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Bouquet pictured: 24 stems

Wildflowers & Roses

12 stems
24 stems
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A perfect mix of fun and sophisticated, our Wildflower & Rose Bouquet is sure to please. Share them for birthdays, graduations & Mother's Day. Delivery across Northeast!

Product pictured : 24 stems

Flowers: lilies, wildflowers and lavender Purple Haze roses, artfully tied in a round bouquet Greens: EucalyptusSize: stems are clipped to 15” and arranged in a tight, raffia-tied bouquetCare: we include flower food and instructions to help the blooms last 5-7 daysHoping to show that special someone in your life just how beautiful she is? Or maybe you're looking for a unique way to surprise a friend or family member on a birthday, graduation or another special occasion. Whether you're aiming for romance, congratulations, commemoration or just an expression of simple affection, your gift should be as unique and full of personality as your recipient. Luckily, Ode à La ROSE understands whimsicality perfectly, and we strive to craft stylish and sophisticated bouquets of the freshest, most beautiful flowers for your loved ones.When it comes to giving a gift with gentle style, soft colors and wild whimsy to match the loveliness of your loved one, our Wildflowers and Roses Bouquet is the perfect blend of class and innovation. A lovely mix of pastel wildflowers and lavender roses, this arrangement is pretty, whimsical, and sophisticated.Enjoy Soft ShadesSurprise your loved one with the subtle sophistication and soft, elegant hues in our stunning bouquet of wildflowers and roses. Containing lovely lilies, lavender Purple Haze roses, wildflowers and Eucalyptus tied in a tasteful arrangement, our bouquet is a beautiful choice for those wild and whimsical at heart.Inhale Fresh FragranceOur wildflowers and roses bouquet brings a refreshing fragrance to your recipient. The fresh scent of lilies along with the sweet smell of roses, the aroma of wildflowers and a cooling touch of Eucalyptus, is a unique combination that can make anyone swoon.Choose Ode à La ROSESpecializing in in-house, high-end, expertly handcrafted bouquets composed of the freshest flowers in the world, Ode à La ROSE delivers beauty in every chic gift box of watered flower arrangements. Buy a beautiful, unique bouquet for your loved one today.
Our signature gift box


This bouquet is hand-delivered in our 16″ signature gift box for deliveries in NYC, Chicago and Philadelphia, and arrives in a water-filled travel container so that the flowers stay hydrated. For all other locations, this bouquet is delivered in a special overnight delivery box and wrapped in a water-filled paper specifically designed to protect flowers during delivery. The blooms are topped with tissue paper for optimal protection. We print your note on our gift card, which is securely tucked to the side of the bouquet along with any vase or add-on.


We offer same-day delivery in NYC, Chicago and Philadelphia every day and next-day delivery nationwide on a selection of flowers. The same-day delivery deadline is 5:00pm EST, except on the weekend, when the order deadline is 12:00pm on Saturday. The next-day delivery deadline is 5:00pm EST. For a full list of the cities we serve, please check our delivery zones.