All About Flowers and Gardening for Kids

Starting a garden is a little bit of hard work, but it is also a lot of fun. Imagine being able to go out into your garden and pluck a few fruits and vegetables for your dinner? Or perhaps you might cut a bunch of flowers for Mom? Gardens are not only useful and pretty, but they also help the environment. Unlike us, plants take in carbon dioxide. They then convert it into oxygen and release it into the air. In other words, they help to clean our air! If every single person in the U.S. planted a garden, there would be a significant impact in the air quality. Although most gardens are usually outdoors, you can also grow plants indoors if the weather is too harsh or if you don?t have a backyard. The main things a plant needs to grow is soil, water, air, nutrients, and sunlight. Learn all about gardening from the resources below and then try to plant your own beautiful green patch.

  • Curious George's Garden Explore the colorful garden of Curious George and learn how to count.
  • Reproducing Flowers Check out this neat guide that explains all about how flowers reproduce with and even without the help of insects!
  • Garden Basics for Kids Planting your first garden? You might want to have a look at this site first to learn about gardening techniques and tricks for kids.
  • Garden Greenies Join the greenies and try out a bunch of fun garden activities, from growing giant sunflowers, to making a fairy garden! You'll also find gardening coloring sheets, games and lessons here.
  • Garden Fact Sheets Download or print some helpful factsheets on different gardening topics. It's a great reference resource to take out with you in the backyard while you try your hand at gardening.
  • Germination (PDF) Germination occurs when a seed sprouts and starts growing into a plant. It is the first step of growing plants. In this activity, you will learn how to germinate seeds.
  • Make a Terrarium! If you really don't have much space for a garden, make a miniature one in a jar or bottle, complete with tiny decorations.
  • House Plants Growing indoor plants is a little different from outdoor ones, but they still need the same basic requirements to stay healthy.
  • Gardening Equipment Go through this list and collect the items on it if you plan on starting an outdoor garden.
  • Composting for Kids Don't throw away the waste materials from your garden! Recycle them in a compost heap to make a new batch of soil.
  • How to Plant a Tree If you're feeling a little more ambitious, try planting a tree! The wonderful part about planting trees is that they may survive for your own children and even their kids to witness.
  • Garden Hints and Tips Learn how to avoid wastage and keep plants safe and healthy as you grow them.
  • Safety in the Garden Keep yourself and your plants safe by practicing these wise rules at all times.
  • Understanding Fertilizer Fertilizer is an excellent way to give your plants extra nutrition, but it can be a little tricky to figure out. Use this guide for a simple explanation of fertilizer.
  • Author : Paul Mousseline