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Luxury Flowers Miami

Discover our collection of luxury flowers in Miami. Fresh, elegant blooms await your every occasion, delivered right when you need them - today, tomorrow, or another date! In the heart of Miami, we blend the city's pulse with nature's simplicity. Our same-day delivery ensures Miami's best is always at your fingertips. Scroll down through our luxury flower collections and find “your precious”.

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“Thank you for quick and gracious…”

Thank you for quick and gracious service.


“Beautiful fresh flowers delivered with…”

Beautiful fresh flowers delivered with care.

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Quick and efficient and quality


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What Sets Our Luxury Flower Delivery in Miami Apart?

Why are we the best flower delivery service in Miami, you ask? Aside from the always fresh, locally sourced, and authentic French-groomed bouquets?

We offer some of the most luxurious flowers, like peonies and roses, and most importantly - you can also opt for our potted orchid plants to enhance that feeling of luxury to any patio, living room, or balcony.

And when we say “luxury” we don’t necessarily mean “spit it all out”! Yes, we offer some quite magnificent grandiose arrangements, but luxury doesn’t always go hand in hand with expensive or big.

We also offer luxury flower bouquets that can fit your hand without effort and also spare your pocket!

But did we mention the goods that you can add up for an even more luxurious gift? Through our effortless same-day or next-day Miami flower delivery, you can add macaroons, a lush blanket with a French signature teddy bear, some awesome vases, and scented candles too!

And for all those worried customers who would absolutely hate to get disappointed with a late delivery or whithered flower delivery - we have a neat tracking system that boasts all expectations. And if you’re not satisfied with your order - we’ll take it right back and replace it with a brand new one, packed in the same signature box that can put a smile on everyone’s face!

How to Send Luxury Flowers in Miami with Ode à la Rose?

Delve into a world of floral elegance in Miami, made both simple and luxurious with Ode à la Rose. From selecting blooms that resonate with the heartbeat of Miami to the final flourish of adding a touch of sweetness or warmth, here's how you can immerse in the experience with our seamless ordering process.

  1. First Step - Destination Check: Begin by entering your recipient’s zip code or exploring our delivery zones, ensuring Miami's every corner is within our reach.
  2. Second Step - Choose Your Blooms: Dive into our Miami flower delivery collection and select the luxury floral arrangement that speaks to you.
  3. Third Step - Enhance Your Gesture: Here's where the magic amplifies. Pair your floral choice with delectable French macarons or, perhaps, the calming aura of a scented candle. Considering a vase? We also have those, ensuring your flowers stand tall in their splendor. We also add a spa kit, to make your special someone feel the special care and attention by you, in care of their body and soul too!
  4. Final Step: With a click on 'send now', you've embarked on an enchanting journey. With Ode à la Rose, every delivery is punctuated with a hint of French flair, ensuring your luxury bouquets reach their destination in pristine condition and right on time.

As you finalize your heartwarming gesture, our hassle-free payment portal awaits. Catering to your convenience, we accept all prominent credit cards — MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. And for those who savor online ease, PayPal remains a trusted ally. From the moment you choose a bouquet to the final payment confirmation, our goal is to make your journey as serene as Miami's gentle waves.

Which Luxury Bouquet Should You Choose?

Selecting the perfect luxury bouquet is a delightful journey filled with exquisite options to suit every occasion and sentiment. Let's explore the opulent array of floral arrangements that will captivate your senses and make your decision an effortless and memorable one.

The Luxurious Touch of 100 Roses

Dive into a world where opulence meets nature's purest beauty with our luxury collection of 100 roses. In the symphony of roses, each petal tells a story of grandeur and elegance. From the passionate hues of reds and deep violets to the serene whispers of whites and peachy undertones, each one of this special bouquet selection is a celebration of every emotion. Interspersed with delicate pinks, every rose stands as a testament to timeless luxury.

Designed for those who believe in the extraordinary, this collection doesn't just brighten spaces; it transforms them, making every moment feel like a royal affair. Experience the unrivaled charm of a hundred roses, where every glance is an enchanting dance of colors and scents speaking their own language.

The Showstoppers

These are our most grandiose bouquets for your life’s most specially woven memories. Maribel is a pure grandeur of soft peachy and warm pastel hues. This bouquet dazzles in a vibrant palette of pinks, peaches, creams, and greens.

Standing tall at 3' with over 50 handpicked stems, Rita is the most colorful luxury you’ll ever see, with deep burgundies and radiant violets mixed with dark green eucalyptus and seasonal greens to blend in this perfection.

Wrapped in elegant kraft paper and ribbon, Sabine is the luxury of heaven, spreading the light with shades of white and creamy and the radiant greens that combine this glory. It's not just a gift but a statement promising freshness and the ultimate wow factor, perfect for those moments that call for something truly unforgettable.

The “Grand” Collection: A Symphony of Elegance

Immerse yourself in the opulence of our grand collection of luxury flowers in Miami, where every bouquet celebrates magnificence and artistry.

Each arrangement in this collection, from the Grand Francine to the Grand Aveline, stands as a testament to timeless elegance, crafting narratives through blossoms. Imagine the graceful curve of calla lilies dancing alongside the soft, romantic hues of tulips and peonies.

In our Grand Michelle selection, roses whisper tales of passion, while freesias add a hint of delicate allure.

The vibrant burst of snapdragons omnipresent in the Grand Juliette selection is perfectly complemented by the cloud-like charm of hydrangeas, evoking a sense of grandeur and wonder.

The Grand Aveline beckons with the rustic touch of eucalyptus, creating a dreamy backdrop for carnations to shine. Seasonal greens weave through each bouquet, infusing freshness and life, making every arrangement from this collection a living masterpiece.

The Grand Collection is more than just flowers; it's an experience. A journey through layers of luxury, where each bloom is handpicked to create ensembles as grand as the moments they celebrate. Dive into this world, and let the Grand Collection transport you to realms of unparalleled floral magnificence.

Reah: Autumn's Embrace

Reah captures the essence of fall, blending warm peach, orange, and cream tones into a stunning bouquet. With a harmonious mix of Hydrangea, Roses, Carnation, and more, each stem is meticulously clipped to 15” for a compact, raffia-tied presentation. From the elegant Calla Lily to the fragrant Eucalyptus, Reah is more than a bouquet; it's a cozy and luxurious autumnal embrace for any space.

Enjoy the Same Day Delivery of Luxury Flowers in Miami

In the vibrant rhythm of Miami, moments are fleeting, but their essence can be captured and celebrated instantly. With Ode à la Rose, you're not just sending flowers; you're delivering emotions, fresh from nature's lap, right when they matter most.

Our same-day delivery of luxury flowers ensures that spontaneity and elegance walk hand in hand. Whether it's a last-minute anniversary surprise or a heartfelt gesture just because, we ensure your sentiments reach their destination in full bloom.

After all, why wait to spread joy in a city as lively as Miami? Embrace the moment, and let Ode à la Rose bridge the distance with the beauty of today in the most luxurious way imaginable.