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Send a Purple Rose Bouquet with Ode à la Rose

Lavender and purple roses are uniquely beautiful flowers, suitable for a wide range of occasions and recipients. At Ode à la Rose, we offer various bouquets featuring purple roses, either alone or mixed in with other lovely blooms. Whether you want to tell someone that you love them, send them a surprise gift to cheer them up, or say congratulations for a new baby or a promotion, you can say it with a gorgeous bunch of delicate purple roses.

Where Did Purple Roses Originate?

Purple roses are the product of hybridists in the 1800s who wanted to create new plant varieties for wealthy and luxurious lifestyles. The rose already had natural yellow, orange, pink, and red pigments, so the purple rose resulted from a bit of experimentation. It was so well-loved that other purple shades were soon born, including lavender, lilac, and plum. When hybridists attempted to create a blue rose, even more purple varieties came to be.

The Meaning of Purple Roses in LA

As you know, different flowers and colors of flowers have different meanings. The purple rose, like roses of other shades, is steeped in symbolism. To understand the traditional meaning of the purple rose, you must look at many different cultures. In the past and today, this flower is associated with wealth, regality, and glory. In fact, many countries use purple in their flags to symbolize that they have been victorious or glorious.

Besides the more patriotic meanings, purple roses are also (like other roses) associated with love and romance. When you pair the inherent beauty of a rose with the luxurious purple hue, it seems to deepen the meaning even more. That means that a purple rose arrangement is an ideal gift for someone you love. While red roses traditionally stand for love, romance, and passion, the purple rose embodies all of these – along with touches of thrill and whimsy.

Send Purple Roses via Ode à la Rose

Now that you know a little bit more about purple roses, you might just be inclined to order purple roses for delivery for someone special. You can find purple roses in Los Angeles at Ode à la Rose. We are passionate about flowers and their meanings, and we think that purple roses perfectly personify the thrill and intrigue of living in LA. We’ll deliver your bouquet quickly to a home or office in the Los Angeles area to brighten your recipient’s day with the pure joy of fresh flowers.