Which flowers smell the best

Browsing bouquets for yourself or loved ones can be simple when you know what to look for and where to find them. Although you may be looking for someone’s favorite color or flower type, you can also consider the scent. You want to find a delicate arrangement that will complement the home and flow through the air with a pleasant aroma that your friends and family enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for a rich and fragrant arrangement or a subtle and fresh one, we can help. Here, we’ve listed a range of flowers, starting with the most fragrant. We’ve also given each bloom a scent score ranging from one to five, one being a pleasant, soft aroma and five being a rich and intense scent. Review our guide to find the best smelling flowers for you and your loved ones.

Perennial Flowers

Perennials typically bloom during one season, but they return the following year. Many of the most popular flowers are perennials, such as rose, jasmine, peony, and lily. The delicate blooms we’ve listed are some of the most fragrant and stunningly gorgeous. They make elegant arrangements and liven up any space with beautiful blooms and delicious scents.

best smelling flowers


Scent intensity: 5

Jasmine is sensual, sweet, and fruity. A symbol of femininity and seduction, these blooms are known for their intoxicating aroma. Although rich in sweetness, jasmine also carries a faint muskiness that makes it animalistic. Some jasmine is creamy, while others imitate the likes of grapefruit, lemon, or orange.


Scent intensity: 5

The fragrance of gardenia is comparable to jasmine, and many people believe it to be as intoxicating. The bold scent of gardenia is woody, floral, and fresh. These delicate blossoms can change scent throughout the day, ranging from zesty and earthy to a creamy note reminiscent of peach or coconut.

gardenia scent


Scent intensity: 4.5

Lilies are incredibly aromatic. Some varieties produce an intense perfume that shrouds living spaces. The scent is strong and sweet and makes delightful additions to bouquets. Some lilies carry a lovely, breezy scent, while other varieties can be overwhelming to those with allergies or a sensitive nose. Placing these blooms in areas like the bathroom can brighten a dreary space and liven it with a powerful aroma.


Scent intensity: 4

Hyacinths evoke the essence of spring because they are earthy and floral. These blooms have aquatic, sweet, and spicy undertones that make them a unique addition to bouquets and arrangements. Some may detect undertones of vanilla, allspice, wood, chocolate, or old rose. These blooms make an excellent addition to cold homes and regions with strong seasons.


Scent intensity: 3.5

Lilacs have a light, lilting aroma. These flowers bring reminders of spring days and cozy mornings. Lilac aromas are calming and joyous, making them elegant and excellent additions to bedrooms and sitting areas. The balm of lilac can vary among varieties, but it will still linger in the air with a refreshing aroma. Lilacs are not overly sweet, but admirers can smell them upon entering a room.

liting lazy scent


Scent intensity: 3

Roses are popular for more than their beauty and grace. These blooms yield a scent that is spicy and sweet simultaneously. Rose petals have a powerful and rich aroma that makes them the perfect addition to essential oils and natural food garnishing. Note that it’s possible for some roses to have no scent at all, and the rose scents vary among those with different colors.


Scent intensity: 1

Peonies have a wispy scent that flows through the air and delights those nearby. Some describe the scent of peonies as a beautifully soft combination of jasmine and rose. These flowers are wonderful for allergy sufferers, as they are not overwhelming or heavy. Place a delicate bouquet at the dinner table for a delectable sweet, citrus fragrance.

Annual Flowers

Annual flowers will reproduce themselves, but they germinate, set seed, and die in a single season. Some annuals will thrive in early spring and fall temperatures, while others will withstand cooler temperatures, such as those at the beginning of the gardening season. The annual flowers we’ve listed here are some of the best smelling flowers, perfect for elegant bouquets and fragrant arrangements.

Sweet Pea

Scent intensity: 4

Sweet peas are some of the sweetest smelling flowers, as they hold a captivating blend of orange blossom and honey. This scent is popular in perfumes and body creams because it is lovely and sweet. Some describe sweet peas as carrying a citrus aroma, while others detect an oriental wood-like fragrance. Either way, these blooms are deliciously pleasant.


Scent intensity: 2

The smell of lavender is incredibly distinct. With balsamic and herbal undertones, lavender is fresh and light without being overpowering. It has a mild and pleasant scent that many enjoy experiencing in bouquets, bath salts, candles, and perfumes. These blooms are excellent for calm spaces to reduce anxiety and stress.


Scent intensity: 2

Freesias are comparable to strawberries and summer fruits and have a fresh aroma that makes these delicate flowers so popular. Freesia has an airy fragrance that pairs well with the most fragrant flowers to create sweet-smelling arrangements. These flowers complement peonies, lilies, and magnolias perfectly.


Scent intensity: 1

These flowers are earthy and subtle. Iris has a powdery aroma with notes of violet and spice. You can experience woody and dry undertones and pair iris with many other blooms. Some have compared iris to the scent of the earth after a rainstorm, giving it a fresh smell and an air of romance.


Scent intensity: 1

Petunias have a soft, earthy smell. Many petunia varieties have little fragrance, but you can find spicy aromas in some types. These blooms can leave a faint odor in gardens, dining rooms, and kitchens. Their bright colors will attract your guests’ attention as the sweet scent of petunias fills the air.

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