You don’t need a special reason to send someone a bouquet of fresh flowers. The “Pick Me Up” bouquet is composed of 7 Ecuadorian roses in a simple pint-sized jar. This is the perfect rose bouquet for just because. And Ode à la Rose, the rose specialist with the French touch, offers free delivery in its signature purple bag.

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Brighten Someone's Day With Our Pick Me Up Flowers

An unexpected bouquet of flowers makes someone feel appreciated. It tells them another person cares about them and is thinking about them right now. Ordering flowers for someone else is a fantastic way to convey your love and make them feel a little happier all day long. You don't need to wait for a special occasion to send our Pick Me Up Flowers.

These bright and cheerful bouquets of roses can lift your recipient's spirits within moments of their arrival. The simple yet elegant presentation makes for an excellent centerpiece, beautiful addition to a desk, or a fun way to liven up the kitchen counter. Wherever your recipient decides to display these flowers, they will delight in seeing evidence of your affection day after day.

Ode à la Rose adds a personal touch to every delivery. When you order from us, we take care of every detail and even personalize your bouquet of seven unforgettable roses for your loved one.

Who Should You Send Pick Me Up Flowers To?

A spouse, a son or daughter, a dear family friend, an aunt you haven't seen for ages — all will love receiving our Pick Me Up Flowers. These unforgettable flowers provide a way for you to recognize big events or smaller milestones. Consider sending these flowers to:

No matter who you send to, they will smile every time they see this token of your love.

What Occasions Call for Pick Me Up Flowers?

Pick Me Up Flowers offer a memorable way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or graduation. They light up any room, and with our delivery options, you can send them to someone who lives far away with just a few clicks, saving you the hassle of picking out a gift at the store and going to the post office to mail it.

You also may want to send our flowers for no occasion at all. Too often, we wait for a big moment to acknowledge the people we love instead of telling them every day how much they mean to us. Our Pick Me Up Flowers let that special someone know how much you treasure them.

The Benefits of Ordering Flowers From Ode à la Rose

The flowers sent by Ode à la Rose demonstrate to your recipient the depth of your feelings. We source our flowers from the finest farms around the world, choosing only the flowers we know your recipient will adore. We also offer:

Make today a special day for that special person in your life. Contact us to place your order for Pick Me Up Flowers today.