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We’ve all been there: butterflies in the stomach; trouble finding the right words in conversation; feeling your heart skip a beat every time you see the girl (or guy) who has been occupying 90% of your thoughts. When you have a crush, it is simultaneously the most wonderful and most terrifying sensation in the world. It’s wonderful because it can make you feel like you are walking on air. It’s terrifying because your thoughts are plagued with the big “What if?” question. That is, “What if he/she doesn’t like me back?”

When you have a crush on someone, you also probably feel an urge to both shout your feelings from the rooftop and to keep them a secret. If you are leaning more toward the former emotion, then you might be on the verge of making a romantic gesture toward the object of your affection. Flowers are an easy, cute way to show how you feel without going too far and prematurely saying “I love you.” But should you send roses to your crush or is doing so a bad idea?

The Etiquette of Sending Flowers to Your Crush

There is nothing wrong with sending flowers to someone toward whom you have romantic feelings. However, unless you are fairly sure that your crush reciprocates these feelings, sending flowers can create an awkward situation. What if you send the flowers anonymously and your crush can’t figure out who sent them? What if you put your crush in a position where they feel they can’t respond to your gesture without hurting your feelings? These scenarios are just a few examples of what can happen if you send flowers without considering the ramifications.

In other words, sending flowers should not be the first thing you do to approach your crush. Strike up conversations. Spend time together—either with friends or one-on-one. Go on outings that could be classified as dates, even if you aren’t ready to label them as such. If you feel your feelings are reciprocated, take a risk and send flowers. Your gesture could be the spark necessary to turn your crush into a relationship.

You should also think about the recipient when sending flowers. Is she (or he) the one who would appreciate flowers? Just because you have a crush on someone doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a flowers type of person. Think about what your crush likes and build your romantic gesture around that, instead of just hoping for the best with flowers. A colorful bouquet will usually work on a girl who likes you, but as a romantic gesture, it is admittedly old-fashioned. Try to get a sense of whether she likes old-fashioned romance before you place the order.

As for sending anonymous flowers to your crush, it can be a playful, romantic thing to do if the recipient will know immediately who sent them. If you have a crush on a girl who you have only talked to once or twice, anonymously sending her flowers might only succeed in making her worry that she has a stalker or unwanted admirer.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Sending Flowers to Your Crush

If you’re debating sending flowers to the girl you like, this list of do’s and don’ts will help you make a decision.

The Do’s of Sending Flowers

send flowers to crush

When sending flowers to your crush, do:

  • Send flowers to your crush if you know they have a crush on you, too. This is the safest way to know your act of kindness and affection will have your desired impact.
  • Send flowers to your crush if you’re just beginning to date them. If you’re a sweet and thoughtful person by nature, it’s normal to want to send them flowers already. Doing so early on in the relationship will help them get to know the real you faster.
  • Send flowers if you have a feeling your crush might feel the same way about you. Include a card that acknowledges the fact that you’re unsure, but that you wanted to express your feeling regardless. Most girls will not object to receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers — especially from someone they know and maybe even like!
  • Send flowers if there’s a special occasion coming up, like your crush’s birthday or Valentine’s Day. If you’ve started going on dates and feel that the connection is mutual, flowers for these occasions are appropriate.
  • Send flowers if you know your crush has been stressed or working hard in their job or school. This is the perfect way to uplift them and show support.

The Don’ts of Sending Flowers

When sending flowers to your crush, don’t:

  • Send flowers to someone who you know doesn’t like you. This will make them feel uncomfortable. It doesn’t mean this person will never feel the same way about you, but you don’t want to rush things and scare them away.
  • Send flowers to your crush if she has a boyfriend. Sometimes, our feelings can be so strong that we forget to use our judgment. If you send flowers to a girl in a committed relationship, it won’t send the right signals about who you are as a person.
  • Send flowers to a girl too much. If you send them once and you haven’t heard anything back from her, it’s important to respect her time and await a response. If you send a follow-up bouquet, you might come off as desperate. Remember, all things take time. Good things come to those who wait.
  • Send flowers if you know they’re about to leave on vacation. They won’t have time to appreciate or care for the flowers.
  • Send flowers if they have a pet at home that might get into the flowers. It’s best to ask ahead of time if it’s all right to have flowers in their home with their pets.

Best Bouquets to Send to Your Crush

bouquets to send to your crush

Choosing the right flowers to send to your crush is a big decision. Believe it or not, different kinds of flowers send different messages. We think any of the below three options would be best:

  • Red Roses: Our red roses send a classic message of love and admiration.
  • Peachy Pink Bouquet: The Lucille Bouquet is elegant and bold. If you and your crush are just starting to date, this is an excellent option.
  • Bright Pink: These pink flowers will say “Hey, I like you” but not in too serious of a manner.

Best Flowers to Send to Your Crush – Order Now:

Other Ways to Show Your Affection

If you think sending flowers might be too much, you can send your crush a letter. Tell her that you’ve noticed her and would love to get to know her better.

We also recommend going up to her in person and telling her how you feel. You’ll never know if she has a crush on you if you don’t tell her first. We know how hard it can be to be vulnerable, but you’ll feel better after you talk to her. You got this! Order a bouquet for the girl of your dreams today.

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