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About Solo Renee

This perfectly preserved single red rose is displayed in a gorgeous glass square box with an elegant mirror bottom and beveled edge detailing. This once living rose has been treated to last an entire year and makes for a memorable, undying gift for someone special! *Lasts up to a full year*

4" high x 4.5" wide x 4.5" long

Care instructions
•Gently unpack your preserved rose composition from the box.
•Preserved roses are designed for indoors only.
•Do not water your preserved rose composition
•Keep your preserved roses away from any sunlight, heat or A/C.
•Please avoid touching the petals.
•Use a dry, cool air to gently clean the flowers.

How will it be delivered?

This bouquet is hand-delivered in our signature preserved bouquet gift box. The arrangement is topped with tissue paper and your gift note is tucked to the side of the arrangement.

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