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Sure, flowers aren’t ever going to be the centerpiece of a marriage proposal, but that doesn’t mean they can’t play a role. Flowers—particularly red and pink roses—are classic symbols of romance, and few things are quite as romantic as a perfectly executed proposal. While getting the right ring should be your priority, thinking of ways to fit flowers into the proposal can be a terrific way to make the occasion even more special.

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Flowers and Marriage Proposals: A Guide to Including Flowers in Your Proposal

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Choosing the Right Flowers

If you are going to propose with flowers as part of your grand romantic plan, the first thing you need to do is choose the right flowers for the occasion. The same way you have to pick the engagement ring to suit what your fiancé-to-be will love, the right flowers will differ depending on the recipient.

If you want to go classic, you can’t beat a bouquet of red roses. Most floral experts even say that a bouquet of 108 red roses means “Will you marry me?” However, if your significant other has previously decried red roses as “cliché”—or if there is another color or style of flower she likes better—you should consider an alternative. What is your fiancé-to-be’s favorite flower? If she doesn’t have a favorite flower, what is her favorite color?

Alternatively, think back on your relationship. If you gave her flowers on your first date, for your one-year anniversary, or for some other milestone moment, what were they? When you are proposing, it can be fun to call back to earlier moments in your relationship, and flowers are an opportunity to do that.

Romantic Ways to Incorporate Flowers into Your Marriage Proposal

Presenting a girl with a bouquet is not the only way you can figure flowers into your marriage proposal. In fact, since you are already presenting her with a ring, it might be better to use flowers more as a mood-setter. If you are proposing indoors—like back at home after a romantic dinner out—decorate the room with flowers, candles, and tasteful rose petals. If you’d prefer an outdoor proposal, consider having a picnic or a private outdoor dinner, with a bouquet or basket of beautiful blooms serving as the centerpiece.

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Another fantastic way to propose with flowers is to get her loved ones involved. Ask your significant other to meet you at a specific site, then have her friends and family line up along the path to your chosen spot. She will have to walk by everyone on her way to you, and as she walks by, each person can hand her a single flower. This option is incredibly romantic. It builds excitement, anticipation, and emotion with each step she takes. It also incorporates the most important people in her life into the proposal in an organic, non-awkward way.

If you want to keep it simple, just send her flowers in the morning on the day you are planning to propose. Starting her day off with flowers sets the right mood and lets her know something is up without revealing your whole hand, which can make the whole occasion even more fun.