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All our rose bouquets are delivered in our luxury gift box. We deliver to most neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Order today!

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Our centerpeices are only available for delivery in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and Miami.

Our centerpeices are only available for delivery in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and Miami.

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This florist has our vote! I was thrilled to see that I could order online on a Sunday night a bouquet of peonies -- yes, peonies! for my sister's first day at her new firm! Just the thing to remind her of our childhood roots in Nebraska, where Dad cut ar

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Same day delivery. Flowers were delivered on time and looked exactly like picture. Friend loved them! 100% recommend and will be a return customer!

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Give the Gift of Love with Beautiful Rose Bouquets in Philadelphia by Ode à la ROSE

At Ode à la ROSE, we love bringing the splendor of fresh flowers to the streets of Philadelphia. Our most popular requests are for rose bouquets, and for good reason. We assemble each lovely rose bouquet regardless of size or price with exceptional care and attention to detail. When you want to send flowers to someone special in the Philly area, we can help. We’ll use only the freshest flowers and choose then artfully place each stem and piece of greenery to create the work of art that your recipient deserves.

Sending Roses in Philadelphia

We provide unmatched flower delivery service to the Philadelphia area. With deliveries from Columbus Boulevard to Old City to South Philly, we serve our valuable customers with beautifully arranged bouquets created by talented and experienced flower experts. As a local Philly florist, we know the city and love its history. We are familiar with all the city’s favorite sights, from the raised fists of the Rocky Statue to the bustling crowds at the Liberty Bell Center to the late-night sparkle of SugarHouse.

Another thing Philly has in abundance is gorgeous, fresh rose bouquets. We bring French inspiration to everything that we do, and we can put together the perfect arrangement of roses for any occasion. If you know someone in Philly and want to send him or her flowers for any reason, let us know. We put every ounce of love, passion, and dedication that we have into every arrangement we create.

Why Send Roses in Philadelphia?

From new Temple grads to retiring co-workers in Center City, sending flowers to someone special is a lovely way to brighten his or her day and express your feelings of love, congratulations, sympathy, or whatever else you want to say. Flowers are nature’s gift—beautiful, delicate, and able to convey a wide range of sentiments, whether uplifting, soothing, or adoring. Flowers are appropriate for every occasion, no matter how well you know the person or how far away he or she lives.

Roses, in particular, are gorgeous flowers to receive on a wide array of occasions. Different colors of roses convey different meanings, but did you know that the number of stems you send also says something? For example, a single rose after a first date symbolizes love at first sight, while three roses are a traditional gift for a one-month anniversary. The classic dozen roses say, “be mine,” while doubling that number says, “I’m yours.” Three dozen roses is a bold declaration of head-over-heels love, and an even 40 roses symbolizes a love that’s genuine. Finally, to express a boundless love, go all out and send your beloved 50 stems or more–a gift that’s sure to overwhelm and overjoy.

When it comes to colors, most people know that a red rose means romantic love and passion. However, other colors all have their own different meanings. For example, white roses mean purity and are often associated with marriage and spirituality. Yellow roses convey friendship and cheer, while peach roses signify sincerity and gratitude. Orange roses mean enthusiasm and passion; pink, appreciation and gratitude. Burgundy roses the deep color of merlot represent a lovely winter choice that means unconscious beauty.

The Ode à la ROSE Difference

What better florist to buy roses from than one with French roots? Ode à la ROSE was founded by two Frenchmen who loved beautiful, fresh flowers and wanted to bring the beauty of Parisian streets lined with flower vendors to New York City. Today, we source flowers from the best eco-friendly farms in the world and sell them across the Northeast. When you need to send roses or any other flowers to someone special, we can help.

There’s a reason we’re called Ode à la ROSE. The rose is the most popular flower in the world, known and loved for its exquisite beauty. We offer our customers the freshest, most luxurious bouquets of roses around, hand-delivered to the recipient’s Philly home or office. If you place your order by 3:00 pm, we’ll even deliver it on the same day. Need a last-minute gift? We’ve got you covered–and it is sure to be truly special gift.

The flowers that we deliver come packaged in special wrappings to protect them and keep them in excellent condition on their journey. We’ll also include a water-filled container, flower food, care instructions, and your personal message or photograph on a note tucked carefully into the bouquet. Send the gift of love today–order someone you love a dozen (or more) beautiful roses and put a smile on his or her face.