Discover the Top Flowers in Season in December

With Black Friday and Halloween already scratched off the calendar, we know which holiday comes around. The best-smelling one, the warmest in hearts, the one that gathers families from across the world under one roof once again. Yep – it’s Christmas time!

Lately, celebrating Christmas is really going “all in,” from glowing houses to mesmerizing indoor ornaments. But flowers in season in December also have a special part of winter and Christmas decorations, though they’re not as commercialized.

Are you thinking “fresh flowers in December”?! Yes! Our nature is so amazing it provides us with the freshness of her floral gifts even during this frosty month – the one where winter definitely takes over autumn.

If you’ve never heard about any flowers in season in December – you’re lucky! We’ll take you on an adventurous discovery, so keep on reading.

The Allure of December Blooms

As the chill of December settles in, one might assume that flowers would retreat into hibernation alongside the dwindling daylight. However, nature has a delightful surprise in store for us.

December blooms possess a unique charm that sets them apart from the rest of the year. Despite the frosty weather, these resilient blossoms bring warmth and vibrancy to our homes and celebrations. The secret behind their charm lies in the subtle dance between nature and the changing seasons. Here are some distinctive reasons that make December blooms truly special.

Nature’s Resilience

It’s awe-inspiring how some flowers defy the cold and bloom with grace during December. These hardy blossoms are a testament to nature’s resilience, reminding us that beauty can thrive even in the harshest conditions.

Festive Elegance

December blooms offer an elegant touch to your holiday decorations and festivities. Whether adorning your home or used in festive arrangements, these flowers bring a touch of sophistication and natural beauty to your celebrations.

Seasonal Significance

Each December bloom carries its own unique symbolism, adding depth and meaning to your floral choices. From the classic red poinsettias symbolizing joy and celebration to the delicate white lilies representing purity and rebirth, these flowers allow you to convey heartfelt sentiments.

Vibrant Color Palette

Despite the winter backdrop of whites and grays, December blooms burst forth in a vibrant array of colors. Rich reds, deep purples, and lush greens infuse life and vivacity into your surroundings, creating a striking contrast with the season’s muted tones.

Fresh Fragrance

While December often conjures images of cozy scents like cinnamon and pine, don’t underestimate the power of floral fragrances. Many December blooms emit enchanting scents that not only uplift your mood but also evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort. It’s like music that perfectly goes along the cozy environment – but infused in scanty notes!

Top Flowers in Season in December

Did you know that there are over 400,000 different flower species in the world? It’s a staggering number, and it’s no wonder that some of these floral wonders continue to bloom even in the midst of December’s chill.

In this section, we’ll explore the most fascinating bouquets that defy the winter frost and grace our lives with their beauty and symbolism.


The Poinsettia, with its striking crimson leaves, is the quintessential Christmas flower. Named after Joel Poinsett, the first U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, this plant boasts a rich history. It’s native to Mexico, where it’s known as the “Flor de Nochebuena” or Christmas Eve Flower. Some even refer to this flower as the “Christmas Star”.

The fiery red leaves are not actually petals but modified leaves called “bracts.” Poinsettias have become an enduring symbol of the holiday season, with over 34 million sold annually in the United States alone!

Roses (Particularly Lenten Roses)

Roses, often associated with love and passion, are not just for spring and summer. In fact, roses are one of the longest-spanning flowers that bloom all season long! No wonder they’re such a common flower for decoration, both: cut and potted.

The Lenten Rose (Helleborus orientalis) blooms in the cold of December. Named “Lenten” because of its bloom during Lent, this perennial flower offers a wide color palette, from deep purples to soft pinks. It’s an evergreen plant with a rich symbolic history, representing serenity, tranquility, and hope.


Known for its impressive trumpet-shaped blooms, the Amaryllis is a favorite during the holiday season. Originating from South Africa, it symbolizes radiant beauty and pride. The bulb can produce multiple flower stalks, each bearing several blossoms. Amaryllis is a fantastic indoor plant, often reaching full bloom in December, adding a touch of grandeur to your festive decor.


