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Alstroemeria Bouquet Delivery

Let your emotions bloom with the enchanting elegance of the alstroemeria bouquet delivery from Ode à la Rose. Our Parisian-crafted arrangements, featuring these vibrant and long-lasting Peruvian lilies, are a poetic expression of love, gratitude, and joy. Spice your floral gifting charm with some European elegance with the timeless beauty of alstroemerias delivered with explicit care.

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Beautiful fresh flowers delivered with care.

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Quick and efficient and quality


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Why are Alstroemeria Bouquets Special?

With their artistic shape, multicolor design, and exotic spotted leaves, alstroemerias are the top-notch species of the Lilly family. These flowers are gentle yet bold, appropriate to gift for all kinds of occasions, from the most joyful weddings and birthdays, down to the least favorite times of mourning and expressing our condolences and sympathy.

And it’s not only because alstroemerias can be perfectly combined with other flowers due to their gentle looks, but they also have a fragrant scent that doesn’t “kill” the other flowers. Alstroemerias are also one of the most enduring fresh-cut flowers, which is why they have been used for table arrangements and centerpieces since the dawn of floral artistry and delivery.

Their petals, though gentle, have a firmness and stand tall days after they’ve been cut off, making them an appropriate gift for any occasion. However, unlike roses, alstroemerias are not suitable for drying and preservation, mostly because their stems and petals tend to retain humidity - a natural gift that blesses these special bouquets to stay fresh for as long as possible!

What Does Alstroemeria Symbolize?

Throughout history, the alstroemeria has woven a captivating tale of symbolism and significance. In ancient times, this stunning flower was used not only for its ornamental beauty but also for its medicinal properties.

Its leaves were crafted into soothing teas, believed to possess healing powers that offered relief to various ailments. This rich heritage of herbal use speaks to the alstroemeria's versatility and its ability to heal both body and soul.

Scientifically, the alstroemeria is often referred to as the "lily of the Incas" due to its origins in South America, particularly Peru. Its botanical name, Alstroemeria, pays tribute to the Swedish baron Claus von Alstroemer, who played a vital role in discovering and cataloging these enchanting blooms during his travels in the 18th century.

But what does the alstroemeria symbolize in the modern world of floral artistry?

  • Friendship: Alstroemerias are often associated with lasting friendship and mutual support. Their sturdy petals and enduring freshness mirror the resilience of true friendships that withstand the test of time.
  • Mutual Understanding: With its unique multicolor design, the alstroemeria symbolizes the appreciation of diversity and the importance of mutual understanding in relationships.
  • Strength in Adversity: The alstroemeria's ability to thrive even in challenging conditions serves as a symbol of strength, making it a heartfelt gift during times of hardship and encouragement.
  • New Beginnings: Just as the alstroemeria blooms anew each spring, it represents the promise of fresh starts and new beginnings, making it an ideal choice for weddings and other celebrations.
  • Support in Times of Grief: The alstroemeria's enduring nature offers solace and support during times of loss and mourning, reminding us that even in sorrow, there is beauty and hope.

Incorporating the alstroemeria into your bouquet delivery not only adds a touch of elegance but also carries a profound message of love, friendship, and resilience. Its symbolism transcends time, weaving your floral gift with the deep symbolical meaning of the Inca culture - one of the most mysterious yet most significant and advanced civilizations that lived.

About Alstroemeria Bouquet Delivery by Ode à la Rose

At Ode à la Rose, our journey in the world of floral artistry began with a passion for bringing the timeless elegance of flowers to life. Founded with love in New York City, we have nurtured this passion into a flourishing oasis of creativity and craftsmanship. Our story unfolds as we evolved from a single boutique flower shop to a network of dedicated artisans, all committed to the art of flower arrangement and bouquet delivery.

With years of dedication and a deep understanding of our craft, we have perfected the art of curating stunning alstroemeria bouquets that convey emotions beyond words. Our commitment to excellence extends not only to the selection of the finest blooms but also to the personalized service we offer. Here's a glimpse of what we provide other than awesome floral arrangements.

A Wide Selection of Bouquets

Choose from our extensive collection of alstroemeria bouquets, each meticulously crafted to suit your taste and style. Whether you're drawn to specific floral types, colors, or occasions, we have the perfect arrangement to express your sentiments.

Personalization Options

Make your bouquet delivery even more personal with our range of customization features. Add a heartfelt note or message of your preference to convey your emotions. Select the ideal delivery time and place to ensure your gift arrives at the perfect moment.

Online Tracking System

Stay connected with your bouquet's journey through our online tracking system. From the moment it leaves our hands to the moment it arrives at your desired location, you can follow its path with ease and confidence.

Sweet Additions

Elevate your gift with delightful extras that complement your alstroemeria bouquet. Choose from an array of delectable chocolates and macaroons, elegant vases to display your blooms, cozy blankets for added comfort, and even a charming French teddy bear to bring warmth and joy to your recipient.

At Ode à la Rose, we believe that every alstroemeria bouquet delivery should be an unforgettable experience, brimming with love and thoughtfulness. Let us be your partner in crafting moments of beauty, emotion, and connection through the art of floral gifting.

How Long Does it Take to Deliver Alstroemeria Bouquets?

At Ode à la Rose, we understand the importance of timely alstroemeria bouquet delivery, and we understand the busy swirl of today’s world. Even in those sad and unfortunate moments you forget an important anniversary, or want to apologize - our strategic presence in six vibrant cities, including New York City, Chicago, Austin, Miami, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles, allows us to bring the magic of our floral creations as instant as possible!

For those seeking an immediate touch of floral elegance, our wide network ensures same-day delivery in these bustling metropolises. Imagine the joy of surprising your loved ones with a fresh and vibrant alstroemeria bouquet right when it matters most. It's more than a gift; it's an unforgettable moment crafted just for them.

We also offer nationwide next-day delivery for those outside our primary cities, extending our reach to share the beauty of alstroemerias with friends and family across the country. We aim to make your floral journey as seamless as possible, with exceptions only in cases where certain locations may not be reachable (like Alaska and Hawaii).

To experience the sheer delight of alstroemeria bouquet delivery with Ode à la Rose, simply visit our user-friendly website, browse our exquisite collection, and select the perfect bouquet. With just a few clicks, you can send a thoughtful gift that will be cherished and remembered for days to come.

How Much Do Alstroemeria Bouquets Cost?

If you’re thinking that such rapid delivery, such remarkable floral additions and gifts, and the responsive customer support we offer at Ode à la Rose are out of your league - guess again!

Our smaller alstroemeria bouquets can be delivered to your doorstep for just $16, while delivering some of our most grandiose floral gestures costs $25.

Moreover, we have small alstroemeria centerpieces and modest bouquets that cost as little as $35, but you can also opt for some 40+ stems bouquets or centerpieces, including alstroemerias, that cost around $280. We also offer many different alstroemeria bouquets for delivery that span between these two price ranges - so feel free to take a glance, and don’t hesitate to ask before placing an order - our dedicated team is always ready to assist!