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Snapdragon Bouquet Delivery

Snapdragons are one of the most enduring flower species. These perennials can stubbornly show up in the middle of stone or concrete walls, symbolizing their strength and persistence to inspire beauty in this often dull world. So whenever you need to make a bold statement, choose some of the wide range of snapdragon bouquets for delivery from Ode à la Rose. Discover the Ode à la Rose snapdragon bouquet selection and make an astonishing gesture that inspires.

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“Excellent quality and easy to use website ”

I ordered online from the UK for friends in the US - fantastic service. High quality flowers and gifts, excellent update comms after ordering and timely delivery. Very pleased

Katherine Rodgers

“My son was having a bad day on his…”

My son was having a bad day on his birthday and I wanted to cheer him up. I took a chance on Ode a la Rose, because I liked their website and they did not disappoint. Excellent service, though a bit pricey.


“Beautiful presentation”

Beautiful presentation. Quality flowers. Great communication regarding delivery and love the picture of prepared flowers before delivery. Thank you!

Beth Powers

4.6 out of 5

Based on 3154 reviews


Why are Snapdragon Bouquets Special?

Some flowers, like roses or peonies, are naturally predisposed to steal the show and be the stars. But every start needs a backup dancer or other actors actually to have a show.

Snapdragons are the backup dancers who set the stage, adding layers, depths, and new heights to any bouquet arrangement. Their tall stems and multiple flower buds play an important role in the scenery arrangement, so you should opt for snapdragon bouquet delivery to truly mesmerize anyone!

These buds open gradually, creating a dynamic visual experience akin to the unfolding chapters of a thrilling story. Much like the anticipation before a curtain rises, snapdragons keep you guessing as each bud unfurls, revealing vibrant colors and intricate patterns.

A Lesson in Endurance

Snapdragons are more than just pretty faces in the floral world. They are nature's champions of endurance. Just like their namesake, the mythical creature with a fierce bite, snapdragons withstand harsh conditions, thriving in the most unexpected places. Their ability to bloom in the midst of adversity symbolizes resilience and tenacity.

The Snapdragons' Colorful Palette

One of the reasons snapdragons stand out is their diverse color palette. From delicate pastels to bold and vibrant hues, snapdragon bouquets offer a kaleidoscope of choices. Whether you're celebrating a joyous occasion or sending a heartfelt message, there's a snapdragon bouquet that perfectly captures your sentiment.

A Favorite Among Florists and Gardeners

Snapdragons hold a special place in the hearts of florists and gardeners alike. These versatile flowers are cherished for their role in creating stunning arrangements. Their long-lasting blooms make them a favorite choice for professional floral designers, ensuring your bouquet remains fresh and beautiful for an extended period.

Snapdragons: A Symbol of Grace and Strength

Incorporating snapdragons into your bouquet isn't just about aesthetics; it's a statement of grace and strength. These resilient flowers bring a touch of elegance to any setting, reminding us that beauty has, indeed, different heights, shapes, and floral faces!

In the world of flowers, snapdragons are the unsung heroes, the stars behind the scenes that deserve a standing ovation. Choose a snapdragon bouquet from Ode à la Rose, and let these remarkable flowers enrich your occasion’s sentiments.

What do Snapdragons Symbolize?

In the enchanting world of flowers, each bloom carries with it a unique story, a whispered secret, or a symbol of profound meaning. Snapdragons, with their intriguing history and captivating symbolism, are no exception. These blossoms have long been honored in the grand tapestry of floral language.

The Legacy of Antirrhinum Majus

To unravel the tale of snapdragons, we must journey back in time. The Latin name, Antirrhinum majus, sounds like an incantation from a forgotten era, hinting at the mystical qualities of these flowers. The name "Antirrhinum" is derived from the Greek words "anti" and "rhinon," meaning "like a snout" or "nose-like." The snapdragon's unique shape indeed resembles a dragon's snout, with its intriguing mouth-like structure that opens and closes when gently squeezed.

A Mythical Tale of Deception and Grace

Legend has it that snapdragons were named after a curious mythical creature, the "snapdragon" or "snap-dragon," believed to be a tiny, fire-breathing dragon. This creature was said to reside in the wilds, guarding hidden treasures. In a test of bravery, brave souls would pluck snapdragon blossoms and attempt to squeeze them shut, just as one might dare to close the mouth of a fierce dragon.

