We love pink roses to send a charming message of affection. Our pink bouquets are available in different sizes, and are arranged with the most luscious flowers for an outstanding gift.


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Pink Roses delivered by Ode à la Rose

Hiding a wealth of meaning in their gorgeous blooms and varying shades, pink roses are the perfect gift for a broad range of different occasions. Though pink flowers have been used to express everything from romantic love to sympathy, their overarching meaning tends to be grace and appreciation. As such, a bouquet of a dozen pink roses can be an ideal gift for Mother’s Day, your wedding anniversary, or just because you want to say “I admire you.”

At Ode à la Rose, we can help you pick out the perfect bouquet of pink roses to send to the person in your life who you want to appreciate. Our bouquets of roses are available in a range of different colors, perfect for expressing a range of different emotions. Once you pick out the right flower arrangement, we can deliver it directly to your loved one. Let us know if you have any questions before you place your order.

FAQ about pink roses

What is the meaning of a pink rose?

Pink roses are meant to express love, gratitude, grace, admiration and appreciation. However, they are not as exclusively tied to a feeling of romance or romantic love as red or purple roses. This more open-for-interpretation meaning makes pink roses ideal for virtually any special person in your life—from your spouse to your mother.

What do the different shades of a pink rose mean?

As with other types of roses, pink roses tend to occur in several different shades of pink, with each shade carrying a slightly different meaning. Pale pink roses stand for gentleness and grace but are also sometimes used to express sympathy. Bright pink roses are used to express appreciation and admiration. The more medium shade of pink rose, meanwhile, is often referred to as “Bridal Pink” and is usually used to celebrate the happiness and joy of a wedding day.

When is it appropriate to send pink roses?

As you can see from the answer above, pink roses are versatile flowers that can mean different things depending on the shade. In general, though, pink roses are appropriate as anniversary flowers, Mother’s Day flowers, and wedding flowers alike.

Ode à la Rose Flower Delivery: Where and When

We deliver to every city in the US. Same-day flower delivery is available in select cities: NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Austin, Washington D.C., and Miami. Next-day delivery is available everywhere else in all the US. Check our flower delivery zones to see how soon we can deliver to your city!