With their ruffled petals and sweet fragrance, carnations are a delightful December bloom. These flowers are not only charming but also have a rich history dating back over 2,000 years. They were used in ancient Greek ceremonial crowns and have various symbolic meanings, including love and fascination. Carnations continue to be a cherished choice for winter bouquets, and an enduring symbol of Women’s Day.

Orchids (Particularly the Phalaenopsis Species)

Phalaenopsis orchids, also known as Moth Orchids, are known for their elegance and endurance. Originating from Southeast Asia, they have become one of the most popular orchid varieties. Their blooms can last for several months, making them a perfect choice for the holiday season. Orchids symbolize love, luxury, and strength, adding an air of sophistication to any setting.


While peonies are predominantly available in May  and June, they do have a late fall season in November and December. These lush, fragrant blooms are associated with wealth, prosperity, and romance. Their availability during the colder months is a rare treat, offering a touch of opulence to winter weddings and events.


Camellias, native to East Asia, has a long history and a deep cultural significance. These exquisite flowers come in various colors and are often used in traditional tea ceremonies. In December, they bloom with a sense of grace and resilience, symbolizing love and gratitude, making them the perfect floral arrangement for just about any occasion.


Gardenias, known for their exquisite fragrance and creamy white petals, are a winter favorite. Originating in Asia, they have been treasured for centuries. Gardenias represent purity and love, making them a meaningful gift during the holiday season.


Also known as the “Pot Marigold,” the Calendula is a cheerful flower that can thrive in the winter months. It has a rich history of medicinal use and symbolizes good luck and protection. Calendula’s bright, sunny appearance adds a pop of color to winter gardens.

Witch Hazel

This native North American plant, offers unusual spidery blooms in the winter. This resilient flower has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. Its name comes from the Old English “wice,” meaning pliant or bendable, alluding to its flexible branches. Witch Hazel adds a touch of intrigue to winter landscapes.

These December blooms, each with its unique story and symbolism, continue to captivate our hearts and homes during the holiday season. Whether you’re looking for traditional Christmas flowers or unique additions to your winter arrangements, these resilient blossoms are sure to inspire and delight.

Festive Flower Arrangements

Romantic Bouquets

Dive into the enchantment of the holidays with the most romantic bouquets that ignite the flames of love. These arrangements feature velvety red roses, delicate baby’s breath, and fragrant eucalyptus leaves. Perfect for an intimate holiday dinner or to express your deepest affection.

Tall Floral Arrangements

Make a statement with tall floral arrangements that reach for the stars. These dramatic creations, often featuring towering gladiolus, cascading orchids, and graceful snapdragons, add an air of grandeur to your festive decor. They’re ideal for decorating entrances, staircases, and grand halls.


Transform your holiday table into a breathtaking spectacle with centerpieces that serve as both a focal point and a conversation starter. These arrangements combine a harmonious blend of seasonal blooms, aromatic herbs, and twinkling candles. They create an inviting atmosphere that beckons loved ones to gather and celebrate.

Flowers in a Frame

Capture the magic of the season by preserving its beauty with flowers in a frame. These unique arrangements involve carefully selected blooms pressed and arranged within a frame. Hang them on your walls as a whimsical piece of art that encapsulates the holiday spirit.

Boxed Flowers

Give the gift of elegance with boxed flowers that arrive as a surprise treasure. These arrangements often feature a mix of roses, lilies, and chrysanthemums nestled in a keepsake box. Each arrangement exudes luxury and charm, making it a thoughtful and visually stunning gift.

Large Bouquets

Go big with large bouquets that are a feast for the senses. These generous arrangements feature an abundance of festive flowers, lush greenery, and eye-catching accents. Perfect for making a bold statement at holiday parties or as a grand gesture of affection.

Petite Charms in Vases

Sometimes, less is more, and petite charms in a vase prove it beautifully. These small yet captivating arrangements are perfect for adorning side tables, windowsills or gifting to neighbors and friends. They often feature delicate blooms like snowdrops or pansies in charming, petite vases.

