White roses symbolize goodness, innocence, and new beginnings. Choose a bouquet of white roses for a loved one with classic style. Whether you send a dainty arrangement or a hundred stems, white flowers make an elegant statement.


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White Roses by Ode à la Rose

White roses are a unique alternative to traditional bouquets. Whether you wish to mark a new beginning or a somber farewell, the white rose is the perfect messenger. Peruse our selection of elegant white rose arrangements, perfect for occasions that both celebrate and honor life.

When to Send White Roses and What Messages to Include

For centuries, white roses have been the herald of love and beauty, as well as well-wishes on a new adventure. Their purity signifies the honor the giver has for the one receiving these white flowers. In addition to that is a more somber significance of respect and even sympathy. White roses symbolize love, innocence, unity, chastity, honor, reverence and compassion. They commemorate love, death, beginnings and ends.

White roses are ideal for several occasions. Here are some instances you might gift white roses, complete with short messages that can make these bouquets even more personal and memorable:

Get Your White Rose Bouquet Delivered by Ode à la Rose

At Ode à la Rose, we pride ourselves on delivering magnificent flower bouquets that leave an unforgettable impression. Not only do we make home deliveries, but we can also ship our bouquetsto an office, nursing home, school, hospital or anywhere else. Other advantages you'll gain when you shop with us are:

Our locations based in New York City and Chicago allow you to have these remarkable treasures delivered to recipients in these areas the same day you order them. However, we also offer next-day delivery to cities throughout the northeast. No matter the occasion, you can count on us to deliver the gift of lovely white roses to someone you care for. Order your white flower arrangements for delivery today.