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Myers-Briggs personality tests assign you a four-letter acronym based on whether you’re introverted or extroverted, use senses or intuition, think or feel, and judge or perceive. If you take one of the many Myers-Briggs personality tests available on the internet, you’ll be assigned one of 16 personality types. What flower are you, based on this test result? The answer might surprise you!

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what flower are you

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1. ISTJ — Dahlia

ISTJs are dependable and resilient, just like their flower — the dahlia. These stunning blossoms are perfectly comfortable standing on their own, but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful when surrounded by other blooms.

2. INFJ — Orchid

Gentleness and complexity are the marks of INFJs. They’re sensitive to the needs of others but may forget to take care of their own needs and wither, just like their flower — the orchid.

3. INTJ — Poppy

INTJs identify with the iconic poppy. They’re calm and insightful, and their introverted nature means they grow well in the wild, but their bright colors will appear at home in nearly any situation or bouquet.

4. ENFJ — Peony

ENFJs are colorful extroverts that play well with others. Their bright personality lights up the room, just like their flower — the peony. People who identify as ENFJ are both passionate and charismatic, though their energy might be overwhelming for those on the introvert side of the spectrum.

5. ISTP — Cactus

This doesn’t mean that ISTPs are prickly! Quite the contrary! Just like the cactus, ISTPs are adaptable and independent, relying on wide-reaching roots (or an expansive group of friends) to thrive no matter where they’re planted.

6. ESFJ — Sunflower

ESFJs are just like sunflowers — their appearance in any situation brightens the room. These warm and popular extroverts will grow and thrive nearly everywhere and love new situations to figure out and new challenges to solve.

7. INFP — Calla Lily

INFPs are considered elegant and rare, just like their flower — the calla lily. They can be brilliant, but due to their introversion, you might never even realize it, as they keep themselves subdued around everyone except their closest friends and family.

8. ESFP — Chrysanthemum

ESFPs thrive best when they’re nurturing and caring for those around them. These optimistic and joyful individuals match their flower — the chrysanthemum — perfectly.

9. ENFP — Tulip

ENFPs tend to be the most creative of the extroverts — and often the most fun. Instead of suggesting a trip to the water park, they’ll be the ones to recommend the crazy and exciting adventures that make the best memories. They enjoy sunshine and spontaneity, just like the tulips they resemble, so it’s impossible to predict what they might do next.

10. ESTP — Lisianthus

Lisianthus tends to be one of the most charismatic flowers in the bouquet, which makes it perfect for eminently charismatic and gracious ESTPs. These individuals live for the summer, and you’ll never find them inside during the warmer months if they can avoid it.

11. ESTJ — Daisy

ESTJs tend to be more straightforward and fun, just like the iconic daisy that suits them so well. Both the flower and the ESTJ pair easily with others, so you’ll often find them surrounded by groups of friends.

12. ENTJ — Iris

Do you know that friend who makes all the heads turn when they enter a room? That’s an ENTJ, and they resemble the iris. These individuals are sophisticated and organized, but you’ll never overlook one — especially if they want attention!

13. INTP — Hydrangea

You may never figure out your INTP friends — or the hydrangea that they embody — entirely, but they’re always happy to have you along for their next adventure. These enigmatic individuals quietly influence their surroundings, leaving you wondering what they might do next.

14. ISFJ — Rose

ISFJs are warm and traditional, and you can’t get more traditional than the classic rose. These individuals are timeless, practical beauties that can say a thousand things with a smile or a single blossom.

15. ENTP — Zinnia

Zinnias are bold and bright, just like ENTPs. You’ll never be able to mistake the impact that one of these individuals makes when they walk into a room.

16. ISFP — Lavender

ISFPs are calm and gentle, just like lavender. They might not make waves like some of the extroverts on this list, but they enjoy the warmth of others and will spread that warmth and calm to anyone they meet.

Did Your Answer Surprise You?

Did your answer surprise you? Which flower do you identify with most, if you feel like our list didn’t match your personality? Let us know in the comments or click the links above to order some of our favorite bouquets and blossoms!

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