Decorating with December Flowers

‘Tis the season to transform your home into a festive wonderland, and what better way to do so than with the enchanting touch of December blooms? Let these vibrant floral companions be your co-conspirators in creating an atmosphere that sings with holiday cheer. Here’s a collection of timeless decorating ideas that blend the magic of December flowers seamlessly into both your indoor and outdoor holiday decor.

Indoor Ambiance for December Spirit

  • Focal Point Poinsettias: Elevate your holiday table by placing a grand arrangement of poinsettias as the centerpiece. Their striking red and green hues perfectly capture the essence of Christmas.
  • Amaryllis Elegance: Welcome guests with a grand entrance by flanking your doorway with oversized pots of amaryllis. These majestic blooms symbolize hope and beauty, setting the tone for warmth and sophistication.
  • Orchid Opulence: Adorn your mantel or side tables with cascading Phalaenopsis orchids in exquisite pots. Their graceful, exotic appearance adds an element of luxury and intrigue to your indoor decor.
  • Carnation Garland: String fragrant garlands made of intertwined carnations and evergreen branches along your staircase or fireplace mantle. The combination of colors and scents will create a cozy, traditional atmosphere. You can do the same with preserved roses, for a garland that defies any temperature, snow and frost.

Outdoor Elegance in December

  • Camellia Courtyard: Illuminate your garden with the soft glow of string lights, and accentuate your camellia bushes with vibrant ornaments. This outdoor spectacle becomes a winter wonderland that welcomes all who pass.
  • Witch Hazel Whimsy: Embrace the magical nature of witch hazel by arranging its branches in outdoor planters. When dusted with snow or adorned with twinkling lights, they take on an otherworldly charm.
  • Calendula Pots: Line your porch or patio with cheerful pots of calendula. These bright blooms capture the essence of the season and bring a burst of color to your outdoor space.

Incorporate these classic ideas to weave the beauty of December flowers in season into your holiday decor, and let their timeless charm infuse your surroundings with the spirit of the season. 

Gifting Flowers in December

The tradition of gifting flowers during the holiday season is a practice that spans centuries and continents. It’s a timeless expression of love, warmth, and goodwill. 

The Timeless Tradition

Gifting flowers during December has deep historical roots. Ancient Romans celebrated Saturnalia, a winter festival filled with merriment and gift-giving. Flowers, evergreen branches, and wreaths were exchanged as tokens of friendship and goodwill.

Similarly, during the Victorian era, the Language of Flowers, or “Floriography,” was in vogue, with each bloom conveying specific sentiments. Today, this tradition endures, and with the convenience of contactless nationwide same-day delivery, it’s easier than ever to send heartfelt floral gifts to loved ones near and far.

Sending Warm Wishes

Radiant Poinsettias, with their vibrant red and green leaves, are the quintessential Christmas flower, making them the perfect choice for spreading holiday cheer and sending warm wishes. Along with your floral gift, accompany it with a personalized message – a heartfelt card or handwritten note – to convey your sentiments and make the gesture even more special.

Choose a festive wrapping or decorative vase that complements the holiday spirit, as presentation matters and an elegantly wrapped bouquet adds to the charm. Ensure timely delivery through contactless nationwide same-day services to guarantee that your flowers arrive fresh and vibrant, even when sending gifts to distant loved ones.

flowers for birthday

Wishing a Speedy Recovery

For those battling the flu season in December, consider gifting Amaryllis bulbs. These unique and long-lasting gifts symbolize hope and anticipation, making them a thoughtful choice to wish someone a speedy recovery

Along with the bulbs, include a personalized message in a card or handwritten note to convey your warm wishes and support. Opt for thoughtful packaging that enhances the presentation and ensures timely delivery through contactless nationwide same-day services to uplift their spirits even from afar.

Celebrating a Winter Birthday

When celebrating a winter birthday, Phalaenopsis orchids bring an air of luxury and refinement to the occasion. These elegant blooms, presented in a decorative vase or stylish arrangement, add sophistication to any space. Accompany your floral gift with a personalized message, either on a card or handwritten note, to express your birthday greetings and best wishes. Or even opt for some add-ons, like a blush blanker with a French teddy bear – for those long cozy, relaxing moments!

birthday flowers

Welcoming a New Life

To welcome a new life, whether it’s a new baby or celebrating a joyous occasion, consider gifting carnations in various hues like red, white, or festive shades. Carnations are perfect for expressing love and affection. Moreover, blue thistle with soft pastel color combinations is the perfect combination, expressing purity and innocence.

