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Flowers make a beautiful gift for a variety of occasions. Many women enjoy receiving flowers for their birthday, Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, Mother’s Day, or any day for that matter. If you’re looking for a way to make her feel loved and appreciated, you can’t go wrong with fresh, colorful blooms.

Whether you’re bouquet shopping for your wife, girlfriend, mom, or another special woman in your life, you’ll want to get her a picturesque display she’ll always remember. If you need some inspiration, read on to explore some popular flowers women like.

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Favorite Flowers for Women

What is the perfect bouquet to get a woman? Everyone has a different taste when it comes to flowers, so there’s no one right choice that applies to all. However, below are some popular varieties the woman you’re shopping for may enjoy.

most popular flowers for women


Easily one of the most classic and romantic flower varieties out there, a bouquet of roses is the perfect gift for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any time you wish to express love and admiration. Consider these details when picking out roses:

  • Color: Roses can be found in many hues, each with a special meaning. Red roses convey romance and passion, while pink roses represent gratitude and admiration. White roses symbolize innocence and purity, and purple roses represent royalty and enchantment.
  • Season: Roses begin blooming in late May and continue into early fall. They tend to reach peak quality in June.
  • Other notes: Roses typically last a week, unlike other varieties that can bloom for several weeks. Of course, the vase life of any flower also depends on proper maintenance.



If the woman you’re buying for has a more exotic taste in flowers, consider getting her some orchids. These flowers are often associated with thoughtfulness, love, and luxury. Here are some quick notes about orchids:

  • Color: Orchids come in a range of colors like white, purple, magenta, orange, and yellow, so you’re sure to find something in her favorite hue!
  • Season: Most orchids reach peak blooming season in March.
  • Other notes: Orchids are low in pollen, making them one of the most allergy-friendly flowers available!


With their vibrant tones and cheerful appearance, a fresh tulip arrangement can add a joyful pop of color to her bedroom, office, or any other space. Here’s some more information about tulips:

  • Color: You can find tulips in a brilliant variety of hues including red, pink, yellow, orange, cream, and white.
  • Season: Tulip season spans from late March to mid-May.
  • Other notes: Keep in mind that tulips only bloom during spring, so you can’t find them year-round. However, there’s no better springtime gift than a bright batch of tulips!


Known for their exquisite ruffles and lush nature, peonies are the epitome of femininity and elegance. They’re a great choice if your partner has a more subtle and delicate taste. Below are some notes about peonies to keep in mind:

  • Color: Peonies come in soft pinks, oranges, yellows, white, and cream.
  • Season: Peony season ranges from late April to early June.
  • Other notes: Like tulips, peonies aren’t available all year. It’s best to consider this variety if you need a late spring or early summer gift.


Irises carry many valuable meanings, representing faith, hope, wisdom, and courage. They can suit a variety of occasions including dates, anniversaries, and Mother’s Day. Here are some fun facts about irises:

  • Color: You can find irises in cooler tones like purple and blue, as well as warm tones like red, pink, orange, and yellow. This opens up an array of possibilities for an assorted iris bouquet!
  • Season: Most irises bloom from late spring to early summer, typically from the end of May through June.
  • Other notes: Most iris species bloom best in full sun, but the Crested Iris prefers partial shade.


These lovely blooms are many women’s favorite flowers. Lilies are known to symbolize wealth and prosperity, making them a great birthday gift for your beloved. There are many types of lilies to consider. The Easter Lily is a great pick if you’re looking for something soft and elegant, while the Stargazer and Tiger Lily suit more bold and vibrant tastes. Some basic information about lilies includes:

  • Color: Common colors for lilies are white, pink, yellow, orange, and red.
  • Season: Depending on the type, lilies can bloom from early summer all the way through fall.
  • Other notes: Because lilies are notorious for releasing large amounts of pollen, they may not be the best choice for a woman with strong allergies.



If you’re looking to surprise a woman with a bright bouquet that radiates cheer and optimism, consider a gift of daffodils. These flowers symbolize new life and beginnings, making them a great choice for a woman who recently welcomed a baby. Here are some quick details about this variety:

  • Color: Daffodils come in various shades of orange, yellow, pink, and white.
  • Season: Daffodils are in season from February to May.
  • Other notes: Like irises, daffodils prefer bright, sunny spots. Suggest that she place the vase on a windowsill or on a table or desk near a window.


When buying flowers for a woman with a classic and laid-back taste, gardenias can be an excellent choice. The gardenia is a common symbol of trust, respect, and protection, usually for a partner. Its grace and elegance make it a popular pick for wedding flowers as well. See some more information about gardenias below:

  • Color: White is by far the most popular color for gardenias. However, you can sometimes find them in pale yellow, pink, or red.
  • Season: Gardenias typically bloom during summer, though some varieties can start in spring and continue into autumn.
  • Other notes: Gardenias are known for their sweet, prominent fragrance, making their scent a popular choice for perfumes. Some enjoy the aroma, while others find it overpowering. It’s best to consider this variety only if she isn’t too sensitive to strong smells.

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