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Bouquet pictured: 16 stems


16 stems

Vase sold separately
Delivery fee: $15.99

Enjoy this lusciously saturated bouquet featuring our farm fresh amethyst calla lilies with accents of hypnotic dianthus in a bed of two types of eucalyptus. Send to a friend and inspire beauty!

Product pictured : 16 stems

Flowers: Purple Calla Lilies, Two Toned Magenta Mini Carnations

Greens: Eucalyptus Parvifolia, Eucalyptus Baby Blue

Size: Stems are clipped to 15” and arranged in a tight, raffia-tied bouquet

Care: We include flower food and instruction

Our signature gift box


This bouquet is hand-delivered in our 16″ signature gift box for deliveries in NYC, Chicago and Philadelphia, and arrives in a water-filled travel container so that the flowers stay hydrated. For all other locations, this bouquet is delivered in a special overnight delivery box and wrapped in a water-filled paper specifically designed to protect flowers during delivery. The blooms are topped with tissue paper for optimal protection. We print your note on our gift card, which is securely tucked to the side of the bouquet along with any vase or add-on.


We offer same-day delivery in NYC, Chicago and Philadelphia every day and next-day delivery nationwide on a selection of flowers. The same-day delivery deadline is 5:00pm EST, except on the weekend, when the order deadline is 12:00pm on Saturday. The next-day delivery deadline is 5:00pm EST. For a full list of the cities we serve, please check our delivery zones.

The Bella bouquet is a lusciously saturated grouping of purple Calla lilies with accents of hypnotic carnations and two types of eucalyptus. A bouquet meant for the most deeply loved, this floral arrangement holds meaning as deep as the colors themselves. The most striking flower would have to be the purple Calla lilies. All Calla lilies derive from a Greek myth in which Zeus brought Hercules, his son born from a mortal woman, to his wife Hera for the purpose of nursing him. When Hera awoke, she was so alarmed to see baby Hercules that she pushed him away. In doing so, some of her milk fell from the heavens to the earth. From where the drops landed on the ground, a beautiful group of flowers grew: Calla lilies. The farm-fresh Calla lilies featured in our bouquet are rich purple, signifying the most emphatic passion. Complementing these flowers are two-toned carnations. Carnations, too, have a long history. Brought over from Europe, these flowers have been used in teas to calm feelings of stress and anxiety and as oils to restore vibrance to one's appearance. Our carnations feature lively shades of purple and pink. The electrifying pink represents the deepest gratitude. The deep purple carnations stand for a wild or capricious spirit, one which does not fear change but embraces it, unafraid of its whimsical nature. Surrounding these magnificent flowers are two types of eucalyptus. Native to Australia, this leafy greenery is known for bringing peace to stress and balance to chaos. Paired with the two flowers, eucalyptus and its calming shades of green deliver a sense of harmony. Designed by high-end florists, the Bella bouquet tells a unique story of grace and tranquility. Delivered in a chic, light pink gift box, our flowers will inspire your loved one.