Expressing Deepest Condolences

During moments of loss and grief, express your deepest condolences with winter sympathy floral arrangements. Mondial roses, symbolizing pure spirit, offer comfort and solace. Accompany your floral gift with a personalized message, neatly tucked in a basket with floral and greenery additions – this will offer your deepest support and make the flowers stay longer, comforting and soothing the eyes of the grieving.

Gifting flowers in December is a timeless tradition that transcends occasions and distances, allowing you to convey love, warmth, and joy during this season of togetherness. Embrace this tradition, choose the perfect flowers for the occasion, and send them with love, knowing that they’ll brighten someone’s day, no matter where they are.

Caring for Flowers in December

December, a month of festivities and frosty mornings, brings its own unique challenges when it comes to caring for flowers. But fear not, for you can keep your December blooms looking their best with a dash of whimsy and a sprinkle of wisdom.

1. Frosty Mornings, Warm Hearts: Embrace Frost Protection

December mornings often greet us with a frosty kiss. To keep your blooms cozy, give them a warm cover-up. Just like you snuggle under blankets, your flowers will appreciate a layer of frost cloth or mulch to shield them from the cold embrace of Jack Frost.

2. Christmas Cheer All Around: The Gift of Hydration

Much like you need hydration after a festive night, your flowers thirst for it too. In December, the air can be drier than Santa’s wit, so be generous with water. Keep those vases filled, and your blooms will repay you with vibrant beauty.

3. Tinsel and Twinkles: Deck the Blooms with Love

Just as you adorn your home with tinsel and twinkling lights, give your flowers a little extra love. Trim their stems at an angle, like a holiday tree, and change their water regularly. This will ensure they stay fresh and festive for longer.

4. Caroling in the Sun: Sunshine Serenades

Even in December, your flowers crave a bit of sunshine. Place them near a sunny window, and they’ll sing carols of joy as they bask in the winter sun. Rotate them daily to ensure all sides get their dose of Vitamin D.

5. Snowflake Symphonies: Mind the Drafts

Just as you wouldn’t want to be caught in a chilly winter draft, your flowers prefer a cozy spot away from heaters, radiators, and drafts. Keep them away from temperature extremes to maintain their health and vitality.

6. Mistletoe Magic: The Kiss of Pruning

Pruning is like a mistletoe kiss for your flowers. Snip away dead or wilted blooms to encourage new growth and ensure your arrangements stay stunning throughout the holiday season.

7. Sleigh Bells and Sweet Fragrant Scents

Add a pinch of cinnamon or a sprig of rosemary to your vase water to infuse your blooms with delightful scents. Your home will smell as sweet as a gingerbread house, and your flowers will revel in the aromatic festivity.

With these simple and whimsical tips, you’ll be the master of flower care in December. May your blooms sparkle and shine as brightly as the holiday lights, bringing warmth and cheer to your home all season.

Sustainable Choices: Opting for Local and Seasonal

In the pursuit of creating festive magic with December blooms, it’s essential to consider sustainable choices. Opting for local and seasonal flowers not only enhances the beauty of your decorations but also contributes to a more environmentally conscious celebration.

When you choose flowers that are in season and grown locally, you support regional farmers and reduce the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation. Seasonal blooms are naturally better suited to the current weather conditions, which means they require fewer resources to thrive.

Additionally, local and seasonal flowers often come with less chemical treatment, promoting healthier ecosystems and pollinator populations.

By embracing the beauty of December’s local and seasonal flowers, you not only elevate your holiday décor but also play a part in preserving our precious environment. It’s a sustainable choice that adds an extra layer of warmth and meaning to your celebrations.

To Wrap Up

This walk through the enchanting world of December flowers, we discover a realm of beauty, symbolism, and tradition that enriches our lives during this festive season. From the resilience of nature’s blooms to the artistry of festive floral arrangements, these flowers inspire warmth, joy, and love.

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