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It doesn’t get more glamorous than red roses to declare your feelings. Pick an arrangement of red roses to say “I love you” and delight the special person in your life. Hand-tied & delivered from our Austin atelier.


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Surprise Your Favorite Person with Red Roses in Austin

A bouquet of red roses is a classic choice for a romantic gift that tells someone special how you feel about them. These flowers are fragrant with emotion and rich with meaning shared over centuries in different cultures worldwide. Ode à la Rose is passionate about floral gifts and has a range of red roses available for delivery in Austin, TX, to help you send love and appreciation across the city.

The Meaning Behind Red Roses

Red is the color of passion and desire and is prominent in romantic contexts, perfect for showing your devotion and deep connection to someone special. Red roses found their way into mythology, religion, medicine, and history across the world when people discovered their captivating beauty and fragrance. The rose became a symbol of feminine beauty and is still a popular way to express admiration for a woman.

In Greek mythology, red roses were connected to Aphrodite and have become synonymous with romantic love. Lovers sent each other secret messages of adoration with red roses for centuries, especially when public displays of affection were impossible. Sending a single rose can hint at love at first sight, while a bouquet of a dozen red roses is the ultimate expression of everlasting love and romantic devotion.

A Red Rose Bouquet for More Than Valentine’s Day

Sending red roses on Valentine’s Day will always be appropriate, but what about the rest of the year? At Ode à la Rose, we believe in celebrating love with flowers for every special moment, and our florists carefully curate rose bouquets that suit diverse occasions and tastes. Our anniversary bouquets often feature romantic red roses with splashes of playful pink and white, and our petit flower arrangements of 7 red roses make the perfect anytime surprise.

We can also deliver redpreserved roses that retain their bold hue and delicate beauty, helping shared special moments last longer.

Send Red Roses Anywhere in Austin

The florists at Ode à la Rose are passionate about plants, and we enjoy helping you share the love across the city with romantic red roses. We deliver flowers in Austin from Monday to Friday, with same-day delivery if you order by 2pm, and they always arrive fresh and on time. We can include a personalized love note in the delivery box or help you send red roses anonymously to ramp up the romance.

Find the perfect red rose arrangement at Ode à la Rose - we deliver fresh, high-quality, sustainably sourced flowers across Austin, TX. Our florists add French flair to every bouquet, giving your floral gifts a unique twist that complement an elegant presentation, perfect for anniversaries, date nights, and everyday romance.