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Washington D.C. Sympathy Flowers

Send your condolences or honor the passing of a loved one with an offering of flowers. Our Washington, D.C. sympathy flowers include a series of white and green floral arrangements to commemorate their life with beauty.

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“Excellent quality and easy to use website ”

I ordered online from the UK for friends in the US - fantastic service. High quality flowers and gifts, excellent update comms after ordering and timely delivery. Very pleased

Katherine Rodgers

“My son was having a bad day on his…”

My son was having a bad day on his birthday and I wanted to cheer him up. I took a chance on Ode a la Rose, because I liked their website and they did not disappoint. Excellent service, though a bit pricey.


“Beautiful presentation”

Beautiful presentation. Quality flowers. Great communication regarding delivery and love the picture of prepared flowers before delivery. Thank you!

Beth Powers

4.6 out of 5

Based on 3154 reviews


When should you send Sympathy flowers?

Deciding when to send sympathy flowers is more than a gesture of timing; it's an expression of empathy, a way to share in the sorrow, and a method to provide solace during times of loss. In Washington, D.C., a city where personal moments of remembrance intertwine with national memorials, the act of sending sympathy flowers holds deep significance.

Upon Learning of the Loss: Reaching out with flowers immediately after hearing of someone's passing is a poignant way to show your support. It's a way of saying, "You're in my thoughts," during the first moments of grief.

Prior to the Service: Flowers sent to the funeral home or memorial site before the services take place to honor the deceased while offering condolences to the family. These floral tributes play a vital role in the ceremony, symbolizing respect and remembrance.

At the Visitation or Wake: Providing flowers during the visitation period brings comfort to those grieving, acting as a silent expression of sympathy and a visual reminder of the beauty that life holds, even in moments of sadness.

Following the Funeral: Gifting flowers after the funeral signifies that your thoughts and support extend beyond the immediate mourning period. It's a gentle nudge of comfort, reminding the bereaved that they are not alone as they begin to navigate their loss.

On Memorial Dates: Sending flowers on anniversaries or significant dates related to the departed is a meaningful way to honor their memory. It reaffirms that the loved one's legacy continues to touch lives, even in absence.

Each timing for sending sympathy flowers in Washington, D.C., carries its own message of care and condolence. It's a thoughtful approach to healing, showing that through the beauty of flowers, support and memories flourish. Ode à la Rose offers a dignified way to convey these heartfelt sentiments with sophistication and sensitivity. Looking to send a gesture of remembrance? Browse our carefully curated sympathy flowers, and let beauty express what words cannot.

Which flower bouquet should you choose for Sympathy flowers in Washington, D.C.?

In the heart of Washington, D.C., where history and personal stories interweave, selecting sympathy flowers becomes a gesture of profound respect and condolence. Our collection, focusing on the serene elegance of white flowers, speaks volumes in moments of silence. White, traditionally representing purity, peace, and reverence, offers comfort to the bereaved, making it the preferred choice for expressing sympathy.

Roses: A Spectrum of Compassion

From the delicate whisper of a seven-rose bouquet to the grandeur of a hundred-rose arrangement, roses are a versatile expression of sympathy. White roses, in particular, embody purity and mourning, offering a tender tribute to the departed soul. Their universal language of love and respect makes them an impeccable choice for conveying your deepest condolences.

White Orchid: Symbol of Eternal Love

The White Orchid stands as a beacon of enduring love and remembrance. Its sophisticated beauty and long-lasting bloom serve as a poignant reminder of the lasting impact of the love shared with the departed. Orchids, with their refined elegance, symbolize an eternal bond that transcends the physical world.

Lisianthus: A Native Expression of Gratitude

The White Lisianthus, known as the Julia bouquet in our collection, holds a special place in the realm of sympathy flowers. Native to the warmer southern states, including D.C.’s own climatic zone, Lisianthus symbolizes appreciation, gratitude, and charisma. Its gentle white petals and graceful form express a heartfelt tribute to the character and spirit of the loved one.

