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Valentine's Day

In Washington, D.C., Ode à la Rose elevates Valentine's Day with elegant and sophisticated flower delivery. Our handcrafted bouquets capture the capital's unique charm, creating unforgettable moments of love. With every arrangement, we blend beauty and grace, perfect for the city's dignified atmosphere. Choose us to make your Valentine's Day special and let your love bloom in the heart of the capital.

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“Always excellent”

Always excellent! Perfecto!

Steve Peloquin
“I called from California for delivery…”

I called from California for delivery Flowers to New York. They were very nice and cooperative and helpful. They delivered flowers on time. They informed me when they delivered. I appreciate their service very much.

Shanaz Rafinejad
“Beautiful flowers”

Beautiful flowers

Kavita Kamlani

4.5 out of 5

Based on 3172 reviews


Why is Valentine's Day a Special Day?

Valentine's Day isn't just a day for florists to hit the jackpot. It's steeped in history and rich in meaning. Tracing back to ancient Rome and the legend of priest St. Valentine, it has evolved from secret love letters under persecution to a global celebration of affection. But why exactly does this day tug at our heartstrings?

  • A Day of Love and Courage: It's a nod to St. Valentine, who, according to legend, performed secret weddings against the emperor's decree. Brave, right? Today, it encourages us to be bold in expressing our feelings.
  • Universal Celebration: From handwritten notes to grand gestures, Valentine's Day transcends cultures and borders, uniting people in the universal language of love.
  • Personal and Unique Expressions: Beyond the cliché of chocolates and roses, it's a chance to personalize expressions of love, making it meaningful for each unique relationship.
  • A Break from the Routine: In our busy lives, it's a welcome pause, a day dedicated to cherishing and celebrating our loved ones, putting our focus on what really matters.

Valentine's Day, in its essence, is more than a commercial holiday. This day is a heartfelt reminder to express our love, where feelings take center stage, and we're all just a little braver with our hearts.

Who Should You Send Valentine's Day Flowers in Washington D.C. To?

This Valentine's Day in Washington, D.C., is about turning small gestures into grand memories. Flowers can transform an ordinary day into a canvas of cherished moments with their unspoken language of love. But who should be the lucky recipients of these floral ambassadors of affection?

  • Your Significant Other: Classic but never cliché. Sending flowers to your partner is a timeless way to say "I love you" without uttering a word, reminding them they’re your forever Valentine!
  • A New Romantic Interest: If there's a spark you're hoping to kindle into a flame, a thoughtful bouquet could be the gentle nudge your budding romance needs.
  • A Secret Admirer Gesture: Got someone you've been silently admiring? A surprise bouquet could be your perfect, mysterious introduction.

Valentine's Day offers the perfect backdrop to elevate your romantic relationship in Washington, D.C., where monumental decisions are a daily affair. It's a day that naturally lends itself to grand gestures and significant announcements.

Between that “innocent” exchange of roses and heart-filled cards, it can be the ideal moment to unveil bigger intentions to your partner. Whether it's suggesting moving in together, taking a knee to propose, or transitioning from a casual to a committed relationship, the day's atmosphere of love and romance can provide the courage and setting you need.

Which Flowers Are Most Suited For Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is synonymous with floral expressions of love. Among these, certain flowers stand as timeless favorites, each carrying its own story and significance.

Roses – The Classic Love Symbol

Roses, particularly red ones, have symbolized love and passion since ancient times. Nowadays, you have a dozen different colors and size varieties to choose from, and they each express a different layer of your emotion.

In Greek mythology, roses were associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. The tradition of a bouquet of 100 roses is rooted in Victorian times, where an elaborate number of blooms were used to convey the deepest devotion. Preserved roses, treated through a special process, offer a modern twist, symbolizing enduring love that withstands the test of time.

Dahlias – The Elegant Commitment

Dahlias, originating from Mexico and declared the national flower in 1963, are known for their varied and vibrant appearances. They represent a commitment and a bond that stands out with elegance and individuality, making them ideal for a relationship that cherishes uniqueness.

Lilies – Purity and Majesty

Lilies, including the exotic Peruvian lily or Alstroemeria, are revered for their majestic form. In ancient Greece, they were associated with Hera and symbolized purity and motherhood. Their broad range of colors and elegant appearance makes them suitable for expressing admiration and respect.

Carnations – The Love’s Fascination

Carnations have a rich history and are believed to have been used in Greek ceremonial crowns. Their ruffled appearance and array of colors symbolize fascination and new love. Carnations are a fitting tribute to a budding romance or a flourishing relationship.

Tulips – The Comfort of Love

Tulips, originating from Turkey and central Asia, became wildly popular in the Netherlands in the 17th century, even causing a market crash known as 'Tulip Mania'. Their simple and graceful form represents comfort and easygoing love, making them a great choice for a relaxed and comfortable relationship.

Peonies – The Dream of Lasting Affection

Peonies, with roots in Asian, European, and North American folklore, are often associated with many different meanings, including prosperity, good luck, and a happy marriage. Their lush and full blooms symbolize the dream and hope for lasting affection and a blissful life together.

Daisies – Fresh and Innocent Love

Daisies, known for their simplicity and innocence, are believed to be more than 4,000 years old. In Norse mythology, the daisy is Freya's sacred flower associated with love, beauty, and fertility, making them ideal for symbolizing new, youthful, or innocent love.

