their popularity, red roses don't have to be limited to gifts of love. You can send them to anyone celebrating a special occasion or new venture. In fact, some even give red rose bouquets as tokens of sympathy. Here are just a few perfect occasions to send red roses, along with some messages you could include:

Beyond the color, the number of red roses sent also carries significance. Three roses are used to say "I love you" — one flower for each word. If you wish to claim the heart of your recipient, then a dozen roses reflect the ideal of true love by showcasing balance and symmetry. For a more serious commitment, a gift of 108 roses is the perfect way to say "will you marry me?"

Find the Perfect Red Rose Bouquet at Ode à la ROSE

If you're looking for an unforgettable arrangement of red roses, leave it to our team of skilled floral designers. At Ode à la ROSE, we strive to give each bouquet the elegant French touch our shop is known for. We make home deliveries, but we also show how amazing it is to receive flower bouquets at the office or in nursing homes, hospitals, schools or anywhere else. Here are a few other benefits you can expect with us:

We deliver to every city in the US. Same-day flower delivery is available in select cities: NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Austin, Washington D.C., and Miami. Next-day delivery is available everywhere else in all the US. Check our flower delivery zones to see how soon we can deliver to your city!