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It’s natural to form deep connections with those you collaborate with every day. When a significant life event rolls around, and you want to acknowledge the occasion, flowers are an elegant way to recognize its importance. However, it’s crucial to understand flower etiquette at the office to ensure your congratulations and well-wishes convey the message and tone you have in mind.

Flowers are a sweet and generous gift, but you must think carefully before sending them. Whatever the occasion, there are some business basics to remember when you want to send flowers to an associate. Review our guide to business flower etiquette before sending your co-worker or boss a beautiful bouquet.

Etiquette for Sending Corporate Flowers

Many occasions make excellent opportunities to show your appreciation, say thank you, and congratulate others in your office. Birthdays, marriages, and the birth of a new baby are beautiful moments for you to send a gift to your office associates. You can also send flowers to extend sympathies for departures or the loss of a loved one and lift your co-workers’ spirits with a fresh bouquet of elegant flowers to brighten their day.

Consider sending these bouquets for your co-worker’s big life event:

  • Birthday flowers: Birthdays are wonderful opportunities to let people know you’re glad to have them in your life. Brighten your co-worker’s day with a delicate bouquet to celebrate their upcoming year of excitement.
  • Congratulation flowers: A big promotion or job well done is worthy of appreciation and recognition. Show your support with fresh flowers and a personalized note.
  • Get-well-soon flowers: Falling ill and taking time away from work can be frustrating. Show your co-worker that you’re thinking of them with delicate blooms that wish them well.
  • New baby flowers: New parents are just starting out on an exciting journey. Congratulate them with flowers just as bright and beautiful as their little one.
  • Sympathy flowers: If your co-worker has recently lost a loved one, ensure you show your honor and respect. Sympathy flowers offer thoughtful condolences and show your support. Many florists recommend white flowers for sympathy.
  • Retirement flowers: Although your co-worker may have been around since the beginning of your professional journey, their time with the company will eventually come to an end. Express your gratitude for their time and effort with an elegant arrangement.

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Gifting Flowers to a Co-worker

Celebrating achievements is common among co-workers. Anniversaries, birthdays, and promotions are excellent calls for celebration.

Avoid delivery services that seem romantic and consider including your team in the kind gesture. Your co-worker will love the support from their team and enjoy celebrating their achievements with the people they see each day.

Choosing Flowers for Your Boss

Avoid sending flowers to your boss unless you have a close bond with them. If you genuinely want to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, include your team in the effort to choose and purchase flowers.

If you decide to send flowers to your boss personally, ensure you do not make it a public display — selecting and sending flowers on your own can lead your co-workers to believe you are seeking a superior’s favor. Additionally, always ensure you choose flowers with no romantic implications.

Sending Flowers to Employees

Showing appreciation for your employees can raise spirits and boost feelings of well-being. However, it can be tricky to determine when a boss should send flowers and when they should not.

It’s essential to establish a congratulatory tone for the occasion rather than a romantic one. Additionally, if you give flowers to one employee for a job well done, it’s important to do the same for other employees in the same situation. Otherwise, other employees may perceive your actions as choosing favorites.

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Delivering Flowers to Clients or Partners

Partner and client relationships are incredibly delicate and you must treat them with care. When it comes to someone you’re working to form a connection with, it’s vital to ensure that a personal gesture doesn’t veer into the inappropriate. While you can send small bouquets as a show of appreciation, refrain from adding a personal note or gift unless you’ve worked with or known the person for a significant amount of time. Orchids make a delightfully sweet and luxurious choice appropriate for the situation.

How to Choose Your Flowers

When perfecting your etiquette for flowers at work, you must consider the size and color of your arrangements.


Although your instinct may be to send your co-worker flowers in their favorite color, it may have other implications. Red and pink typically signify romantic feelings or passion, so it’s best to steer clear of these colors. On the other hand, yellow flowers signify friendship and good health. White roses are beautiful for weddings, and you can wish a bride to be congratulations with an elegant bouquet.

Arrangement Size

The size of your bouquet also carries implications — the larger the bouquet, the larger the gesture. For instance, 24 roses are a large romantic gesture for a significant other. On the other hand, seven roses is a lovely gift to show someone you care.

Additionally, consider where the flowers might go. If your associate keeps their flowers in the office, a large bouquet may be distracting, while a small arrangement can elevate their desk aesthetic.

Flower Type

Consider these blooms for your floral arrangement:

  • Sunflowers: These bright blooms can brighten the mood and are excellent for get-well bouquets.
  • Orchids: Elegant for any occasion, orchids are friendly and beautiful.
  • Lilies: These blooms are attention-grabbing and a bold way to announce birthdays and celebrations.
  • Tulips: Spring flowers are excellent for signaling new beginnings, such as welcoming a new child.
  • Peonies: Splashy, colorful arrangements that can be hard to find are excellent for client and partner appreciation.
  • Roses: While you should avoid pink and red roses, you can show your friends at work how much you care with yellow blooms.

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When to Avoid Gifting Flowers

Although many occasions call for a beautiful bouquet, there are also times when you should avoid gifting flowers in the workplace. For instance, sending flowers without an occasion is rarely appropriate in a business setting. It’s also best to avoid flowers with romantic undertones, such as pink or red roses. These flowers can give your business associates the wrong impression and turn your generous gift into an uncomfortable statement.

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