Orchids – Exotic and Refined Love

Orchids have a long history of being associated with luxury and beauty. In Victorian England, they were a symbol of refinement and exotic beauty. Their sophisticated appearance makes them perfect for conveying feelings of deep, mature love and admiration.

Seasonal Flowers in February – A Fresh and Captivating Scent

Choosing seasonal flowers in February, like violets (symbolizing loyalty and faithfulness) or primroses (representing young love), provides a fresh and unique alternative. These flowers bring the season's beauty into your bouquet, making your gift both timely and captivating. On the plus side, they’re locally sourced, usually come cheaper than imported flowers, and have strong, captivating scents because they have not been treated with additional chemicals to retain their fresh looks.

When Should Valentine's Day Flowers Be Delivered in Washington D.C.?

In the bustling rhythm of Washington, D.C., where time is as precious as the decisions made in its corridors of power, getting the timing right for Valentine's Day flower delivery is key. It's all about creating a moment of surprise and delight in a busy schedule.

That's why at Ode à la Rose, we prioritize your specific delivery needs – the when, where, and how.

Do you want a morning surprise to start the day with a smile or an evening delivery to add romance to the night? Maybe you're planning a secret delivery to add an element of surprise or prefer a direct hand-off for a personal touch. We offer tailored delivery options to suit your unique needs, ensuring your thoughtful gesture arrives at the perfect moment.

Let us handle the details of your flower delivery so you can focus on the joy of expressing your love.

How Do You Order Valentine's Day Flower Delivery in Washington D.C.?

In the heart of the nation’s capital, arranging a Valentine's Day flower delivery with Ode à la Rose is a seamless and thoughtful process, ensuring your message of love is beautifully conveyed.

Step 1: Choose Your Perfect Bouquet

Start by exploring our elegant collection, where each bouquet is a masterpiece. From the boldness of roses to the subtlety of lilies, select the one that best captures your sentiments and reflects the unique energy of your deepest emotions.

Step 2: Personalize Your Floral Message

Every bouquet tells a story. Personalize yours with a heartfelt note or a memorable photo. You can also choose from our range of stylish vases, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your floral gift.

Step 3: Specify Your Delivery Details

Navigating the busy streets of D.C. requires precision. Provide us with detailed delivery instructions to ensure your flowers arrive at the ideal time and place, whether it’s an early surprise or a romantic evening gesture.

Step 4: Complete Your Order with Ease

Our secure and user-friendly checkout ensures your ordering process is as smooth as the Potomac River. With a few simple clicks, your order will be paid (and we offer a variety of choices for all needs) and confirmed, safeguarding your details and giving you peace of mind.

So, do you follow? Browse our selection of Valentine’s Day flowers, make your choice, include some neat add-ons, and proceed to check out, where you will be given the option to specifically orchestrate the hows and wheres of delivering your grand loving gesture in Washington, D.C.!

What makes Ode à la Rose Valentine's Day Flowers in Washington D.C. Special?

Ode à la Rose in Washington D.C. brings a unique blend of elegance and craftsmanship to our Valentine's Day flower selection, setting our arrangements apart in the city of monuments and history.

Crafted with Passion and Precision

Each of our bouquets is a testament to outstanding craftsmanship. Inspired by the city's blend of historical grandeur and contemporary flair, our florists carefully select and arrange every bloom, ensuring your bouquet looks stunning and tells a story of love and devotion on the very first glance.

Personalized for Your Unique Story

We offer extensive customization options. Add a personal touch with a heartfelt message, or include a photo that captures a treasured moment. Our range of arrangements allows you to choose the perfect expression of your feelings, whether through a bold display of roses or a subtle arrangement of tulips.

Thoughtful Additions for a Complete Gift

To complement our floral arrangements, we offer a selection of hand-picked gifts. From elegantly crafted vases that enhance the beauty of your bouquet to handmade chocolates and macaroons, each addition is chosen to create a complete and memorable Valentine's Day experience.

Locally Sourced Blooms and Environmental Care

We are committed to environmentally conscious practices in the spirit of Washington, D.C.'s growing focus on sustainability. We prioritize locally sourced blooms, supporting regional growers, and reducing our carbon footprint. This approach ensures the freshest flowers for your bouquet and aligns with our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Versatile Payment Options for Your Convenience

Recognizing the varied preferences of our Washington D.C. clientele, we've tailored our payment options to be as versatile and user-friendly as possible. Whether you're a fan of traditional methods like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover or lean towards the simplicity of PayPal – we’ve got your back. This range of choices ensures that your experience with Ode à la Rose is smooth and seamless, from selecting the perfect bouquet to completing your purchase with ease and security.

Same-day Flower Delivery of Washington D.C. Valentine's Day Flowers

For those special moments that just can't wait in Washington D.C., Ode à la Rose offers reliable same-day flower delivery. Understanding the fast-paced nature of the capital, we ensure your Valentine's Day flowers are delivered promptly and with the utmost care.

Whether you're surprising someone in the bustling downtown or a quiet suburb, we're equipped to bring your expression of love right to their doorstep at the perfect time (you can track your order online at any time!). And for those outside the immediate D.C. area, our next-day delivery service, facilitated through trusted carriers like FedEx, extends your reach, ensuring no one misses out on a heartfelt Valentine's gesture.

Our delivery hours, from 9 AM to 7 PM, are designed for convenience, accommodating even the busiest of schedules. Place your order with Ode à la Rose, and let us take care of the rest, making your Valentine's Day in Washington, D.C., unforgettable.