Perhaps you want to surprise a girl with a bouquet of flowers on your first date, but you are feeling a bit clueless about what type of flowers to choose. Alternatively, maybe you are planning a Valentine’s Day floral arrangement to send to her office, but don’t know if sending a bouquet of red roses is romantic or overplayed. In either case, you find yourself asking the question “What kind of flowers do women like most?”


The good news is that most girls love just about any type of flower. Your date probably won’t discriminate much between roses and tulips—especially because it is, as they say, the thought that counts most. With that said, some types of flowers tend to be seen as standbys when it comes to shopping for women. If you are looking for a bouquet for that special lady in your life, you can’t go wrong with any of the varieties listed below.


  1. Roses:

    The rose is the most classically romantic flower there is. The flower’s history is so intertwined with love that the two are synonymous. The rose is also the most popular flower across North America. In other words, roses are almost always guaranteed to be a hit. For a romantic occasion, surprise a girl with a bouquet of red, pink, or white roses—or a mix of all three.

  2. Orchids:

    With a delicate but exotic aesthetic, orchids are often associated with femininity. They also symbolize love, beauty, and luxury, and smell as lovely as they look. If you are looking for a luxury floral arrangement for the woman you love, but want something a bit less predictable than roses, orchids are a good bet.

  3. Tulips:

    Tulips only bloom in the spring, which means that you won’t be able to find them at all times during the year. For a spring date, though, there is arguably no better gift for the girl in your life than a bouquet of assorted tulips. With their bright, brilliant colors, cheerful blossoms, and springtime scent, tulips are the perfect way to herald the start of a lovelorn summertime romance.

  4. Peonies:

    With their lush, ruffled pink blossoms, peonies are a reliable flower for any female recipient. Like tulips, they aren’t around all year: they only bloom from April to June. However, the brevity of the blooming season can make peonies an even more special gift than other year-round floral blooms.

  5. Irises:

    Similar to roses and tulips, irises come in an array of different colors, which makes putting together an assorted bouquet a lot of fun. Symbolic of everything from Greek goddesses to wisdom, irises are an appropriate gift for both romantic occasions (dates, anniversaries, etc.) and non-romantic occasions (such as Mother’s Day or a sister’s birthday).Odealarose_131012 0706widget shop

These five flower varieties are safe bets for most women. However, they are by no means the only flowers you can give to that special gal in your life. Putting together seasonal flowers for her is a good way to keep her on her toes while learning her favorite flower (and her favorite color) is a sure route to success.


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