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It all started like this: with a classic bouquet of the most beautiful roses we could find, in all of your favorite colors. From 7 stems to 100 stems, we'll deliver your rose bouquet in our exclusive packaging anywhere in Austin.

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Our centerpeices are only available for delivery in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and Miami.

Our centerpeices are only available for delivery in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and Miami.

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On-time delivery, great product, highly recommended.

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I was able to order the flowers and in just a couple of hours, the flowers were delivered. One of the few places I found with a short notice late in the day to still deliver in that same day. The recipient was also happy upon receiving the beautiful bouqu


“Beautiful arrangement”

Beautiful arrangement. Delivered on time

Andy M

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Spark Romance with Rose Delivery in Austin by Ode à la Rose

Roses are the heart of Ode à la Rose, founded by two French florists who wanted to bring Parisian elegance to American flower arrangements. A rose is a delicate flower steeped in centuries of meaning, and we always give it a starring role in our floral designs. We deliver rose bouquets in Austin, helping you share the love in shades of red, pink, and gold across this vibrant southern city.

Choosing a Rose Bouquet for Someone Special

Roses are an ancient symbol of romance and beauty in many cultures worldwide and feature in Greek and Roman mythology, historic Chinese gardens, early Christian cathedrals, Hindu and Arabic legends, and Shakespearean literature. The popularity of these flowers is still soaring, and sending roses to someone special will never go out of style!

There are thousands of rose species and color varieties in the world, and we’re often spoiled for choice regarding choosing the perfect rose bouquet. Ode à la Rose florists select roses for their meaning to help tell a story and convey emotions without words. We recommend sending rich red roses to express romantic or enduring love, pink roses for admiration, and golden roses for friendship and celebration.

Austin is a vibrant, modern city that’s always on-trend, so why stick to traditional rose bouquets when there are infinite ways to say “I love you”? Let someone know they electrify your life with Pink Floyd roses, adored for their giant petals and dazzling hot pink hue, or Golden Mustard roses that drip brassy sunset colors. Our rose bouquets come in standard sizes of 12, 24, or 36 stems, 7-stem petit arrangements, and giant vases of 50, 75, or 100 roses for grand declarations of love. The 7 stem and 50+ stem bouquets are only available within Austin, while the others can be delivered nationwide.

Pairing Elegant French Roses With Austin Energy

Ode à la Rose draws from French floral design and arrangement techniques to bring out the best of every flower in our bouquets. We pick single blooms for their hue and scent, creating artful compositions of blossoms and greenery that capture a feeling and bring life to the room. Our elegant French style complements bold Texan tastes, and we love adding delicate roses to bright mixed bouquets for eye-catching plant combinations.

Although roses are abundant in Austin, many of our favorite varieties come from Ecuador and Columbia. We partner with reputable farms that provide optimal growing conditions, ensuring you get fresh, premium flowers that last in a vase. Our network of growers gives us access to hundreds of rose varieties, helping us keep improving and updating our floral designs.

Long-stemmed roses are the most popular rose variety for bouquets due to their sturdy stem and minimal foliage below the blooms. This variety has a long vase life and sending a single rose on a long green stem is the perfect gift for a romantic interest or life-long love. Our roses are for everyone, and we have an online collection that suits anything from student first-date offerings to 50th wedding anniversary gifts.

Fresh Rose Delivery in Austin by Ode à la Rose

Ode à la Rose is one of the best florists in Austin for roses - we can help you send surprise floral birthday bouquets or decorate your date with delicate pink petals. We are famous nationwide for our high-quality roses that arrive fresh and remain fragrant for weeks in a vase. Our experienced flower delivery team takes extra care to keep your blooms safe on their journey, so they arrive in farm-fresh condition - order by 2pm for same-day rose delivery anywhere in Austin.