White roses delivered by Ode à la Rose

Few types of roses have a sharper double meaning than roses of the white variety. Traditionally, white roses are a symbol of love, innocence, and purity. Along with “Bridal pink” roses, they are perhaps the most common rose found in bridal bouquets. This romantic association makes white roses popular anniversary flowers for some.

White roses also convey deep respect and love for the departed and are often seen at funerals or by gravesites. If you are looking for a rose to express sympathy for someone who has lost a person they loved, the white rose is the most likely pick.

In either case, whether you are using a white rose to mark a new beginning or a somber farewell, the ethereal beauty of the flower will carry the message you wish to send. To send a dozen white roses or 100 white roses to a loved one, shop Ode a la Rose’s selection of arrangements. Once you buy, we will deliver the flowers for you.

FAQ about White Roses

What is the meaning of a white rose?

White roses are among the most fascinating flowers out there regarding meaning. Dating back many years, the white rose has been associated with love and purity, which makes it a popular inclusion in bridal bouquets. However, like other white flowers, white roses are often associated with funerals and memorial services. As such, they also have a secondary meaning—one that expresses honor, respect, and sympathy.

When is it appropriate to send white roses?

At different times, white roses can be used to celebrate love, death, beginning or end. As a result, they are an appropriate gift on a broad range of occasions—from weddings and graduations to anniversaries, all the way to funerals. The meaning of the white rose is open-ended enough that the recipient will recognize your intended meaning—whether it’s love, sympathy or well-wishes on a new adventure.

What are the different varieties of white roses?

There are many varieties of white roses, all with subtle but beautiful distinctions. Highlights include the Commonwealth Glory, which has a tinge of yellow toward the center, and the Parfum de Province, a type of hybrid tea rose that produces big blossoms and a powerful scent.

Ode à la Rose's Flower Bouquets

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Same Day Flower Delivery

We know that Manhattan and Brooklyn residents have busy schedules. Sometimes, a last minute flower delivery is necessary to show appreciation and express gratitude. Ode à la Rose is here to deliver flowers throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn on the same day the order is placed. We offer same day flower bouquet delivery service on weekdays as well as Saturdays. Just get your order in to us by 3 PM on the day you'd like the flowers to be delivered and we'll execute the delivery without delay. Our flower aficionados can even perform a Sunday drop-off if the order is placed by Noon on Saturday. To send any of our bouquets to New York City, shop from our Flower Delivery NYC section for same-day delivery.

Flower Delivery Throughout the Northeast

Do you have friends, family, colleagues or other acquaintances located in the Northeast? Perhaps you would like to surprise them with a delivery of fresh flowers. Ode à la Rose delivers to an array of cities throughout the region. Each of our bouquets is assembled the day before it is sent out. We rely on overnight shipping to guarantee the delivery of stunning flowers by the next day. All you have to day is place your order by 3 PM on the day prior to your scheduled delivery date. Monday deliveries require order placement by Noon on Saturday. Place your order, let our team do its thing and your recipient will have her flowers in-hand without delay.