Pink Roses

We love pink roses to send a charming message of affection. Our pink bouquets are available in different sizes, and are arranged with the most luscious flowers in our Miami atelier. Same or next day delivery available.


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36 roses : $188.00

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28 stems : $122.00

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24 roses : $126.00

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What Sets Ode à la Rose Apart for Pink Roses

We only use the highest quality roses produced worldwide by partnering with highly reputable flower farms in Ecuador, Colombia, the Netherlands, and elsewhere. These farmers grow their roses in greenhouses at elevations of 8,000 feet or higher above sea level. With the longer days, increased exposure to sunlight, and ideal temperatures, these farms provide our roses with the best growing conditions. Thanks to our partnerships with these farms, we can source flowers during their peak growing seasons and provide varieties of roses that are fresh and beautiful all year round. Sine we only use the freshest roses and ship them in a water-filled travel vase – your roses are sure to have a vase life of at least 5-7 days.

How to Care for Your Pink Rose Bouquet

If you ordered one of signature rose bouquets, then you’ll be receiving a beautiful arrangement that was hand-tied in our Miami studio by our floral artisans. Since we arrange the flowers ourselves in the traditional French way, you won’t have to adjust it much for it to look beautiful. Simply give the stems a brief trim and place them in a vase with water and the flower food that we include. Every few days, give the roses a fresh cut to ensure they can last for as long as possible.

Some Meanings Behind Roses

Each rose’s color symbolizes a different meaning. When you send pink roses, a deep pink shows appreciation while a paler shade shows admiration. The vibrant color red symbolizes romantic love, both new and old. Yellow roses express warmth, affection, and joy. Gold roses are great for joyous occasions such as birth, graduation, or other celebration. White roses represent humility, truth, and reverence.

The number of roses you send also has meaning. Send a single rose to impress a first date or melt the heart of a loved one by showing some romance. When you want to send roses to a close friend or family member, the number seven has no association with romance, so sending seven roses safely shows how much you care. A dozen roses express gratitude or true love, while 24 roses intensify the display of your feelings. However, 36 roses will be the ultimate way to show your feelings to the lucky recipient. For an even bigger gesture, we also offer some grand bouquets with 50, 75, or 100 roses carefully arranged in a glass vase.

The Options You Can Choose for Pink Roses to be Sent to Miami

You can choose to send a single rose, a few long-stemmed roses, a bouquet, or an arrangement in many shades of pink or any other color. Our bouquets are available in petite, standard, and grand sizes. Should you wish to send roses that will last an entire year, we make arrangements from preserved roses. Our once fresh roses are individually treated and then arranged in a beautiful vase.

Regardless of what roses you choose, we’re confident that you’ll love our Miami flower delivery service.