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Dried Bunny Tail Arrangement

Bouquet pictured: 23 inches

Belle Terre

23 inches

Total : $124.00



Delivery fee: $16

With this dried arrangement, simplicity speaks volumes. A gestural movement of natural bleached bunny tails provides dimensional texture while maintaining uniform clarity. These playful bunny tails burst out of their slender bottlenecked ceramic vase as if waking up to play. This cheerful piece requires no maintenance and will thrive throughout the year.

Product pictured : 23 inches

What You'll Get: A bottle-shaped porcelain vase (3”W x 12.5”H) and approximately 90 dried tan bunny tails.

Care Notes: For longevity of the arrangement, please avoid extended periods of direct sunlight or strong breeze.

Steps: Step 1: Open your package.
Step 2: Carefully unwrap your vase and dried product.
Step 3: Product may compress during shipping, so gently fluff and reposition stems as needed.
Step 4: Place product directly into vase and enjoy!

Our signature gift box
Our signature gift box


This bouquet is hand-delivered in our 16″ signature gift box for deliveries in NYC, LA, Chicago, Austin, Miami, Philadelphia and Washington DC and arrives in a water-filled travel container so that the flowers stay hydrated. For all other locations, this bouquet is delivered in a special overnight delivery box and wrapped in a water-filled paper specifically designed to protect flowers during delivery. The blooms are topped with tissue paper for optimal protection. We print your note on our gift card, which is securely tucked to the side of the bouquet along with any vase or add-on.


* We offer local same-day hand-delivery in NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, Austin, and Washington DC every day and next-day delivery nationwide on a selection of flowers. The same-day delivery deadline is 5:00pm EST, except on the weekend, when the order deadline is 12:00pm on Saturday. The next-day delivery deadline is 5:00pm EST. For a full list of the cities we serve, please check our delivery zones.