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Passover Flowers delivered by Ode à la Rose

Whether you are decorating your home for Passover or looking for a suitable gift to take to someone else’s home for a Passover feast, Ode à la Rose can help. While Passover is not a traditional “flower holiday,” the fact that it falls in the springtime has retroactively given it that status.

Given Passover’s spring-time location on the calendar, Passover flowers tend to be virtually identical to Easter flowers. The most popular Easter flowers tend to be fresh, brightly colored specimens (tulips, lilies, daffodils, etc.), and the same goes for Passover.

If you do plan to send white roses or other flowers for the Passover Seder table, make sure you are buying a bouquet that is already in a vase. There are a lot of rules that surround the Passover holiday. While not all Jews follow the same rules, it’s still worth noting that some won’t even use sinks in the 24 hours leading up to Passover. In other words, it’s better to send flowers in water and avoid any complications or conflicts with Passover’s many rules.

Do you have any specific questions about sending flowers for Passover? Our associates at Ode à la Rose are happy to help! Give us a call before you buy to consult about your purchase.

FAQ about our Passover Flowers

What is Passover?

In the Jewish religion, Passover is the holiday that commemorates the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. When Moses led the Jews out of Egypt (and out of slavery), the Jews saw it as a God-given liberation from tyranny. Each year, Passover stretches seven or eight days in celebration of that pivotal moment in Jewish history.

When is Passover?

As with other Jewish holidays, the dates for Passover are determined by the Hebrew calendar. They, therefore, do not fall on the same day of the Gregorian calendar from one year to the next. Specifically, Passover begins each year on the Hebrew date of 15 Nissan and lasts until 22 Nissan.

In 2017, the start of Passover falls on April 10th, while the final day is April 18th. In the coming years, Passover will span from March 30th to April 7th (2018), April 19th to the 27th (2019), and April 8th to the 16th (2020).

What type of flower arrangement should I send to celebrate Passover?

If you are looking to send flowers for the Passover Seder, stick with spring flowers as your theme. As a rule, any bouquet that would work as Easter flowers will do equally well as Passover flowers. Tulips, bright colored roses, daffodils, lilies, and other springtime-appropriate flowers will all function perfectly as Passover decorations or gifts. Just remember to present them in vases or gift baskets, rather than in bouquet form.

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