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Send Cheer Up flowers today to Chicago and brighten up someone's day. Same Day Delivery available within the city of Chicago, and next day delivery to the suburbs and greater Midwest.


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Cheer Up Flowers in Chicago

Is someone you love going through a rough patch that they're having a hard time getting over? Whether they're going through a breakup, having a difficult time at work, dealing with a personal problem or just feeling down in the dumps, sometimes they just need a little pick-me-up to put a smile on their face when it matters most. If you know someone special who deserves a little extra attention, why not show them your affection with a gift to help them perk up? A lovely bouquet is the perfect way to show you care.

When it comes to expressing your appreciation or pampering a person that matters with an authentic flower arrangement that makes an impression, Ode à la ROSE is an expert in all things affection. Specializing in high-quality, handcrafted bouquets with a chic French flair, Ode à la ROSE is the perfect Chicago source for floral arrangements that speak to the heart and make the days brighter.

When you want to send a message saying "I love you," "I'm thinking of you" or "Things will get better," a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a tasteful, elegant and unique way to brighten someone's day and bring them a little joy when they're down. Here at Ode à la ROSE, we know exactly how to pick the perfect blooms and arrange them aesthetically to make a difference to someone you love.

Our cheer up assortment of beautiful bouquets includes a range of options for providing a floral pick-me-up perfect for the person you're thinking of.

Aiming to keep the gesture small, sweet and simple? Send one of our Pick Me Up bouquets in red, yellow, pink or gold. Our Mini Rose Tin Pails are also perfect for a pretty pick-me-up that comes with keepsake tins. If you're aiming for a grander gesture, pick one of our signature arrangements, like our Market Bouquet, Amalfi Coast, Nantucket or Wildflowers & Roses — each comes with its own unique aesthetic and tastefully varied array of blooms to bring joy to the one you care about.

Why Choose Ode à la ROSE?

Inspired by the artisan style of French floral arrangements, Ode à la ROSE brings beauty, sophistication and chic style to every bouquet we put together. We're more than your average florist — we have a passion for pristine perfection in unique, modern arrangements with a professional presentation and a personal touch. We source our breathtaking flowers from the best flower farms in the world and use the most stringent control processes to keep them as beautiful as the day they bloom.

Each of our original bouquets is handcrafted by our talented floral designers, hand-tied with raffia, placed in a hydrating water container with a keepsake vase and delivered in our signature purple box straight to your loved one's door or office. We also provide detailed care instructions for your recipient to keep their blooms fresh so that they can admire your gift all week. You can even attach a personal message or photo with your flowers for an extra pick-me-up.

Bring that special someone the silver lining they're looking for by sending them a breathtaking bouquet of "cheer up" flowers from Ode à la ROSE, the most unique flower delivery company in Chicago.