fragrance and flowers

Asking which flowers smell the best is comparable to asking which flowers are the most beautiful. The answers vary depending on the person. Some people prefer flowers with lighter, more subtle scents, while others love flowers with strong fragrances. Neither choice is “correct” or “incorrect,” the same way it’s neither right nor wrong to say that roses are more gorgeous than tulips (or vice versa).

With that said, there are several varieties of flowers that are famous for having scents that appeal to large groups of people. Below, you’ll find a list of flowers that are popular not just because of their appearance, but also because of their scent.abetterway02


  1. Rose:

    Roses didn’t become the go-to flower type just because of their stunning and unique blossoms. On the contrary, the rose has a pleasant, powerful fragrance that many people associate with romance, happiness, and other very good things. Do note, however, that roses vary in smell depending on their color, and that some roses have been bred to have no scent at all.

  2. Lilac:

    Spring is the flowering season for many species of flowers, but few flower fragrances are quite as synonymous with the spring season as the lilac. It’s a lilting, lazy scent that brings to mind warm days spent working in the garden or sitting on the porch, reading a book and sipping lemonade. No wonder so many people love it.

  3. Jasmine:

    The scent of jasmine is so popular that the oils from the flower are used globally in perfumes, cosmetics, candles, and aromatherapy products. A bouquet with jasmine is sure to be a hit, as is a garden path with jasmine among its ranks.

  4. Gardenia:

    Like jasmine, gardenia flowers have such a pleasant and beloved fragrance that they are often used to scent perfumes. Gardenias are popular in wedding ceremonies—not only for their pleasant, romantic fragrance, but also for their elegant white blossoms.Odealarose_131012 0706widget shop

  5. Sweet pea:

    Those who prefer more subtle-scented flowers might not love the sweet pea, which is intensely fragrant. However, if you want to smell your bouquet every time you walk into the room, something that includes sweet pea is sure to fit the bill.

  6. Iris:

    Irises are like roses, in that they come in a wide variety of colors and that each color bears its own scent. Some irises smell fruity. Others have more traditional floral scents. Regardless of which color you choose, though, you can expect a great-smelling flower.

  7. Lily-of-the-valley:

    Lily-of-the-valley plants prove that the fragrance of a flower is not proportional to the size of its blossoms. On the contrary, the lily-of-the-valley has tiny blossoms, each producing a scent powerful enough to define an entire garden.

  8. Hyacinth:

    Much like lilacs, hyacinths are flowers whose pleasant but powerful scent is strongly associated with early spring.

Of course, virtually all flowers have their own fragrances—most of which are quite agreeable, if not downright intoxicating. If you want to find your favorite smelling flower, the best thing you can do is visit a florist and start testing different varieties out!

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