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Send affordable flowers to someone special in Miami. Ode à la Rose offers same or next day delivery to all neighborhoods in Miami at a competitive price.

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“Customer service was very helpful and…”

Customer service was very helpful and communicative which I greatly appreciated.


“Quality of product”

Quality of product. Promptness of delivery.


“Very Special Celebration”

The roses and greens are gorgeous!! This is a very special moment for the recipient and the flowers and vase were worthy of the occasion!! Not to mention they arrived within a couple hours of placing the order!! I will most definitely call upon you again!


4.5 out of 5

Based on 3116 reviews


Why You Should Order Cheap Flowers in Miami from Ode à la Rose

Do you want to add a pinch of perfection to an already splendid day? Or perhaps you're searching for that modest yet significant touch to complement your meticulously curated birthday or anniversary gift?

Our freshly picked and artistically assembled petite floral arrangements are precisely that cherry on top!

Artful Aesthetics, Authentic Affection

At Ode à la Rose, every petite bouquet is crafted with an artist's precision and a lover's passion. They might be smaller in size, but they burst with emotion, ensuring that every arrangement delivers a message straight from the heart.

A Little Gesture, A Lasting Impression

Sometimes, it's the subtle gestures that leave an indelible mark. Our petite bouquets are the embodiment of that principle. They serve as gentle reminders of love, friendship, and gratitude, filling rooms and hearts with warmth.

Freshly Curated, Just for You

Each of our petite arrangements is thoughtfully curated, ensuring the freshest blooms make their way into your bouquet. Our dedication to quality ensures that, despite their size, our flowers radiate vibrancy and charm.

Swift and Seamless Delivery

In the bustling rhythm of Miami life, we understand the importance of punctuality. That's why our petite flower deliveries are prompt, ensuring your sentiments arrive on time - every time!

Eco-friendly and Ethical

Being petite doesn't mean compromising on our commitment to the planet. Our sourcing is ethical, and our packaging is eco-friendly, ensuring that we gift not just to individuals but also to Earth.

As you may find in many situations, the petite floral arrangements from Ode à la Rose aren't just about size; they're about encapsulating vast emotions in a compact, beautiful form. They stand as proof that sometimes, less truly is more.

So, let our blooms do the talking, whether it's a whisper of affection, a nod of appreciation, or a small gesture of goodwill.

How Ode à la Rose Flower Delivery Work in Miami?

Petite, but powerful—our smaller arrangements can express big sentiments.

Gifting a petite bouquet isn't just reserved for monumental occasions; it's a timeless gesture, symbolizing appreciation, joy, and thoughtfulness. Whether celebrating birthdays or milestones, or simply wanting to send a fragrant 'just because' to someone’s day - our compact arrangements are the perfect sentiment.

Imagine that delightful bundle waiting at their doorstep after a long day, a delicate arrangement brightening their office space, or even a fragrant surprise set on their patio table. Ode à la Rose has your back for these moments and many more.

Here’s how to order petite floral arrangements in Miami with Ode à la Rose.

  • Enter your recipient’s zip code or check out our delivery zones.
  • Choose your favorite floral arrangements from our Miami flower delivery collection.
  • Choose your optional extras like French macarons, scented candles, or a flower vase.
  • Click send now, and voila!

Choose Ode à la Rose for Miami flower delivery with a French twist. All our petite bouquet arrangements arrive fresh and on time, helping you celebrate in style and sentiments anywhere in the city.

At Ode à la Rose, our French touch blends seamlessly with Miami's vivacity. Every petite bouquet ensures a timely, fresh delivery, allowing you to spread love, admiration, and gratitude across any city corner. Show your biggest sentiments without petite arrangements!