Signature Bouquets

We partner with eco-friendly farms to bring you the best in-season flowers that will look beautiful for longer. These signature and seasonal bouquets showcase our Parisian style and are always a welcome gift.


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Signature Bouquets

Whether you're looking to elevate your home with premium blooms or searching for a luxury flower bouquet to mark a special occasion, our Signature Bouquets from Ode à la Rose are the ideal choice. Each arrangement features fresh, seasonal blooms designed with our signature French flair. That means chic sophistication in each vase.

Our Signature Bouquets appeal to those who wish to make a statement with a thoughtful gift as well as those who love gracing their home with the best in-season flowers, which hold their beauty for even longer. There's nothing quite like a perfectly arranged bouquet to evoke heartwarming joy.

Our Fresh, Seasonal Flowers

From the Pink Mondial roses of the Catherine bouquet to the soft peonies of the Sarah or the Caroline bouquets, when you order an arrangement from Ode à la Rose, you'll soon see the exquisite difference. In Paris, walking to the flower market to pick lovely and seasonal blooms for your home is a way of life. Our goal is to bring this same passion and enthusiasm to every bouquet we send from our shop.

We source our flowers carefully, searching for the best eco-friendly farms that share our love of flowers. That's why our Signature Bouquets feature the finest blossoms from Ecuador, Holland, Colombia, and beyond.

Next, our highly talented team of in-house artisans utilize their years of floral design experience to create incredible arrangements inspired by the seasons. The result is our high-quality Signature Bouquets with a uniqueness unlike anything you'll find elsewhere.

The Ode à la Rose Difference

When our co-founders moved to NYC, they were saddened to learn that the local flower shops did not share their French sensibilities when it came to quality flower bouquets. They took it upon themselves to bring their heart and passion to the local flower scene. Now, Ode à la Rose Signature Bouquets can be sent to lucky recipients nationwide.

When you order an arrangement or send a gift to a friend or loved one, their receiving and opening of your floral delivery is part of the overall experience. That's because each of our bouquets is carefully wrapped and kept in a travel container of water, which is then packaged in our signature gift box. Receiving lovely blooms is always a treat, but our chic gift design will make sure your recipient is beyond thrilled as they unwrap their Ode à la Rose package.

Order Your Luxurious Signature Bouquet From Ode à la Rose

For an elegant addition to your dining room table or a unique gift idea to honor a birthday, anniversary, or regular day, you'll love our flowers à la Parisienne at Ode à la Rose. Peruse our selection of seasonal Signature Bouquets to find the perfect arrangement for you or a loved one online.

If you're looking for luxury flower bouquets with undeniable French flair, look no further than Ode à la Rose. We're proud to bring elegance and luxury to any occasion.