Flowers Free Delivery


Flowers with Free Delivery by Ode à la Rose

These days, finding an online store that offers reasonable and affordable shipping rates is almost as important to most shoppers as finding reasonable and affordable product prices.

This fact is particularly the case when it comes to shopping for gifts. You want to be able to find a high-quality product, at an affordable price, and preferably with no shipping fees. At Ode à la Rose, we try to offer a five-star customer experience to every single person who shops at our online store. Part of that means providing flowers at free or exceptionally affordable delivery rates.

In all cases, we try to make flower deliveries as cheapand convenient as possible for our customers. If you are sending a bouquet of red roses to a loved one, we want to make it cost effective for us to do the delivery for you. Sending a flower arrangement to a loved one at work or home makes for such a great surprise, and these direct deliveries are a huge part of the customer experience that we offer at Ode à la Rose.

If you are looking for flowers with free delivery, shop our discount range of bouquets and rose arrangements. All discount flowers come with complimentary delivery, with no shipping fees at all. If you choose to buy outside of the discount range, delivery won’t be free, but it will be affordable. To make sure direct delivery remains a key part of the Ode à la Rose experience, we have priced our delivery rates at reasonable and consistent levels.

Our Flower Delivery Service is Second to None

Ode à la Rose provides same day flower bouquet delivery to all addresses in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Our team even delivers to cities across the greater Northeast merely one day after order placement. If you desire for flowers to be delivered to a hotel, office, college campus, school, medical facility or elsewhere, we'll get the job done to perfection. Our aim is to deliver flowers that warm the heart in as little time as possible.

About Our Same Day Delivery Service

Our Manhattan and Brooklyn customers enjoy same day delivery if they get their order in by 3 PM. This service is available on weekdays and even on Saturdays. Our team is also capable of delivering on Sundays. However, Sunday deliveries must be requested in the morning hours of Saturday. Give our team the chance to deliver a collection of magnificent flowers and your recipient will be absolutely ecstatic.

Next Day Delivery in Nearby States

Oftentimes, our customers comment that they would like for flowers to be delivered to family, friends and other individuals in nearby states. We proudly inform them that we can perform such a delivery in a single day. Whether you have family or friends in Rhode Island, New Jersey, other parts of New York or another state in the Northeastern portion of the United States, we can deliver a glorious bouquet of flowers merely one day after you place the order.

If you would like flowers to be delivered to a non-Manhattan location on a Monday submit your order by 12 PM on Saturday. Weekday delivery dates must be entered into the system by 3 PM the day prior. We key in on assembling only the highest quality flower bouquets so your recipient is absolutely blown away by her gift. Each bouquet looks and smells exactly like it did when originally packaged at our workshop.