The snapdragon's ability to snap shut and then open again was seen as a symbol of both enchanting deception and graceful regeneration.

Historical Significance

Snapdragons have graced gardens and bouquets, cherished by monarchs and poets alike throughout history. The Tudor dynasty of England was particularly fond of these flowers, and they were often included in royal gardens. In the language of flowers, snapdragons were symbols of grace and graciousness, a nod to their delicate yet determined beauty.

The Language of Snapdragons

During the Victorian era, the "Language of Flowers" was a means of communication, allowing people to express sentiments that words could not. Snapdragons played a crucial role in this floral conversation. They symbolized both deceit and graciousness, representing a blend of strength and gentleness. Gifting snapdragons was a way to convey complex emotions or acknowledge human nature's duality.

A Modern Passion for Snapdragons

Today, florists and flower enthusiasts continue to be captivated by snapdragons. Renowned floral artists, such as Constance Spry, known for her groundbreaking floral designs, often featured snapdragons in her arrangements. Their versatility and striking appearance make them a favorite among contemporary designers, ensuring their enduring popularity.

The Character of Snapdragons

Snapdragons symbolize a harmonious blend of qualities - strength and vulnerability, deceit and grace, resilience and regeneration. When you choose a snapdragon bouquet, you embrace their rich history and symbolism and offer a gift that speaks volumes in the language of flowers.

It's a gesture that acknowledges the multifaceted nature of human emotions and the enduring allure of nature's most enchanting performers.

About Snapdragon Bouquet Delivery By Ode à la Rose

Our story begins with two visionary Frenchmen, Louis and Olivier, who embarked on a floral journey in the bustling heart of New York City in 2012. Inspired by their shared love for flowers and a deep appreciation for the art of bouquet creation, they opened the doors to Ode à la Rose, a boutique florist that would soon become synonymous with elegance, passion, and unforgettable moments.

What started as a small boutique in the city that never sleeps quickly blossomed into something extraordinary. The demand for Ode à la Rose's exquisite floral arrangements, impeccable customer service, and commitment to preserving the language of flowers spread like wildfire.

Soon, we expanded our reach to bring our enchanting creations to flower enthusiasts in various locations across the United States.

Same-Day Delivery: Our Pledge to You

In today's fast-paced world, it's all too easy to lose track of time and forget important occasions. At Ode à la Rose, we understand the value of timely gestures and the significance of making your loved ones feel cherished, no matter how busy life may be. That's why we've made "same-day delivery" our mantra and the very essence of our existence. We pledge to be your trusted partner in ensuring that your heartfelt messages, beautifully crafted bouquets, and delightful surprises reach their destination on time, every time.

When you choose snapdragon bouquet delivery by Ode à la Rose, you're not just selecting a bouquet but an experience that transcends the ordinary. We believe in making every moment special, and that's why we offer a range of features designed to elevate your gift-giving to a whole new level.

Personalized Photos

Add a personal touch to your bouquet by including a cherished photo. Whether it's a snapshot of a shared memory or a heartfelt message, our personalized photos turn your bouquet into a meaningful keepsake.

Heartfelt Messages and Notes

Express your emotions with words that truly resonate. Our custom messages and notes allow you to convey your love, appreciation, or well-wishes with sincerity and eloquence.

Sweet Pleasures

Complement your bouquet with delectable macaroons and chocolates, adding an extra layer of sweetness to your thoughtful gesture. If you’re in for more colorful, joyful, and bright designs - our fresh macaroons will bring joy to a gloomy day.

French Cuddling Kit

Embrace the warmth and comfort of a plush teddy bear and a soft blanket. Our French-designed and made cuddling kit is the perfect addition to your bouquet, providing an irresistible invitation to snuggle and cuddle.

Various Vases

Choose from an array of elegant vases to complement the beauty of your snapdragon bouquet. From classic to contemporary, our vases enhance the overall presentation, making your gift truly unforgettable. Snapdragons are usually included in tall arrangements, so we recommend some of our sleek, long vases.

So you see - at Ode à la Rose, we don't just deliver bouquets. We deliver moments of joy, love, and appreciation. Our commitment to exceptional quality, impeccable service, and the art of storytelling through flowers is what sets us apart.

Join us in celebrating life's special moments with the perfectly timed and arranged snapdragon bouquet delivery by Ode à la Rose.