Mixed Bouquets: Harmony in Diversity

Our mixed bouquets, blending white and green hues, capture the essence of life’s beauty and its fleeting nature. These arrangements, composed of various blooms, reflect the complexity and richness of the deceased’s life. Each flower contributes its unique beauty, creating a harmonious tribute that resonates with the depth of your sympathy.

In choosing sympathy flowers in Washington, D.C., you honor the memory of the departed with dignity and grace. Our carefully curated selection ensures that your gesture of condolence is both beautiful and meaningful. Explore our collection to find the perfect expression of your sentiments, crafted to support and comfort those experiencing loss.

How much does delivery of Sympathy flowers in Washington, D.C. cost?

In the solemn moments of expressing sympathy, understanding the cost of delivering your heartfelt sentiments through flowers in Washington, D.C., is essential. Ode à la Rose prides itself on offering a transparent and compassionate approach to pricing, ensuring your gesture of condolence is both beautiful and respectful without imposing undue financial burden.

Elegantly Simple Arrangements ($18 Delivery Fee): Our petite and standard bouquets, symbolizing gentle comfort and support, come with an $18 delivery fee. These arrangements are thoughtfully designed to convey your heartfelt sympathies with dignity and grace, making them a fitting tribute in times of sorrow.

Grand Tributes of Remembrance ($25 Delivery Fee): For those moments when you wish to make a more significant gesture—be it through a grand bouquet, a luxurious potted orchid, or an elaborate wreath—our delivery service ensures these larger expressions of sympathy are presented with the utmost care for $25. This fee reflects the specialized handling and delivery required to transport such meaningful tributes

At Ode à la Rose, we understand the importance of your condolence gesture reaching its destination with care and on time. Our delivery fees are carefully considered to balance the need for exceptional service with the desire to offer options accessible to all who wish to express their sympathy. Whether choosing a simple bouquet to whisper words of comfort or a grand arrangement to honor a life beautifully lived, we are here to support you in conveying your condolences with flowers that speak volumes in their elegance and sincerity.

Ready to send a message of sympathy and support? Explore our selection of sympathy flowers in Washington, D.C., and let us help you navigate this delicate expression of care with ease and grace.

Why should you order Sympathy flowers in Washington, D.C., from Ode à la Rose?

Choosing Ode à la Rose for your sympathy flower delivery in Washington, D.C., offers a way to express condolences with dignity, respect, and profound beauty. Here’s how our service stands apart in moments of remembrance:

Unrivaled Floral Selection for Solemn Tributes: We meticulously curate our sympathy flowers from the world’s most reputable growers, ensuring each arrangement conveys your heartfelt condolences with unmatched elegance and freshness. Our diverse collection allows you to find the perfect expression of support, from serene white roses to the dignified beauty of orchids.

Elegance in Every Petal: Our sympathy arrangements are crafted with the utmost care, incorporating a distinctive French design ethos that brings a touch of grace to this somber occasion. Delivered in our signature pink box, the experience of receiving an Ode à la Rose bouquet is a tender reminder of shared memories and enduring love.

Personalized Comfort in Times of Sorrow: Understanding the deeply personal nature of sympathy flowers, we offer various customization options to make your arrangement truly reflective of your sentiments. Whether it’s adding a heartfelt note, selecting comforting add-ons like cozy blankets or aromatic candles, we help you create a gesture that speaks volumes of your compassion.

Seamless Ordering and Compassionate Service: Our straightforward ordering process and reliable tracking system ensure a stress-free experience during difficult times. With options for same-day delivery across Washington, D.C., we make it easier to send your sympathies promptly, ensuring your gesture of support arrives when it’s most needed.

Dedication to Thoughtful Delivery: We recognize the importance of delivering your sympathy flowers with sensitivity and care. Our team is committed to ensuring each bouquet arrives in pristine condition, ready to offer solace and convey your deepest condolences to those mourning.

At Ode à la Rose, we understand that sympathy flowers are more than just a gift; they are a profound expression of empathy, respect, and shared grief. Let us help you honor the memory of the departed and show your unwavering support for the bereaved with a floral tribute that embodies compassion and beauty. In moments of loss, turn to Ode à la Rose for a gesture that encapsulates the solemnity and grace fitting for such times.