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Pink Rose Tin Pail

Rose Tin Pail - Pink

Pink roses are always a great way to go. They’re a perfectly romantic way of showing someone how much you love them. However, you can always use pink roses as a festive way of expressing more subtle emotions too. Either way, if you know someone who loves this type of flower, it makes sense you’d like to give him or her a lot of them. That’s why our tin pail of pink roses is such a popular deal.

Product pictured : 24 roses

24 roses

Delivery fee: $14.99

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Flowers: 24 premium roses, from eco-friendly farms in Ecuador, set in a rustic tin pail
Greens: a bit of Italian ruscus
Size: stems are clipped to 10” to make a low, round arrangement
Care: we include flower food and instructions to help the blooms last 5-7 days

Our signature gift box


This bouquet is delivered in our 16″ signature gift box, specifically designed to protect flowers during delivery. The arrangement arrives in a water-filled travel container, so that the flowers stay hydrated, and the blooms are topped with tissue paper and rose petals. We print your note on our gift card, which is securely tucked to the side of the bouquet along with any vase or add-on. We thread one extra rose through the top of each box to complete the presentation!* *For deliveries outside of Manhattan, we aren't able to include the petals or extra rose due to delivery logistics.

Where we deliver


We offer same-day delivery in NYC and Chicago every day and next-day delivery throughout the Northeast on weekdays. The same-day delivery deadline is 4:00pm EST, except on the weekend, when the order deadline is 12:00pm on Saturday. The next-day delivery deadline is 4:00pm EST. For a full list of the cities we serve, please check our delivery zones.

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