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Send Pink Roses in Philadelphia

Everyone loves receiving a surprise flower delivery, and sending pink roses in Philadelphia are an excellent and versatile flower that can convey various emotions while looking absolutely gorgeous. Our pink rose bouquets are put together with the love and care they deserve to live up to their full potential.

The History and Meaning of Pink Roses

Everyone knows what a rose looks like and what a rose smells like and most people think of the classic red rose first. However, there are various shades of roses, and one of our favorites is the pink rose. Each shade of pink rose has a different meaning, and they can work for almost any occasion, depending on the mood you‘re seeking. Valentine’s Day, saying thank you to a friend, sending flowers to a friend or family member in the hospital, a gift at the start of a new relationship, or just a general show of love and admiration, the pink rose is multipurpose and can convey your emotions perfectly. Here are a few of the different shades of pink roses we use to create bouquets in Philadelphia and what they mean.

The history of pink roses is rich and interesting. The first pink rose was found in a fossil that has been dated back over 40 million years. Recent evidence has been found that the first pink roses were cultivated and grown in a garden (they are usually found in the wild) in the China Imperial Rose Garden roughly 5000 years ago and they have only grown in popularity in recent years. Pink roses are just as much a classic flower as the red rose; they just haven’t had as much popular press as their red counterparts. Another incredible moment in history for the pink rose was during the Victorian era, where pink roses decorated everything from paintings to wallpaper to couch covers and bedspreads.

Things to Do with Your Dried Pink Rose Petals

Once your beautiful roses dry out, most people throw them out and move forward. However, there are a few fun things you can do with the dried roses.

Browse the bouquet options available for delivery in Philly and pick the perfect pink roses to send to your loved one to show your appreciation.