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Send long stem roses today! Our florists select the highest quality blooms and hand tie them to make the most stunning bouquets. Order today for a quick and reliable long stem rose delivery.


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Long stem roses delivered by Ode à la Rose

Whether you are buying anniversary flowers or planning a pink rose delivery to your significant other’s office for Valentine’s Day, long stem roses are perhaps the ideal floral gift. The aesthetic beauty of long stem roses—from their big blossoms to their tall, elegant stems—is both timeless and deeply symbolic of romance.

At Ode à la Rose, we specialize in long stem roses. We can help you send white roses, red roses, or pink roses to your loved one as the perfect romantic gesture. We can even organize 100 rose bouquet deliveries if you want to express the infinite and undying nature of your love.

FAQ about long stem roses

What’s the difference between long stem and short stem roses?

Essentially, the answer to this question is right there in the terminology. Both long stem and short stem roses can deliver beautiful blossoms and vibrant colors. Long stem roses just have the luxury of being taller—a trait that most gardeners and florists will purposely pursue as they grow and breed different types of roses.

Why send long stem roses?

So why do gardeners and florists prefer long stem roses? The obvious answer is that consumers prefer long stem roses. A rose with a longer stem somehow feels more elegant and romantic than a rose with a short stem. If you are sending Valentine’s Day flowers, you want to make sure you are giving the most romantic bouquet possible. As such, you’re probably choosing long stem roses.

Are there specific benefits to long stem roses?

Beyond simple consumer preference, though, are there actual benefits to long stem roses that you can’t get from their shorter stem counterparts? The biggest advantage is display. Most vases are designed with taller flowers in mind. As a result, if you want to display your roses in a vase, long stem roses are far superior. Short stem roses might have more trouble reaching the bottom of the vase and getting enough water. They are also harder to display as part of a bouquet—at least without using wires, which is a hassle that most consumers and florists alike prefer to avoid.

Flower Delivery details

If you are looking for quick flower delivery in Manhattan, other parts of New York state or a city in a surrounding state, we are at your service! Our Manhattan and Brooklyn customers enjoy same day delivery while deliveries sent to other cities throughout the Northeast arrive on the next day.

Delivery on the Same Day in Manhattan and Brooklyn

Place your order by 3 PM on a weekday or Saturday and our flower crew will deliver a beautiful boutique to your recipient in Manhattan or Brooklyn on the same day. If you prefer a Sunday flower delivery, we can make it happen if you provide us with the order details in the morning hours on Saturday.

Next Day Delivery

Our next day flower delivery service is available Monday through Friday as long as the order is in our system by 3 PM on the day before the delivery date. If you would like a Monday delivery, we can accommodate your request as long as your order is entered by Saturday at 12 PM. We deliver flowers to all sorts of cities and towns across the Northeast as we tap into the speed provided by overnight shipping. We deliver jaw-dropping bouquets to family and friends in cities throughout New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other areas of the Northeast.